Friday, July 9, 2010

Silver Buckets

  • I have three metal bucket's that are smaller then an ice bucket. They've just been sitting up in our linen closet for years.
  • I decided to take them out of the closet, and gave two of them to Isaak. His newest love is filling up any container or bag with small toys, dumping it and filling it back up. Two year old's are funny!

  • I handed them over to my little guy, and he looked at me like it was Christmas time. :) He has big eyes anyhow, and they just seemed to grow even bigger. 
  • Right away he ran into his brother Mica's room to gather toy cars to put into one of the buckets. Then he ran into his own room to get a stuffed puppy to cram into the other bucket.
  • Mica wanted in on this bucket action too, so I handed him one as well.

  • Isaak kept looking at me with a big smile on his face. He said, "Mommy look in here!" He wanted me to look in his buckets. He was really impressed with himself.

  • He'd be one of those kids that would just fall over if he found a treasure chest full of just small trinkets! He'd probably also love to search for shells on a beach to put them in a bucket. It's too bad we don't live by a beach! The next holiday I may just have to search online for a treasure chest. 

  • We'll see his interest's may switch gears. They often do.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

däv Giveaway

  • My Wee View is hosting a great giveaway to the company däv
  • One winner will win their choice of rain boots and umbrella.
  • I'd choose their peacock line for sure! Mica has me hooked! He had an obsession with peacocks for a long while. His interest faded, and mine grew.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


  • Daddy told Isaak to hurry up and get in the car. He called him, "Grandma" because he was going slow. I know that's not right to say. There are plenty of Grandma's out there that move fast.
  • Isaak said, "Daddy I not Grandma! I Isaak!"

What's That You Say?

  • Isaak gets pushed around by his brother and cousins. It seems as though that might come to to a stop soon, maybe.  
  • He's this far been the sweet, quiet boy (most of the time).
  • My cute little toddler has now scored an attitude!
  • Mica was sitting on the couch watching TV. He asked Isaak, "Hey Isaak would you please hand me Buzz?" Buzz Lightyear that is.
  • Isaak said, "No Bica (Mica) I busy right now!"
  • He was busy filling a box full of small toys. Surprise, it's our two year old's newest hobby. If there's a container or bag he'll fill it with small toys!
  • That's not all this two year old has been saying!
  • He's been saying, "Mine. Not yours. You can't have it!"
  • I thought the word "Mine" was bad enough!
  • Just rub it in my face that it's not mine why don't you son!
  • We're getting quite the bad talker in our house lately!
  • If anybody has any tips on disciplining this two year old I'd love to hear what you have to say!
  • We correct what he's saying with alternative nice words.  We look into his deep "Soulful Eyes" as Grandma Apel calls them when we say the nice words.
  • We give him timeouts when he's doing something destructive like throwing, hitting, taking toys and biting. 
  • Should we use the timeout chair more? He might be living in it then. 
  • I believe in matching a punishment to the crime if possible. When Mica slammed his door one too many times, slammed it on Isaak's fingers, he lost the door to his room. Soap in the mouth for bad talking is not right! It's putting chemicals in your kids mouth. I know people used to do that, but I would never do that! Even if I did, I don't think a kid his age would make the connection.
  • Sometimes I question if two year old's understand much more then we think they do, or is it the opposite? Maybe they don't have enough reason to understand alternative nice words.

Wordless Wednesday - Zeek the Jedi

What's this, green light on my hand?
I think I'll eat it off!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


  • I left messages on one of my friend's blogs, and my comments aren't showing up on her post's as well.
  • This must be an blogger issue. 
  • Let me know if you are having the same issue as I!

None of My Comments Have Shown Up for a Couple Days!!!

  • Has anybody ever had this happen to them? None of my comments are showing up on my posts!
  • They come into my email, and then I go to my post, and the comment isn't there on all of my blogs!
  • I haven't messed with the settings at all.
  • I've tried leaving a comment on my own blog, and it will show up when I've made it. Then I come refresh my browser, and nothing is there.
  • Please let me know if you've experienced this before.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mom's Birthday Party

  • My birthday was on the 21st of June.
  • With Daddy having a solo art show, we just got around to celebrating my birthday last night. This is totally fine by me. Things were pretty hectic at home with having company and of course I made a lot of food for his show. Daddy was BUSY!!!!!!!!
  • I called my mom and asked her if I could make my own cake for my party? She said, "Yes."
  • I got a Wilton big cupcake pan last year from my mom, and haven't had a chance to use it. I really wanted to. You've probably seen these before. This is my first version.
  • The top of the big cupcake is yellow cake and the bottom is chocolate.
  • I used the left over cake batter to make little cupcakes to fit around the big cupcake.
  • So I used not quite 2 boxes of cake mix. I did not make my cupcakes from scratch this time.
  • I used flour spray in the pan.
  • The base of the big cupcake was cooked for 12 minutes since it was more dense. Then I took it out of the oven, sprayed the top side, poured the batter in and cooked it for the rest of the time.
  • I'm glad I did it this way because I know they wouldn't of gotten done at the same time.
The top view looked a lot like a flower.
  • The hardest part was cutting it.
  • It was fun that everyone got two kinds of cake, and we could separate them if someone didn't like one flavor. There was frosting sandwiched between the top and bottom of the big cupcake.
  • My kids LOVE cake. My two year old saw the box before it was made and kept say, "Cake Mommy, cake!" He wanted some cake before it was even made.
  • My four year old got worked up when I was decorating the cake. I had it all decorated, put it in the kitchen, and he saw an empty plate. He said, "Mommy where's the cake?" I said, "Mica I ate it all. I was hungry." He said with sad puppy dog eyes, "Mommy you're not supposed to eat the cake! That's for everyone at the party!" He's a smart boy! I came clean when I saw that he was sad. 

  • I got many things for my birthday. I'm spoiled!
  • First, I got this cookbook! I've been wanting this cookbook because the kids like to help me in the kitchen, and I like them helping me in the kitchen! I love the Pudding Cups I made from this cookbook!
  • I got these cute little doughnut pans.
  • I figured that I could make all kinds of things in these. Not just doughnuts.
  • My ideas are spinning!
Another size too!

  • I got a rectangle baking stone. Before I only had a circle one.
  • I also got measuring spoons. I use them so much! They are always dirty. I'm always needing more.
  • I almost forgot that I got a knife sharpener. That should be really handy!
  • Other things I got that weren't baking items: Some good smelling stuff from Bath and Body Works, dusting slippers and Alice and Wonderland - the new one. I can't wait to see that!

Rainy 4th

  • It was pretty rainy on the 4th of July.
  • We socialized with Grandma and Grandpa Apel in the morning before they left. They had car trouble on their way home, which is horrible!
  • The rest of our day was spent relaxing. We all took a nap!
  • Isaak woke up and was asking for momma.
  • I got him and he fell back asleep on me while we were on the couch. When we woke up we played with Photo Booth on my computer. It takes horrible pictures, but Isaak loved how he could see us moving on my computer.
  • Daddy went back to where his show is set up. One guy talked to him about his work for awhile. He told him that he was an excellent competitor to their other gallery that has 9 artists in it. That's good that 1 artist can be just as strong as a gallery that has 9. Sculpture isn't easy to produce. It takes much longer then a lot of other types of art.
  • Then he visited with the company owners next to his dental lab, and they said that they'd buy one of his sculptures. They brought along a good friend of theirs from the main newspaper here, so Daddy made some good connections that evening.
  • Daddy came home, and we watch fireworks on TV, and went outside for a tiny bit to watch a few more. The misquotes were pretty bad! I just wanted the boys to have a chance to see and hear a few.

Daddy's Solo Art Show

  • Daddy's first solo art show was very eventful!
  • He had a lot of new pieces that he spent hours working on.
  • We made all the food. This took some time as well.
  • There are a few things we'd do differently, but we learn with everything we do. Like make more cake balls and bring a guest book for people to sign their names in.
  • He designs and fabricates mostly sculpture, some jewelry and painted one painting. The painting process was really cool; it was painted with recycled Styrofoam. He melted down meat trays with acetone. It turns into a tar like substance, and he finger paints with it.
  • If you want any custom made jewelry Travis is your man! You can email him at:, or make a comment on his blog.
  • He can design just about anything, and will show you preliminary drawings before he fabricates it.
Here Daddy is trying a necklace on Aunt Angela that he both designed and fabricated.
Daddy spent a lot of time mingling, which is good.
I'm not going to show you much of his art. You can go to his blog to look at some of his stuff. Google Friend him while you are there! I spent most of my time watching our kiddo's. I mingled to. Isaak eating a nack "snack."
Mica hiding under Grandma Apel's chair.
My nephew Ethan reading a book.


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