Saturday, April 24, 2010

Birthday Party

  • We were invited to go to a birthday party this evening.
  • It was fun. Except for the fact that Isaak's been really a grump all day. His teeth are bothering him! So...I didn't get any photo's of him.
  • But I did get one of Mica looking at the piƱata. He got a chance to swing a bat at it twice. He looks like he's angry at something when he swings. So serious!

T-Ball Uniform

  • Finding T-Ball pants last night for today's photo's was a pain! Mica's so little, and the youth small pants swam on him! Daddy got the last pair of youth extra small pants at Target. I didn't realize they had to have the pants for the pictures today. When we got to the gym, there were two kids on the team that didn't have t-ball pants. The communication has been rough for t-ball.
  • I couldn't get a very good shot of Mica. As you can tell he was silly and bouncy!
  • Here's Mica with his brother Isaak. I had no clue their shirt color would match. They got their shirts at the gym.
  • Isaak was looking at all the other kids.


  • Here's Mica drawing. He wanted to color this morning, grabbed a graphite pencil, so he more or less drew.
  • Daddy's been working with Mica on the way he holds his writing utensil. He's gotten a lot better, but sometimes he still needs to be reminded to hold it the right way.
  • Mica sticks his tongue out whenever he's doing an art project. He looks a little funny because of his crooked tongue. He was born with a cyst under his tongue at birth. Luckily the cyst went away, but his tongue never did develop evenly.

Fast Asleep

  • Here's Isaak at nap time. He was fast asleep!
  • I was able to go in his room, shot a picture with flash on and he never budged.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Getting Dressed

  • Isaak kicks and gets mad sometimes when I'm getting his clothes on in the morning.
  • Daddy has taken over my duty of that the last few days, while I've taken over making breakfast.
  • Isaak doesn't fuss with Daddy. Why? Because I got Isaak dressed, when Daddy helps Isaak get dressed. Isaak got his own socks on today, and put on one of his difficult boot's. He's not even 2 yet!
  • He's so much more independent compared to Mica.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Politically Correct?

  • In the newspaper yesterday there was an article about how the Baby Boomers do not like being called "Senior Citizen's". Another co-worker and I thought this was silly. We were like, "People just need to understand that they get older. It happens. They should embrace it because it means they are wise." Another co-worker is all about being politically correct. She thinks her generation should just be called, "Baby Boomers".
  • I think it's crazy when people do not even allow their grandchildren to call them, "Grandma" or "Grandpa" because it makes them feel old. SILLY! You can be a grandma or grandpa at an early age, and it's just a name attached with a responsibility and devotion. Just like a 15 year old could be a mom or dad.
  • This conversation got a little crazy. The co-worker on my side of this discussion and I think people can be described by the color of their skin, being bald, glasses and that's ok. As long as you are not using it in a negative manner. Just a description. The other co-worker thinks this is wrong, it's stereotyping.
  • I said, "Well we have to come up with politically correct way of defining people".
  • It gets crazy because you can offend anyone now a days when you are not even meaning to.
  • I lived in Pine Lake, GA, a small suburb of Atlanta for awhile. I was one of the only "Caucasian" people in the area where I lived. I actually sat in the bus, and was rarely talked to. I worked with people from Iran, and there was this one guy I sat with on the ride home, and I taught him a little bit of English. I was a graphic designer and he worked in the factory shop. He was asking if there was anything I needed? I said, "Saw dust, I need to take a picture of saw dust". He didn't know what saw dust was. I pointed to dust, and acted like I was sawing wood. It took him a few weeks to A) Figure out what in the heck I was talking about. OR B) Get enough saw dust to bring up to me.
  • In Omaha, NE where I grew up I'm the majority. I live in Omaha now, and I wish my son's could get the experience of of being a minority, if only for a little bit.
  • I do miss Savannah, GA where it's a mix of all races. I loved our gatherings where my college friends would bring a different food from their culture. People were pretty excepting of anything there. People were proud of their culture and many of the African America's could actually say they lived in Africa and in America. in Omaha, NE many African American's haven't. I was a "Book Buddy", and helped kids read while in college. A little African American girl was fascinated with my skin color and lack of texture in my hair. She kept touching me. Was I offended? No, I actually liked her curiosity.
  • So, how do we as a culture separate people apart in a conversation without being offensive? With race we never did come to an agreement in our conversation. Imagine that.
  • We did end the conversation on a crazy note: My allergies are really bad, but I don't like being defined as an allergic person, I'm now, "Pollen Intolerant" to be politically correct.


  • Mica needed help getting his pants bucked after he went potty around 6 pm. He had his leg hole of his underwear around his waist. I was wondering if he's had it on like this all day? I had him get himself dressed this morning.
  • We had Isaak running around in his underwear and boots this evening. He went potty on the toilet twice. The great thing was is that he is able to get his underwear down all by himself! In some ways Isaak's brighter then Mica was at his age. Mica certainly talked more, and was way ahead in that.

The Number 5

  • Daddy had Mica practice writing tonight. He wrote, "Mica Zachary Apel will be 5". Daddy had him sound out all the letters before writing them. He knows how to write his first name, but not the rest.
  • I could read it.
  • There were about five 5's on the page because he had trouble with writing the number. Mica was all down on himself that he couldn't write a 5 by himself. We both praised him for doing such a great job. We explained that sometimes kids just need help from adults, and lots of practice to do it themselves.
  • We used the example of him zipping up his coat. He now can zip his own coat, but needed lots of help before he was able to do it himself.

Little Stool

  • When I dropped the boys off to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' this morning, Isaak wanted up on Grandma's lap.
  • She still has a slightly hurt foot, so it's harder for her to reach to pick him up.
  • She told me how he sometimes can't get up, so he goes across the living room, picks up a tiny stool Grandpa made, drags it across the living room floor and proceeds to get up on that to her lap.
  • Such a little problem solver he is.

Vacuum Giveaway

  • We got The Little Engine That Could at this store over Christmas time. It fits with all the Thomas stuff.
  • One thing I saw when revisiting this site is Railway Engineer Apron Set for $24.25. It's so cute, and they have different sizes to fit different ages. So many apron's out there say, "Girl", but these are boy all the way!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mattress GIveaway

Puppy Love

Where's Spot?

  • I had to blog about this giveaway from Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous. It's Where's Spot? 3oth Anniversary, and a DVD is being given away.
  • I have a story that goes along with Spot. When I was in third or fourth grade I decided to check out a Where's Spot? book. The librarian looked pretty displeased, and said in a disapproving voice, "You can't check that out! You need to check out something that's more at your reading level."
  • Ok...she was right, but by her saying that, it made me want the book even more! In my mind I was thinking, here's a book that has bright colors, and pictures that pop out, how in the heck could a book get better then that? I didn't want to give up pictures in this day I don't want to give up pictures in books. I looked over to the other bookshelf she was referring to, and the word, "No"might of even slipped from my lips. I ended up getting some book on Mohamed Ali because I liked the cover. Totally not up my ally!
  • It wasn't until my Mother (Grandma Spiehs) bought me my first American Girl doll, Kirsten, that I started reading bigger books. She had historical stories that went along with her. I went on to love Samantha, Molly, Felicity and Addy; who are all American Girl dolls. I actually cried when they decided to stop selling Kirsten. She, a character inspired me to read. I thought about all the other little girls that would be missing out.
  • My fifth grade teacher told me, "Alissa...your imagination can make up the pictures in bigger books." she made since to me. By the end of fifth grade I was reading 500 page novels.
  • One of the first books I bought Mica was, Where's Spot? We don't read it a lot, but I just thought it needed to be in his library!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


  • Mica had his second practice for T-ball today. I picked up Daddy from work to go. Then took him back to work when his practice was over.
  • Mica gets distracted easily. do other kids on the team. Mica got done running home, and had to go back out in the field. He just kind of stood there not knowing where to go. A little girl that came home right after Mica didn't know where to go either. When her Dad told her where to go, she said, "Daddy I don't know where that is at".
  • Mica was dancing on first base. A few people were laughing.

Thomas Party

  • We went to a Thomas party yesterday at Toys R Us. Usually it's pretty dead, but this time it was pretty fun! They had a lot of things to take home; including Thomas trading cards and a train that the boys got to pick from a box of display model's.
  • I actually picked for the boys. I picked Bertie the bus and Harold the Helicopter. We have a Harold the Helicopter, but it came from their cousin Ethan, is metal and I worry about Isaak throwing it.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs met us there, Grandma bought Isaak the car wash for Isaak's birthday. He likes pushing button's, so I said, "Find something that has a button". She also bought him a little Duplo Lego Ville Farm set that has a dog in the set. Totally up his ally. I got Isaak a FurReal Chimp. He loves it in the store, and it's marked down to 1/2 off from Christmas time.


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