Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Tale of the Grumpy Household

There's been a few later nights this week. Our boys do better when they get adequate sleep. I think most children do. Since the boys have started school, bedtime has been 7:30. Early I know. Bedtime used to be 8 or 8:30. With more stimulation with school, they need more sleep.

Time will be switching soon enough. It's great that our boys have been going to bed earlier for that reason to. Day Light Savings Time + Kids = An Adjustment. Fall is among us. The weather today is gray. BLAH! I think I might start taking Vitamin D because I find myself feeling BLAH all winter. It's either that, or get some special lights that put off natural sun light.

Mica's been off of school Thursday and Friday. Mica's argued with me that it's Sunday 10 times today. He's stuck on Sunday being a day that he calls, "Sheriff Sunday." He wants to wear his Sheriff dress-up clothes and tells everyone that crosses our path about "Sheriff Sunday." It's totally made up. I love that he's creative. I don't really care that he does this. It's just that today is not Sunday. We had errands to do today. Everyone that he would have ran into, he would have explained "Sheriff Sunday" to.

Instead it's "Covered in Blood Saturday." That's my made up day, for today anyhow. Mica keeps getting bloody noses. This happened last year to. I put Carmex on a Q-tip and smeared it in his nose. I need to mix up a saline spray for his kid's version of the netti pot. He'll hate getting his nose sprayed. I also have a frog humidifier that I'm tempted to get out for Mica's room.

Another bloody event: Isaak got his flu shot this morning. It wasn't that bloody. Just enough to require a Snoopy Band-Aid, tears and limping for the rest of the morning. Isaak over exaggerates pain! He milks his tears to get attention. Is it bad that I laugh when he gets a shot? Not really out loud. I just envision our 3 year old crying for a half hour and limping for 1/2 the day; over a shot that takes a second.

Along with the change of weather, so is our food. I have a bean soup in the crock pot, spaghetti squash pie tomorrow and split pea soup in a few days.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Back to the Start

Both these video's are pretty cool. The first is a commercial and sang by Willie Nelson. The message is amazing. The second one is sang by Coldplay. It's the original. They will make you sad though. I love how one song can be interpreted differently. Both mean so much!

The original video is just as impacting. It's an accident backwards. Do you ever wish you could go backwards with something? Something so traumatic happens that you wish you could go back in time?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mica's Kindergarten Conferences

Mica's teacher seemed really positive about with where he's at in school.

Recent picture of Mica that I've never posted. Not taken tonight.

Mica listens, follows tasks, works well with others and by himself.

New things Mica's learned: He's learned about patterns, he can now tell the difference between nonfiction and fiction, he can write simple sentences, he can read simple words and he can count by 5's to 100. She said Mica's one of the best readers in the class. She's going to start pushing Mica with reading after the fall break.

Things Mica has to work on: He has a shy grumble when he talks in front of people. The teacher just tells Mica that she can't hear him. He has to say whatever it is over again. She reminds Mica that their classroom is just like a family in school. The lady that works with Mica on speech came in to tell us to keep trying to get Mica to say: "T T T T" sound. He has trouble remembering to press in tongue towards the front of his mouth when making that sound.


"Ba Ba Ba"

Mica has been saying, "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" and holding his neck. I had gotten after him for making sound effects. Tonight I learned he did get this from his speech teacher. Mica's fascinated with his throat vibrating when he says that sound. 

Heart of Love 

Mica's cut out heart that was to go to his crush Kammy was kept by his teacher. His teacher says that Mica does in fact have a crush. She just doesn't want Kammy's parents to start complaining that love letters and drawings are going home to Kammy. The boys tend to fight over her. We have been playing this down even though it's sweet and funny. 

Clearing His Throat

Apparently there is a kid in Mica's table group that talks when she's not supposed to. The teacher noticed that Mica clears his throat whenever this kid is talking and shouldn't be. 

The Mesopotamians

Mica went to school and sang The Mesopotamians. At first he sang it silly, so the teacher told him that he had to sing normal. Then he did good!

Curious Cats

The Inside Scoop:

Isaak's been taking a bite out of a fruit, veggie or nut and says, "What's inside this Mommy?!" If he's eating a snap pea, I tell him, "Peas." He then says, "No Mommy, that's the outside, what's in the inside?" I repeat my answer. Isaak gets annoyed with me.

Such a Good Vibration:

Mica keeps putting his hand on his throat and says, "Ba...." At first I was like, "Cut out the sound effects Mica!" Then I asked him, "What were you doing?" He said, "Mommy my throat feels funny when I make that sound." I don't know if he learned this in school or by himself.

Heart Beat:

Isaak and I were on a walk last week. He stopped me and says, "Mommy feel my heart!" I think he just realized that his heart really beats.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Get Closer

I went to this lovely blog yesterday! I think I'll visit it more now that I know it exists.

She posted a video that moved me. You have to watch it until the end. You do not need the volume turned up to get the message behind the video.

I wish people were more accepting. Even when we know someone who doesn't have a lot of problems; we judge. We put people in categories. We judge people who have certain faiths, no faith at all, people who are gay, people who are mentally challenged, people who have a certain color of skin and so on. I was always the weird art girl. I was friends with geeky smart people. We're all different; we have some similarities to. Through our differences, I wish we could reach some understanding. Everyone needs a friend and everyone needs someone to listen to them. We all have problems. It's just that some people's problems are more obvious then others.

The next time you see someone different, someone challenged, try to be accepting. Chances are, they have had people laugh at them, people talk behind their backs and people wish that their differences were normal {whatever normal is}.

I'm no where near to being perfect. I too have judged people from time to time. I think this is something we all need to work on. 

Kindergarten Love

You may want to read this post first before reading this.

Mica's still in love with a girl in kindergarten. The same girl since school has started. We've tried playing this down. I told him that he couldn't date girls until he is 16 years old. I followed up with saying, "If you are lucky, maybe we'll let you date when you are 15 year old."

Well Kammy's been out of school a little while. She got hurt from falling off a bunk bed. Mica wanted to cut her out a paper heart to give to her at school. I kind of put this heart cutting off on purpose. Then Mica did this heart cutting while at school. Mica handed the heart to his teacher to give to Kammy. His teacher said, "Is this a get well heart?" Mica said, "No it's a love heart."

Not Mica's heart. Source found here.
Then he was upset because this boy at school said, "Whoever touches Kammy first, gets to marry her." He ran over and touched her before Mica could. Kammy must be liked by more then one boy. Mica said, "I really wanted to touch her arm because I want to marry her." I told Mica, "Honey Kammy probably doesn't like anyone touching her arm. She probably won't marry either one of you. You should just talk with her and be a good friend. Remember you can't date anyone until you are 16 years old. That's a long time from now!" He's like, "Ok Mommy, but I still like her."

Uggg!!! He's way too young for this!

Three Year Old Tears

Isaak's been difficult lately!

The other night we went out to dinner. Daddy took the boys to the restroom to go potty, they washed their hands and Daddy tore off the paper towel for Isaak to dry off his hands. Isaak had a melt down. He was honestly really upset that Daddy tore off the paper towel off the dispenser and he did not! Usually I take Isaak potty and Mica goes with Daddy. I knew Isaak was like this about paper towels. How was Daddy supposed to know Isaak was going to be so dramatic over something so non important to us?

The boys came back to the table. Everyone seemed happy enough. Then Isaak started crying again because the waiter brought the boy's drinks. The waiter happened to take the paper off the straws before serving them. I knew right away why Isaak was crying. So crazy, but I knew! Isaak loves tearing the paper off his straw at restaurants. How do I know this? Because I once tried to help him with his straw and he freaked out at me. After he got done crying; I told the waiter why Isaak freaked out because really it's kind of funny! He laughed.

When we got home Isaak went number 2. He got mad because I didn't tell his potty "Bye Bye" when he flushed it! He was practically throwing himself on the ground over it.

Isaak's particular about things. Lately it's been really bad. It could be a stage, from the weather switching, because it's getting dark earlier, because he's finishing up a cold, or all the above.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WW Sidewalk Chalk and Shadows {Linky}

Isaak's shadow was hard to capture. Three year old's do not hold still very well.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tonight We Had School Conferences For Isaak

Preschool conferences are fun to go to! That's part of the reason why we picked their preschool to begin with.
Not taken tonight, but it's a picture of Isaak I've never posted.
Isaak has a lot of things marked off on his sheet already! It's so different from when Mica went there. Mica started when he just turned 3. He wasn't ready socially, but knew all his numbers and letters at 2 1/2. We wanted him around other kids besides Cousin Evan. Mica had a lot to work on because he still liked to independent play his whole first year of preschool.

The teachers like that Isaak follows directions, he stays on task, he doesn't say, "Is time up yet?!" and he pretty much gets things after he's shown. He can both independent play and play with others. His fine motor skills and vocabulary are really pretty good. They mentioned that Isaak can pretty much do things after shown once.

He likes to play in the sand, with blocks and puzzles. His brother beat him with puzzles, but Isaak's still pretty good with them.

The things he has to work on are: Not laying down while in circle time. Isaak can be lazy with things like that!  He still scribbles, but that's what 3 year old's do.


Cash Register:

Cousin Elijah was playing with a cash register. Isaak wanted a turn. Elijah refused to give it up for Isaak to have a turn. Mrs K went to get Isaak another cash register. This one was bigger and better then the one Elijah had. Elijah looked over at Isaak and said, "You want a turn now?"


Isaak was playing in the sandbox and some girl came over and took Isaak's tools. Isaak just looked out to the teachers and simply said, "Hey that girl just stole my tools." very matter of fact like. I'm so glad that he did this because Isaak's known at home to clock his brother when he steels toys from him. He has an inner punk side to him. Since he's always been the youngest of 4 boys {before cousin Emerson was born Daddy watched our 2 nephews and Aunt Terra watched our 2 boys, 2 days a week each} Isaak's had to stand up for himself. The other boy's bullied him and treated him like a baby. Then one day Isaak didn't want to put up with their crap. He stands up for himself around here.


Mrs K thought it was funny when she showed Isaak the number 5; he turned it upside down and couldn't stop laughing at how it looked. Daddy told them it was probably because we play UNO at our house sometimes. We laugh a lot when playing games. Maybe that's why Isaak was laughing? We don't really know.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Daddy was just making fun of me this morning for cutting out coupons. Isaak asked for a scissors. Then he told me, "I cutting coupons Mommy!" I wonder where he gets that one? ;)

Professional Pictures

We got this picture taken of Mica a few weeks ago. He's pretty easy with taking photos! He loves attention.

We waited to get Isaak's taken until last night. I wanted to get his hat in the mail. We also scored pretty good with coupons, so I wanted to use one on one boy and another on the other. Isaak did really good at first. Then he decided it was more fun to jump, throw his hat in the air and make a pouty lip then stand still. HA We had an olive green button down shirt on him during the 2nd take. That's when he was acting up all crazy like. I don't blame him! He's a boy with lots of energy!

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