Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday is all about me discovering something that is different. I don't want to post things that you and I have more than likely heard before. I want to find something different. It could be from another country, someone singing from the streets of NY, and more.

I found Linsey Pollak through TED. It's a website where creatives talk. He is all about making anything into a musical instrument. 

He is a dynamic and exciting performer, well-known for his work in many musical roles — as musician, instrument-maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. For the past 20 years he has traversed the country as musician-in-residence in communities from Hobart to Broome. He has been director and composer for companies like Doppio Teatro and Dance North, performed at most major festivals around Australia and recorded 21 albums with various groups.


Visit Linsey Pollak's Website.
Visit Linsey Pollak's YouTube Channel

Friday, December 12, 2014

Elf on the Shelf - More Pranks

I haven't taken pictures of what Brita our Elf on the Shelf has done every day. I've been trying here and there. 

Isaak still writes her notes. If anything came out of having an Elf on the Shelf - Isaak's getting some writing skills down. He certainly needs the practice. 


Dear Brita,

Are you boing (doing) well today and every other day.(?) p.s. I like gold(.) What is your favorite color.(?) Why do you always hide and Be(be) funny. Love (, Isaak)

Brita wrote him back on the other side saying:

Dear Isaak,

I am doing well. I do miss you and your brother when you are in school. My favorite color is red because I wear it all the time. I like to hide because it's funny watching you and your brother run around to try and find me. 



I got this next idea from masshole mommy.
Her snowmen's noses look better than mine. I had orange gum drops, so I cut them in 1/2 and used those as noses.

Then Brita was in the refrigerator all cuddled up because she was so cold. 

Another night I was mad. I went to get out my sprinkle box, and the lid got caught. Sprinkles went all over inside the box. You could say I've had the dropsies lately. I would have saved them, but the box wasn't exactly clean. Instead of taking full blame, I dumped them on the floor. Brita got into them. Ya that's who did it. ;)

Random Tid Bits

  1. Do you ever try and peel fruit without it breaking? I don't know why, but I thought about that earlier this week when I was peeling a clementine. 

  2. Speaking of fruit I hate when stickers won't come off fruits like apples. I'd think they could devise a better system than a stubborn sticker. Sometimes I'll get them off, but the sticky still remains. 

  3. The German's are better than we are about packaging waist. They have a grocery store that has no waist at all. You can read about this store here.

  4. Source

  5. Packaging generally just gets thrown in the trash can. The food companies goal is to get you to buy their product. Much of the packaging is falsehood. They'll throw a cartoon character on packaging just to get a kid to convince their parent that it's the best cereal known to man. 

  6. Listen to Jerry Seinfeld rip the ad world apart. Yes this is the field I teach in; I still know what he is saying is true.

  7. Why are most of the coupons for unhealthy things? I hate that.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Space Scouts Review

My boys love getting things in the mail. Space Scouts is a great gift for this holiday season. My boys just got their Space Scouts loot in the mail last week.

Space Scouts monthly subscription club for kids is a delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe! It's for boys and girls. Each month your child will explore a new place in space -- stepping into the worlds of space exploration, space science, and astronomy. Join Roxy and Jett as they scout about the galaxy engaging your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges. Packages arrive each month filled with fun additions to your collection -- magnets, stickers, toys, and more!

Every month they give you something a little different. They started us out with a box. It's magnetic, and they have characters that can fit on the box. 
Isaak loves boxes, so I'm pretty sure he'll be the one to fill this up!

These characters fit on the box. The stickers go on top of a gigantic poster that comes with the kit.

There's a lot of activities in their kits.
I like activities more than toys. They keep their minds busy during breaks. I was thinking that I'd send the boy's Space Scouts loot over to Grandma and Grandpa's when the boys stay there over break. One day they may end up at Dad's work; this stuff would be good for that time to.

And some toys came in the mail to. 
I don't know how much they'll play with the toys. I love the activities though.

More things were in the set that went over constellations.

I think my boys will enjoy this from a break of routine stuff. I like things that keep them busy. I think the box is most suitable for around the ages of 6 or 7. Kids may need an adult to read some of the instructions to the activities. It's too easy for someone that's Mica's age - age 9.

Space Scouts is a stellar vehicle for launching your child's interest in science & technology! These subjects both my kids are into!

This is not your typical grab-bag subscription box. Space Scouts is a fun, educational experience where each month builds upon the previous. It's a great way to learn!

Price is affordable at $11.95 per month + $3.00 shipping.

Discounts for multi-month purchase.

Space Scouts is designed for kids age 6+.

Visit our website to learn more! 20% discount - Use promo code USFAMILY20 at checkout to receive 20% discount on initial purchase of any Space Scouts subscription plan. The code expires on: 12/31/14.

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Sometimes we set the tent up for the boys on a weekend. We give them the option of sleeping in it. Isaak usually takes that option. Mica declines the offer, and sleeps in his room where it's more comfortable. It's funny how different the kids are sometimes.

The boys ate their dinner outside the tent, and watched Return of the Jedi for the first time. Mica in particular was so excited to see the movie.

It had been years since I've seen it. I went to the movie with my Aunt Sam and Uncle Steve. That was before they had kids of their own. I remember how excited everyone was to see it. The movie theater was buzzing with people. All the odd characters seemed real enough to me. It was hard for me to imagine that there were actors inside many of those robots.

Now when I watch it I can't help, but think that Darth Vader sounds like he's having an asthma attack.

The boys got into it. Mica in particular loved the movie, and wants to watch it again before we have to return it.

Are you a Star Wars fan?

Alzheimer's Request

I've been thinking about my Grandma lately. Her birthday was around Thanksgiving. She passed awhile ago from Dementia.

It was hard seeing her go from a lady that could do it all (in my mind) to someone that could do very little.

She got to the point where Mica was on the same level as she was. Then it was Isaak. Then it was no one at all.

When she was in a home Mica didn't want to see her. He said, "Mom please don't take me to that place where no one can talk."

When she passed Isaak had a lot of questions. 

You can see Isaak playing with his Great Grandma here. That toy scared her. Shortly after I took this picture, I had to take the toy away.

Here's a post on the Alzheimer's Awareness facebook page:
I thought it was a really good message. 

Alzheimer's Request
Do not ask me to remember,
don't try to make me understand.
Let me rest, and know you're with me,
kiss my cheek and hold my hand.

I'm confused beyond your concept.
I'm sad, and sick, and lost.
All I know is that I need you,
to be with me at all cost.

Do not lose your patients with me,
do not scold or curse or cry.
I can't help the way I am acting.
I can't be different though I try.

Just remember that I need you,
that the best of me is gone.
Please don't fall to stand behind me,
love me til' my life is gone.

Slim Packing Cubes Review by Dot&Dot

Dot&Dot gave me a set of Slim Packing Cubes to try out.  

They have a lot of different colors to pick from. 10 different colors to be exact:

Red - This is the color I went with.
Light Blue 
Dark Blue 

Some colors at times do get sold out. I do with they'd have a set of 4 that are different colors. That way each person in my family could get a different color of their own.

You can pack so many things in the Slim Packing Cubes. I packed 10 wash clothes in 1. We go camping a lot, so wash clothes are something we need on our trips. They are long enough for flat irons, or curling irons.

Available in 1 pack and 4-piece value set. 1 pack is sold out at this time.

The size is:
Size: 14" x 5" x 2.75"


$40, but they are on sale for $24.97! That's almost 1/2 off!

More about the Slim Packing Cubes:

  • Premium packing solution for small things
  • See through, dirt and water-resistant flexible mesh panel protects your clothes
  • With internal fabric lining to protect your pair of shoes from damaging each other during travel
  • With side ventilation and top handle for easy handling
  • A great way to sort small things from big things in you larger suit case
  • Hand wash, and hang to dry

Great for: 


The gym

Made of high quality materials, Dot&Dot organizers will last a lifetime of travel and adventure.
Save your money from low quality organizers that just don't work or get damaged after few uses.

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A Christmas Story: The Musical @RoseTheaterCo

Last Friday we had the best experience of the season. We got to go see A Christmas Story: The Musical at The Rose Theater

We were all excited to see the musical. A Christmas Story is our families favorite holiday movie. The show was similar to the movie, but also had it's own style. 

The show is best for ages 5 and up. It runs 2 hours long including an intermission. During the intermission there are cookies and drinks served. After the show there is a chance for kids to get autographs on their programs, or stay in the main part of the theater for questions and answers about the musical.

About the Musical:

If you've seen the movie, you pretty much have an idea of what this musical is about. Christmas is a huge deal to Ralphie Parker. His dream gift is to get a Red Ryder 200-Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle. His mom, teacher and Santa do not like the idea of Ralphie having a gun. They all say, 

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

His Dad doesn't seem to pay attention to much of anything except for his major award, which is the iconic leg lamp.

Ralphie's mom isn't thrilled with the leg lamp that sat in their front window. She broke it.

The Red Gyder BB gun was in all kinds of ads and advertisements. Ralphie couldn't keep his mind off of it. 

Ralphie almost lost all hope for Christmas when he gets a pink bunny suit from his aunt.


Finally Ralphie's dream came true. He got his Red Ryder 200-Shot Carbine Action Range Model Air Rifle.


Other Iconic Things That Happen in the Musical are: 

When Ralphie's friend got his tongue stuck to the frozen pole. Your tongue really will stick to a frozen pole, so don't try this!


When Ralphie said the word, Fudge, but actually said something else.

Ralphie's brother Randy being stuffed in his snowsuit.  

Other Tid Bits About the Musical:

The story had a narrator, which did a wonderful job! The only thing I did not understand, was that the narrator's name was "Jean Shepherd". He is supposed to be an older version of Ralphie. I was wondering is "Jean" is Ralphie's given name? I may have to ask. The Rose Theater welcomes questions. 


The Rose Theater contacted me back right away on my question about the narrator. A Christmas Story was based on the writings of Jean Shepherd, who is an actual person…a radio commentator. He had a popular radio show where he talked about his life. In his books, Shepherd explains that the stories aren’t necessarily factual recounts from his own life, but rather collective memories — things that might have happened to him, to his friends, to his family, or even things that might not be exactly true, but just fuzzy images from his past. 

It is easy to miss in the show, but at the beginning of the play, when Dave Wingert’s character (which is listed as Jean Shepherd in the script) starts telling the story, he says, “Now, when I say the word ‘I,’ I don’t mean me, necessarily. It’s a universal ‘I.’ And the ‘I’ in this particular story is Ralphie Parker.”


They do not mention, "Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine." in the musical.

There is a full blown orchestra in a stage below the musical that is before your eyes. That's pretty cool!

The set was pretty amazing. Isaak loved watching the house transform into other things.

Dates and Times Shown:
Double check that they are not sold out shows!

Fri. Dec. 127 pm
Sat. Dec. 132 pm
Sun. Dec. 142 pm
Fri. Dec. 197 pm
Sat. Dec. 202 pm and 7 pm
Sat. Dec. 207 pm
Sun. Dec. 212 pm
Fri. Dec. 267 pm
Sat. Dec. 272 and 7 pm
Sat. Dec. 277 pm
Sun. Dec. 282 pm and 7 pm
Sun. Dec. 287 pm

December 20 has interruption for hearing impaired.

Cast and Crew:
There are a lot of people in A Christmas Story: The Musical. I'm listing the main characters.

  • Jean Shepherd: Dave Wingert
  • Old Man: Konrad Case
  • Mother: Angela Jenson-Frey
  • Ralphie: Danny Denenberg
  • Randy: Jude Glaser
  • Miss Shields: Lauren Krupski
  • Director: Matt Gutschick
  • Choreographer: Sue Gillespie Booton
  • Musical Director/Conductor: Jerry Brabec
My son's love pointing out the actors they have seen before in other productions. They all did a wonderful job with remembering their lines. Their voices were amazing! We were very entertained during this musical!

Prices: Ticket reservations are required, with prices from $20-$25. Discount ticket vouchers
and a Kid Cuisine special purchase voucher for main floor seating are available at all area Hy-
Vee stores. For information or to make reservations, call The Rose Box Office at 402-345-4849
or visit 

Sponsors: Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Kid Cuisine, Hy-Vee, Q98-Five, the Nebraska Arts Council, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment and WOWT NBC Omaha.

Disclaimer: I'm writing this in connection to The Rose Theater. I was given tickets from The Rose Theater. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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