Friday, November 10, 2017

Cinnamon Pickles

I remembered that my Grandma used to make Cinnamon Pickles.

When I brought this up to Travis he kind of rolled his eyes at me. We had already made Bread and Butter Pickles, Dill Pickles, Relish, and ate plenty of plain cucumbers.

He agreed. I did all the prep work of peeling the cucumbers, deseeding them, and slicing them up.

Since the process takes 3 days, he helped me out with the other days. Actually I agreed to make meals, while he dealt with the Cinnamon Pickles in the making.

Now we have one Cinnamon Pickle with our breakfast. They are pretty good.

I took a jar to work. Some students were a bit stand offish to try one. Other students jumped at the idea. I have a first year student that want to buy a jar. Ha! I don't even know what to charge.

Would you jump at the chance to try one, or would you be stand offish?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WW: Green Goddess {Linky}

Isaak's been creating a series of green people, for a green land. He has a map, and different portraits drawn.

This is by far my favorite one:

Not too shabby for a 9 year old 4th grader.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Silk Plants Direct Review

I'm so excited for Christmas to come this year. I actually get into all of the holidays, so bring on the turkey for Thanksgiving too!

This may be Isaak's last year for believing. He's on the fence with Santa. Isaak's asked questions. My response is, "Saint Nicholas is in the Encyclopedia. He has to be real."

CSI Wall Panels gave me an option on Silk Plants Direct to pick out an item(s) I liked. 

I saw this Santa, and thought our Elf Brita could bring it to our home. It would look so cool in front of Innovative Architectural Panel Systems - CSI Wall Panels.

This Santa is mostly red and grey. What I love the most are the details! 
  • He carries a red lantern.
  • In his bag is a nature collection instead of gifts. Isaak has a whole bin of nature things, so I think he'll appreciate Santa's bag!
  • Santa has a walking stick, with pine needles on top. 
  • He has different types of fabric on to keep him warm. 
  • There are soft white crystals on his beard and platform that look like snow.   

The cost of this 18" Santa is $41.99.

I also got Bird Succulent to review. Our Elf Brita could bring this to our house on a different night.

I so have a thing for Faux Terrariums. They just look like magical places.

It's mostly green and white. I have to say that the greenery really looks like it needs to be watered. It's so real looking!  
  • It has a birdhouse, a bird nest, eggs, and a few bigs in it. 
  • The greenery has succulents on top, and a grassy/mossy, and more succulents inside the base.
  • The base its self is white, and lined with a hemp rope.

The cost of this 7" Faux Terrarium is $31.99. The best part about it, is that I don't have to water it!

What would you pick from 

Disclaimer: I got the two items mentioned in this review from CSI Wall Panels. CSI Wall Panels didn't influence me on what to write in this review. I only review things that I feel like my readers - you will enjoy, or are a good fit for my family. 


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