Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Names of 2009

  • Baby Center always puts out the top names of the year.
  • I'm a HUGE name buff, so I wanted to put them on here.
  • I don't see Isaak (Isaac) or Mica (Micah) on the list, but I've heard Isaac used a lot. Isaak's middle name is Jaxon (Jackson is number 6). I don't see Mica's middle name Zachary.
  • My nephew Elijah is kind of like Isaak, I hear his name a lot, but it's not on the list. Ethan is number 1, Evan is 19; they are both nephew's of mine.
  • Oh...and Alyssa is number 22. I was one of the only Alissa's (spelled different) growing up.
  • We talked about Nathan for both of our kids, and that is number 18.
  1. Ethan/Isabella
  2. Noah/Emma
  3. Jacob/Olivia
  4. Aiden/Ava
  5. Logan/Sophia
  6. Jackson/Madison
  7. Jack/Chloe
  8. Ryan/Abigale
  9. Jayden/Addison
  10. Matthew/Emily
  11. Liam/Ella
  12. Joshua/Lily
  13. Tyler/Mia
  14. Benjamin/Grace
  15. Gavin/Alexis
  16. Alexander/Avery
  17. William/Samantha
  18. Nathan/Elizabeth
  19. Evan/Hannah
  20. Lucas/Taylor
  21. Mason/Natalie
  22. Michael/Alyssa
  23. Dylan/Sarah
  24. Caleb/Hailey
  25. Luke/Riley
  • I like different names that can still be pronounced. Below is my list of names.
  • We are not planning to have any more children, I just love names! Each name I like has a special meaning in my mind. It may be a special place, a person or a character in a movie.
  • If I had to make up my own list of top 10 names I like they'd be:
  1. Mica or Micah/Savannah
  2. Isaak or Isaac/Scarlett
  3. Harrison/Kirsten
  4. Samuel or Sam/Aurora or Rory
  5. Jaxon or Jax/Nodiya
  6. Zachary or Zach/Shannon
  7. Nathan or Nate/Amelie
  8. Jonah/Coraline
  9. Trent/Mallory
  10. Carter/Cheyenne

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


  • Isaak loves the phone, when no one is on the other end of it that is.
  • He kept holding the phone upside down at first.
  • He kept saying, "Hello", but then when I took the video he wouldn't say it too clearly. I was too late for his clear, "Hello". His, "Goodbye" is cute though.

Monkey PJ's

  • Isaak in his monkey PJ's.
  • I think he's so cute in them!

Another Gift Down

  • I spotted another gift for Mica's birthday. His birthday is not until Augusts, but I buy when I see things.
  • Daddy and I thought this bowling set would be fun playing down our hallway.
  • We have a sleeping mat the folds in sections, so we'll probably put this behind the pins. I don't think the pins will hurt anything because they are protected by foam rubber.
  • There is just so many toy deals going on right now. I've bought a few things and stashed them away.


  • It snowed again this morning!
  • We went out to take care of some snow while the kids were down for an afternoon nap.
  • I shoveled out the other 1/2 our driveway. Minus the tail end of it. I just ran out of time. There is room to park the other vehicle in that lane now.
  • Daddy went to Ace Hardware to get a roof rake.
  • The snow was pretty thick on the roof.
  • He went up on the roof when he realised it wasn't slick and just started shoveling it off.
  • Our neighbor across the street asked me if Travis' life insurance policy was up to date? Yes it is, but if he felt in danger he would not of been up there.
  • Thankfully the kids slept well and we got almost finished. I kept going in to check if they were awake. I also kept yelling out Daddy's name when I couldn't see him in fear that he might have fallen down. He was just on the backside of the roof.
  • We'll be sore tomorrow I'm sure!
  • There is more snow to shovel around the front of the house where Daddy shoveled off snow from the roof. A little back tracking needs to be done.
  • We can't open our back door more then a foot. We have our compost bin outside that door. I hate compost sitting inside the house. The trash stinks faster when it's put in there.
  • There is a huge drift outside the back door that goes to the top of the gate. Even opening the gate to clear the snow might be a chore.

New Words

  • Isaak's newest words are, "Puppy" and "Tree".
  • He says, "Puppy" really clear. Before he used to call dogs, "Ruff Ruff".
  • He will not say, "Apple" or "Mica" anymore. He's a punk!


  • We went shopping for my niece's birthday today.
  • It's hard to shop for kids once they are past the 4th grade age.
  • The boys played in this room the mall had. I've never seen it before. We spotted it and let them play for a bit.
  • There were kids everywhere. It was like watching a bunch of ants crawl around in an ant hill. I was so afraid I'd lose one of our children.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amber Alert

  • Amber Alert is selling a device now which can store information about your whole family on one device.
  • It is about $40, so it's not a cheep device, but any price is worth it for the safety of a child.
  • The My Child ID helps you securely store, organize and manage your child’s vital information, medical information (medications, allergies, physicians, etc.), emergency contact information, activities, friends, family and much, much more. The wireless digital slide show reminds you to never forget it.
  • My Child ID is easy to install on your computer. You install the program, create an account and then add your family’s information to it.
  • When your not using it, you can use the ID as a digital key chain showing off the pictures of your family members.
  • I wish I would of known about this before Christmas. I would of gotten 1 if not both of my sister's this device for their kids. My younger sister has little kids my kid's age, and my older sister has a 4th grader and a high schooler.
  • I loved the fact that it holds what your child is allergic to. Mica had a really bad reaction to penicillin and I'm really allergic to sulfa.

Reliable of Milwaukee Boots

Letting Us Know

  • Isaak's gone poop a few times on the big potty lately.
  • He's not super consistent yet. A lot of times he does well sitting on the pot when I'm getting my makeup on in the morning.
  • What I really love is that lately he's been telling us when he poops in his diaper. This shows me that he's aware of his act of pooping.
  • Another big leap on the way towards potty training!
  • Last night Isaak told me, "Poop". I asked Daddy to check his diaper. I guess it wasn't visible looking down the back of the diaper, so Daddy thought he was clean. When I went to go put his PJ's on...sure enough there was poop in his diaper.

Yellow Submarine

  • I bought this for Mica's fifth birthday. The one I bought has more things in the set. It was on clearance for $14 at Target.
  • Mica love The Yellow Submarine the movie. He also has Imaginext stuff handed down to him from his cousin Ethan.
  • He's asked for a yellow submarine a few times, but I could never find one I liked.
  • I'm the queen of buying and stashing. If I find a good deal I'll get it and stash it away. His birthday isn't until August.

Oh Tay

  • Isaak's newest word is, "Oh Tay", which is "Ok".
  • If you ask him to do something he says, "Oh Tay" and usually does it.

Bose Ad

  • It's for the company Bose. The text below Bose says, "Quiet Comfort, Acoustic Noise Canceling, Headphones".
  • Of course the mine has triplets! Tears are painted on the babies eyes.
  • Click on the photo to view it larger.

Jokes is on Daddy

  • Daddy got pretty annoyed before the holidays because we had a special dinner with my family (adults only). He was annoyed because it was on a BIG football night. He ended up not missing any of it, so everything worked out.
  • I'm not into football at all. I was raised with all sisters and a dad who could care less about football.
  • Our niece and nephew's birthday's are right after the holidays. Aunt Angela's been planning their party (she throws one party for them both). We wanted to have it before Grandma Spiehs has her ankle fusion surgery next week.
  • Angela talked about next Wednesday and this Saturday. We're doing it this Saturday.
  • I called Travis while he was back at work last night and told him that Angela moved the party to this Wednesday. He was livid. He told me a few times now that he's going over to a co-worker's house to watch some other BIG football game that is on this Wednesday night.
  • I told him that I forgot. Really I was just pulling his chain. It's easier to mess with somebody over the phone then in person.
  • He finally figured out that I was messing with him.

Warming Up to Uncle Steve

  • Aunt Sam and Uncle Steve found Isaak's ball that we lost over there.
  • Mica wanted to go into their house to get it.
  • Uncle Steve and Mica had this special bond the other day that seemed to still be there.
  • Steve was joking around with Mica, Mica was laughing and it ended with Steve tossing Mica the ball back.

Keurig Platinum Brewing System Giveaway

Monday, December 28, 2009

Appalachian Moutains

  • Aunt Terra has another added kid to babysit today, our nephew Ethan who is in 4th grade.
  • He was talking to the boys (Mica and nephew Evan) about the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Mica lost it and started saying stuff like - No one likes me, everyone hates me. I'm not quoting him because I wasn't there. Basically he had a melt down.
  • Ethan is really shy, to himself kind of kid. I can't imagine how he felt when Mica lost it. We as adults don't even understand why he lost it.
  • He's probably just overtired with all the holiday activities.

The Talk of Flim

  • I had a talk with Mica about flim in the car ride to Aunt Terra's this morning.
  • Kind of a disgusting topic, but one that needed to be addressed.
  • They make all kinds of books for kids on disgusting topics, but I've never seen one like: Everybody Hacks Up Flim before. I've seen The Gas We Pass and Everyone Poops.
  • I've been hearing him cough. When kids are younger then the age of 4 yrs. they swallow the phlegm "flim" that they cough up. Gross, but true.
  • He's old enough to grasp spitting out the stuff that your body rejects.
  • I mentioned how it's normal, and how you can spit it in a tissue to get rid of it.
  • He looked at me funny because he thought it was bad that he's swallowed it in the past.
  • The things that come up as a parent can be pretty crazy!
  • Before I can blink it's going to be a first driving talk, talk about respecting girls and a sex talk.
  • For right now we'll stick to the flim talk, discussion's on sharing, respecting people and their personal space, cleaning up, manners and whatever else that comes up.

Angel Food Cake

  • I almost forgot that Aunt Angela was holding Isaak yesterday...I looked over at them and Isaak's foot was all white.
  • It took a second to register that the bottom of his foot was covered in Angel Food Cake frosting!
  • She was holding him right by the dessert table.
  • I guess he got hand fulls of the stuff too.
  • It was a sticky mess that I did not clean up. I sat that one out.

Bell Ringer's Stunt

  • This is indeed a great stunt.
  • The bell ringer is joined by other bell ringers. He has no idea other bell ringers are going to join him.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Long Night

  • Daddy had to go back into work since he was supposed to work all of today. He went in at 8:30 pm and is still there now (it's 11:30 pm).
  • I went out and shoveled from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • A plow went down our street, so we had a mound in front of our driveway. We got about 14 inches of snow altogether.
  • We have 2 retaining walls on both sides of our driveway, so we're running out of room to put snow. We shoveled one lane, and have a two lane driveway.
  • I listened to the news tonight, and they mentioned that the snow might not melt for two months. I wish we would of shoveled both lanes out. Some of the other lane is shoveled, so I may just need to work on it little bit by little.

Uncle Steve

  • My Uncle Steve sticks to himself most of the time.
  • He stays downstairs and watches sports.
  • Mica went downstairs, sat in his lap and cuddled with him. All the people upstairs were laughing, and I had to get a picture.
  • Mica's good at getting people's attention.


  • Steps are always a concern of mine when we go to other people's house's.
  • Isaak usually just stands at the top and doesn't dare go any further without one of us at his side.
  • Today he got a little more daring. He can go up and down, but I like to be there making sure he's ok.

Kent Christmas Get Together

  • We try and get together with Grandma Spiehs' (maiden name Kent) side for every major holiday. I only have 6 cousins, so we have a fairly small family.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs wanted a photo with their grand kids. As you can see all are boys and only one girl grand child.
  • Mica got his biggest gift, a sled from Aunt Becky! He was excited to get a sled along side his two cousin's Evan and Ethan.
  • He also got a dino sticker book from Aunt Marsha and the movie Up from Aunt Sam. I want to see Up!
  • Isaak got a cool book from Aunt Marsha, pillow and pillow case from Aunt Becky and a sleeping bag from Aunt Sam.

What Cat's Can Do to Me and What Isaak Can Do to the Litterbox

  • Mica and Isaak loved seeing the cat at Aunt Sam's house. I have such bad allergies and was told never to get anything furry. Even the saliva on dogs and cats is bad.
  • I get bitchy when I get allergic. It's like PMS to me. Towards the end of the night I realized that we couldn't find a really cool ball Santa left for the boys and I got bitchy about it. I was just annoyed that I couldn't find this ball. Then I couldn't find Mica's gloves. I just lost it. Later I saw that I was bitchy!
  • Earlier that night Isaak got into the kitty litter. It was a mess. Mica found him while the whole family was playing BINGO. Mica said, "Mommy you better come in and see what Isaak is doing!"
  • He was playing in it like it was his own personal sandbox.
  • I washed his hands really good!

Eny Meeny Miny Moe

  • I told our nephew Evan and Mica that they could take turns pretending to be Santa Claus.
  • They said, "Who gets to go first?" I told them, "I don't know. Maybe I'll do Eny Meeny Miny Moe".
  • Mica said, "I get to be Moe".
  • Moe is a character on The Doodlebops.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


  • Daddy stuck Isaak in this basket.
  • He didn't seem to mind it at first.


  • I was worried about having Isaak outside with me.
  • was like having a cheerleader cheer me on.
  • Every shovel full of snow put on the snow mountain in our driveway Isaak clapped and he said, "Ma Ma" over and over again.

Dapper Dan

  • Isaak got Dapper Dan from Aunt Angela.
  • To be honest I thought Isaak would be more excited when opening Dapper Dan. He saw what his cousin Elijah opened, and wanted that instead. Elijah opened a glow worm. Isaak already has a glow worm. He calls the glow worm his "Baby". The gifts were opened right before bedtime, so I imagine when he saw Elijah's gift, he wanted his "Baby".
  • He's warmed up to Dapper Dan now.
  • Dapper Dan has buttons, snaps, Velcro, zippers, pockets and ties. He's also a boy doll.

Grumpy Mica

  • Mica's been a grump.
  • I think kids just get overwhelmed during holidays.
  • At his age he wants help playing with all his new toys, we do, but we're also busy too.
  • Plus he should be recouping from being sick! Instead we have lots of new toys and events to go to.


  • I built the boys a train track in the living room going around the Christmas tree.
  • Isaak kept say, "Toot, toot"! He was all excited, and couldn't wait to play on the track with the trains. Both boys had trains on the track before I was finished building it.
  • Mica gets irritated with Isaak wrecking his track and getting in his way. "It's just part of having a little brother" I told him. I felt the same way about Aunt Terra wrecking my Barbie Doll set up when I was younger.
  • Mica got the Little Engine That Could in his stocking. It hooks up with Thomas, but is too tall to go under the tunnels. Santa read that in the review, but decided to buy it anyhow. We love that story at our house.

Cookie Monster Slippers

  • Isaak's been wanting these cookie monster slippers put on then off, on, then off, then on again.
  • Aunt Terra got him these.


  • Isaak collects all his balls and throws them everywhere.
  • He's obsessed with balls!

Friday, December 25, 2009


  • Isaak looked over at Mica today during dinner, pointed and said, "Eat".
  • He did it over and over again when Mica wasn't eating.
  • It seems as though we have a new Food Nazi in our family.
  • It's too bad it doesn't apply to Isaak himself. He still throws food sometimes and won't try certain foods.

Christmas Party Moved

  • We're supposed to get together with Grandma Spiehs' - The Kent's side tomorrow.
  • It's not happening with the snow drifting in front of people's driveways and doors. Not to mention all the side streets that haven't be plowed.
  • It's been moved to Sunday. I was excited to see everyone. I guess I'll still be seeing everyone, just a day later.

Hit with Snow

  • We got hit with snow pretty hard!
  • While both boys were down for naps Daddy and I both went outside to shovel, shovel and shovel some more!
  • We only shoveled one lane out.
  • I wanted to get to the mailbox because I didn't get the mail yesterday. I got to it, and all there was, was 1 piece of junk mail. Boo! :( LOL

Christmas Morning

  • I couldn't sleep because I was stuffed up and was sooo excited for the kids to wake up and unwrap their gifts from Santa.
  • It's like I'm a little kid once again.
  • I actually went in and woke Mica up! I just couldn't wait any longer. LOL Plus I knew the boys would want breakfast soon after they awoke like they usually do. Presents come first over eating. Sure enough Isaak was pointing to the fridge soon after the presents were done saying, "Eat" and "MilK". He really pronounces the "K" in milk strong like it's a German word. It's a new thing.
  • Some of the gifts I thought Isaak would like he didn't like as much, and visa versa. He liked a cleaning set Santa got from Costco and that was a last minute present. He liked the balls he got too. He got one in his stocking and a few last night. Isaak was slow in opening the gifts! He'd tear one piece of wrapping paper off and hand it over to what ever parent was besides him.
  • Mica on the other hand ripped into his presents! He liked most everything he got. The things that were not on his list he was a little snotty about. We've had a few talks with him about this. It's the practical things he throws aside. I got pretty irritated about this! He seemed to gravitate towards his Toy Story set, Scooby-Doo Mystery Van with characters, but didn't seem as interested in the thing he asked for over and over again, The Team Geo-Trax Rope and Ride Ranch.
  • Daddy got into Mica's BumbleBee Transformer!


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