Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cousin Emerson Turned 1 Year Old Today!

He loved his cake and ice cream!

I think Aunt Terra and everyone else liked the Super Hero romper I got for him. A few of Emerson's doctors showed up to his party. His Occupational Therapist gave him a walker toy. The walkers that they pretty much banned from most stores, Grandma Spiehs found Emerson one online. I understand why they were banned. Too many babies falling down steps. Emerson needs one to help strengthen the muscles in his legs. Aunt Terra only has one set of steps; there's a door to that set.

Super Emerson and Terra

Super Emerson and Grandma Spiehs

It's hard to catch Emerson looking up.

If you'd like to help out with Trisomy 18, the genetic condition Emerson has, the organization Soft is the place to go! The odds were against Emerson. Only 10% of babies with Trisomy 18 go on to live past their 1 year mark.

Mica reading to Emerson and Great Aunt Becky

Isaak holding one of the newest members in our family Corrigan. She is my cousin's baby. One of my other cousin's just had a baby to. Her name is Brooklyn. I only have 6 cousins, so we see each other for most main events.

Lowes Clinic

It's been awhile since we've gone to the Lowes Clinic. Aunt Terra gave us a heads up that they have kits that are cartoon related right now.

Today the boys made Madagascar 3 cars. They've been zooming them around off and on all day. In a few weeks they are making Kung Fu Panda spinners that I think will make great center pieces. Mica wants a Kung Fu Panda birthday party.

If you've never checked out the Lowes Clinic do so here! They are free, they get an apron, badge, certificate and the project. They recommend it for a little older kids. I think as long as a parent is there to help, it can be for ages 3 and up.

Isaak's pounding the nails in better than when he first started. My fingers used to get hammered to. Now I know to start the nails, he does the middle part of hammering and I give the nails a good bang or two at the end.

Mica's more independent. He sometimes gets a little ahead of himself.

Here is their end result:

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started ten weeks ago doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. I'll see how long I can keep it up.

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. It may or may not include words. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

My birthday was on June 21st. I wanted to put on here the top hit songs at the time. You can guess the year if you'd like. 
Diana Ross - Love Hangover

Paul McCartney - Silly Love Songs

Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight

If you want to check out what song(s) were popular when you were born go here. Select the year and it will tell you.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun, School

It's so great the boys both are going to summer programs right now.

Mica goes to a free, yes I said free summer fun session at a community center. Well we probably pay for in our tax dollars. :( I'd be so willing to pay more then the $30 donation fee - we donated $50. At this point in time I was unwilling to spend the money for some camps in the area.

Mica's time there is a drop off from 10-4. They can be dropped off at any time after 10 and picked up anytime before 4. Lunch is free to.

He's learned how to play Cricket, the Omaha Beef football team came in to work with the kids, there's a park right up the hill, they went to the Henry Doorly Zoo, they have one day a week where they do water activities. He's so worn out, but in a fun way towards the end of the day. He goes there on the days Grandma and Grandpa have him; 3 days a week.

One day Grandpa Spiehs went to go pick up Mica. He asked one of the older kids in the group where Mica was at. She sort of shrugged her shoulders. Finally he found Mica and pointed that girl out to him. Mica said,
"Oh Grandpa that girl's sister is gorgeous!"

Mica's going to be a handful when he's a teenager! 

Isaak started going to the same community center for a summer preschool. They work on crafts and just have fun. I'm happy because Cousin Elijah is able to join in this session as well! It's great that Isaak wasn't alone. Preschool is fairly inexpensive.

The only pitfall is that Isaak's preschool starts earlier than Mica's summer fun program.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today is my birthday.

A few days ago I picked out of the closet somethings I've won this past year. I set them out on Daddy's day off and said, "Here are my presents, wrap them." I'm not the kind of wife the expects my husband to buy me expensive things. He's not that kind of husband with me either. I have to say he's done well, remember he knows how to design and make high end jewelry you can find here.

The crazy thing is, is I don't remember exactly what I got. I won a $50 GC to Novica from My Baby's Green. Novica wrapped the earrings up. I don't remember exactly what they looked like. I know they are pearl cluster earrings and look something like this:

Pearls are my alternative birthstone. Alexandrite is pretty darn expensive!

I grew up thinking that the 21st was always the first day of summer. Yesterday I learned that it depends on the sun, whatever that means. The 20th can be the first day of summer as well. Happy first day of summer to everyone out there.

I'm also between a Gemini and Cancer. My husband says I carry more Cancer traits. I don't really follow that stuff though.

On my Sing, Sing a Song Saturday I'm going to post the most popular songs of June 21, 1976. 

I also got a shirt from there. That to I don't remember. I looked at it when it came to me and packed it back up. I looked a lot of their shirts, so it could of been any one of them. I just remember that I liked it a lot. It reminded me of something that my Step Grandma from the Philippines would have picked out. Only this is the right size. She used to get us stuff that was the wrong size all the time.

I want to say it was this shirt, but I could totally be wrong. Surprise to me!

Then I won almost a year ago a GC from what blog, I have no clue a GC. I picked out this:
Are you a gift stasher like I am? LOL

We're eating dinner at my parents (Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs's) house tonight. Emerson's 1 year birthday party is this weekend. Then next weekend we're celebrating Father's Day and my birthday at a lake or park. My Dad likes the outdoors and I didn't want anyone dealing with the mess and hassle of cooking and cleaning. Everyone is bringing their own picnic food, subway or Panera Bread. Panera sounds good to me!

I made a Chocolate Moose Pie for work. We bring our own birthday treats. I had an extra bought pie crust left over from Father's Day. I wanted to bring something easy.

I have to say at work I want to hang myself today (not literally)! My one and only summer school student forgot her portfolio; she left it at her parent's house. Go figure, the class is called Portfolio Development. There's a reason why she didn't pass the class the first time. Then I just found out that I'm supposed to talk to a bunch of high school teachers tomorrow. All the things I knew I was to talk about, except for one topic. It's supposed to last an hour! EKKK! Luckily it's over something I'm very familiar with. I didn't even know the order in which we were supposed to talk about what things. I had to ask. That will take over my entire afternoon.

Today I do want

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Took His Throne Away!

We never used a little potty seat. Like a wooden or plastic one that sits on the floor.

In my life long ago I dated a guy who's Mom was a Daycare provider. I helped out in the daycare when I was there. She had the kids trained early, in teams and on an actual toilet. I asked her, "Why don't you train them on a potty seat?" She said, "Because they are then used to the potty seat and won't go anywhere else." It made since.

As soon as my boys were a year old, I started working with them. In my mind, I wasn't training them. I was just getting them used to sitting on the potty. That way they wouldn't be scared of it. They would go. I kept sitting them on the potty certain times a day I knew they would go.

As soon as they would stand to pee, we did that. No aiming, just hold, lean over and pee. I kept telling them, "WOW you made bubbles! Look at how well you did!" in an over exaggerated way. They knew I was happy with them. No stickers, no candy, just old fashioned praise.

Mica was easier to train then Isaak. Isaak went, but sometimes he didn't want to stop what he was doing to go. He was and always has been more on the lazy side with things like that. Isaak sits on the ground, while Mica runs.

The only potty seat we ever used was this one:

Thinking back on the whole potty training experience, I wouldn't have used this seat. Like the daycare lady said, "They will depend on it." and they did.

Mica had such a little butt, when he was training I thought he would fall in the toilet. The smallest size of underwear wouldn't fit him. My sister noticed that they can in fact sit sideways on the actual toilet, to avoid feeling like they would fall in.

I should have done that.

Mica got addicted to sitting on his throne and reading his potty books. His favorite books were: Everyone Poops and The Potty Train. He was like a little old man that had to do his reading to go! He was mad at us when we made him sit on the toilet without the seat!

Isaak to got addicted to the luxury of the padded seat. He went in the mornings when it was time to go. IT TOOK FOREVER AWHILE! I would get so frustrated because we were running late! Isaak kept saying in his sweet little voice, "I'm not done yet!" Kids have no concept of time.

When we went on our trip to Chicago I said, "We're not bringing this thing!" -the potty seat. He never asked for it because he knew we were not at home.

We got home and he goes to reach for his padded throne. I let him use it one last time. Then I threw the thing away. He said, "Mom I liked that seat!" I said, "Isaak you are four now. That seat is for babies." Now he doesn't take his sweet time going potty. It's do it, balance with his hands, get done with his business and poof he's done!

No more throne!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WW: Seeing Double {Linky}

This sculpture looks interesting. It's so cool when you get up close because you can see double.

Daddy, then Me, Mica and Isaak.

Mica had the most fun! Isaak was just happy he didn't have to walk for awhile!

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A Bum Told Him to Stop his Whining

I have to say that the boys were VERY GOOD on our vacation.

It took nearly 11 hours to get to Chicago on train. A lady got sick, so we waited for a paramedic to come and pick her up; that took some time. We also got up at 3 AM to get to the station.

Then the boys got thrown from their schedules. No naps for Isaak. Bedtime was as late as 10 pm a few nights! That just doesn't happen at home. The only night they stay up like that is on the 4th of July.

Each day we saw a different museum. Not all of them were kid friendly. The Children's Museum, Aquarium and Science and Industry Museum were all kid friendly. The Chicago Art Institute Museum and Field Museum weren't kid friendly.

We did a lot of walking!

At the Chicago Art Institute Mica was pretty into the art. He got to walk around and type in numbers to listen to stories about the artwork he was seeing. That lasted about two pieces for Isaak. Then he was grumpy.

Isaak with his pout face.

Isaak was big into climbing on things when we were walking on the sidewalks in Chicago. We kept telling him,
"Don't climb on that!"
"Don't pick up that stick and run!"
"Hurry up!" 
"Stop jumping around!" 

At one point he was jumping over sidewalk cracks like boys do. I said, "Isaak you need to stay with Mommy! You are going to fall, then cry because you got hurt. Walk with me. No one wants to hear a kid that is not theirs fussing!" Truth be told, I didn't want to hear my own kid fussing!

So...what does he do...he jumps...falls...cries. I said, "I told you that you would get hurt! Stop you fussing no one wants to hear it!"

Two seconds later a bum in the street looked right at Isaak and said, "Hey kid stop your whining! I don't want to hear it! No one does!"

I don't know if the man in the streets had heard what I had talked to Isaak about. I wanted to start laughing!

Isaak shut up immediately! Less then 2 minutes later Isaak looked up at me and said, "Mommy I don't like what that guy said to me!"

I said, "Isaak that guy was right. No one wants to hear kids whining."

They Have No Fear!

We went to the Navy Pier in Chicago. They had a few rides. Mica wanted to go on all of them. Isaak wants to do whatever Mica wants to do. I was a little nervous that my newbie 4 year old would go on a ride and start crying because he was so high up.

We went as a family on a really tall 150 foot-high ferris wheel! I don't like heights!

 The boys loved it!

Then we went on a ride I was more comfortable with, the 1920's Musical Carousel. This ride is peaceful, colorful and fun!

Isaak on a horse.

Mica on a dragon. He switched animals like 3 times. I don't think this is what he ended up riding.

Can you see me? Look in the mirror.

Then Mica wanted to go on the Wave Swinger. The flying swings! Guess who wanted to do what Mica wanted to do? Isaak! I'm so glad he was too short to go on the ride! Is that mean of me?
I was expecting tears. All I saw was smiles. I instructed to Daddy that he was to find a swing that had two seats; that way he could sit next to Mica. Isaak hung out with me at the tables. I was one happy Momma that Isaak was too short to go on the ride!

Then the boys went on the Light Tower Ride. That was no big deal. They just went up and down. 

They were lucky to go on that one because we were out of tickets. The lady running it let them go for free.

Is it bad that I don't like my boys going on some rides? Just because I'm a chicken, it doesn't mean they have to be. I just cringe thinking about them getting on top of a ride and freaking out. They can't stop the ride for my kids. They seem to have little issues with rides. It's more me that has a problem with them.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Isn't This Clever - Finders Key Purse Giveaway {2 Winners}

I was so happy to review and giveaway a Finder Key Purse® by the company Isn't This Clever!

I picked out Payphone Fone Finder.

I found a way to make it a key finder as well.

I love vintage items! This totally fit what I was looking for. It buckles onto a purse pocket. This way I could easily find my cell phone or keys without digging! Sometimes I even clip it on my pant pockets just so I can find my phone or key in a hurry when I'm out.

It's super cute and very handy!

Two winners are going to win a Finder Key Purse® {winners choice of design}.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Isn't This Clever provided to me a free product to help with this review/giveaway.

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Profoot Giveaway

Do you have sore, tired and aching feet? If so, this giveaway is for you!

Profoot makes products that help with all foot related things:
I'm so glad Terry from My Journey with Candida introduced me to this company!

Recently I had to go to an orthopedic doctor to get my ankles/feet looked at. One of my ankles turns in a lot. It's genetic. My Dad has the same issue as I do. I had to get special arch supports built. They do help. The problem is that they only fit for one pair of shoes.

Profoot has The 2oz. Miracle - Custom Molding Insoles that work with a variety of shoes. They mold like custom orthotics. They are built so much better then supports you get in stores!

They also sent me Plantar Fasciitis - Gel Inserts. They are clinically proven orthotic to relieve heel pain. It helps relieve aching pain the the heel of the foot.

The first picture is the bottom of the supports and the second picture is the top view. I love how it has a little L and R on the bottom. It's hard to tell left and right apart with these.

The last product they sent me is called Velvetex - Callus Cushions. I have to say that they are super soft and sticky enough that they do not fall off. One other key thing that stood out to me is that they are latex free. I have a slight latex allergy.

Now is your chance to win everything I received!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Profoot provided to me a free product to help with this review/giveaway.

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