Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cleaning House

  • I got the boys to clean the house well this evening with me.
  • Mica was busting a move on cleaning because I told him that the Easter Bunny couldn't hop through our house getting his paws dirty on the floor, and he wouldn't want the Easter Bunny to trip on Mica and Isaak's toys.
  • Now the hiding ceremony begins.

First Easter Egg Hunt of 2010

  • We usually only have two Easter egg hunts. This year we'll have 3.
  • We got invited to go over to a brunch by one of Daddy's old co-workers. His wife just had a baby, so we wanted to see their baby.
  • They had eggs hidden outside for the kids.
  • Isaak was pretty slow. He wanted to open each egg before he put them in the basket. Opening and closing the plastic egg was much more interesting to him then finding eggs.
  • Mica was running all over, so it was hard capturing him on camera.
Bulleted List

Friday, April 2, 2010

Durham Western Heritage Museum

  • Daddy took the boys to the Durham Western Heritage Museum this morning.
  • They took a step back in time with a visit to this totally renovated art deco-style train station.
  • One feature about the museum that's really pretty cool is it's tall 65 feet ceilings. At Christmas time they have a HUGE Christmas tree go in this space.
  • The boys had fun. So much fun that Isaak crashed in the car on the way home. This is something he rarely does.

OCD Behavior

  • Mica and I have the horrible habit of picking our lips when we're thinking, bored, or already have dry/chapped lips.
  • Today I found out that this is a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder behavior that's hard to stop on your own.
  • Daddy gets irritated with Mica when he won't stop picking at his lip. After reading this article I understand the disorder a little better.
  • I would of never thought of it as a disorder. It seemed to be a bad habit. I find myself picking at my lip even though I know it's bad that I'm doing it.
  • Maybe all bad habit's are labeled as disorders now a days.

Teeth Brushing Time

  • Isaak's been wanting to do everything on his own lately. Here's him brushing his teeth. He's gets so excited to be independent.
  • Of course it's nice for us to brush his teeth sometimes, so that we know he's getting them clean. When we take over Isaak is not happy.

Eiffel Tower

  • The Eiffel Tower that Daddy made. He was pretty happy with this one.
  • Mica wanted to build a Thomas track to fit under it, then they can go through it.

Step 2 Neighborhood Fun Center Playhouse Giveaway

Purgood Organics Giveaway

  • One Jolly Mom reader will win her choice of either the Purgood Organics Baby Wash & Shampoo or the Lotion!
  • My kids have always had skin issues, so I'm careful about what I put on them. Mica's grown out of his issues, but Isaak still gets patches of baby eczema every once in awhile and has what I call chicken skin on his arms and legs.
  • Part of what triggered my kids bad skin is after Mica had his staph infection at 7 months, and Isaak had meningitis at two month. All those harmful antibiotics were not good on their little systems. When I gave them probiotics, this helped clear their systems. Once their skin would clear up, they'd have another break out. I'm very careful when it comes to their skin.
  • Purgood Organics is made of all natural ingredients, which is important to me.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Regards to My Last Two Posts

  • The preschool director emailed me back.
  • She said that they do not have kids graduate twice. Mainly because they give out a Bible when they graduate. If he walked twice, people would wonder why he's not getting a Bible.
  • I think if he had a robe and a hat on he'd be fine.
  • She said that they could have Mica lead the line to feel important.
  • I can't decide if I want him to go, or just to stay home?
  • I just think it's awkward for a little kid to be isolated by not getting to do something that a whole bunch of other kids get to do. I'd feel different if it wasn't for rest of his class graduating. I'm not the type of mom that feels my kid should get everything when they don't deserve it. I just don't want someone so young to have that feeling of being really left out. I know what that feels like, and it's not fun.
  • Maybe I am making too much of an issue out of it. I very well could be.
  • It would help if they just had a little party celebrating them graduating. Instead it's this formal event with robes and hats.
  • I'm going to sit Mica down closer to the event...tell him the whole situation, and ask him if he wants to go to see his friends off, or if he wants to go do something special as a family? He'll know about the whole ordeal anyhow because they are practicing songs for it in preschool. His cousin will be talking about it too. It's not like I can hide this event from him. Usually with kids if you just don't talk about something...they don't know what they are missing. He will be seeing some of his friends when he has a birthday party in August.

In Regards to My Last Post

  • I was talking to my sister (Aunt Terra). She said to ask the director of the preschool if Mica can go through the graduation ceremony. He did go through their full two year program after all. He started preschool when he had just turned 3. He'll be leaving preschool when he's 5, and about to turn 6 next year.
  • I went ahead and emailed the director about my concerns.
  • I'll let her make the call.

What to Do With a Preschooler?

  • So...after conferences this week it dawned on me when I talked to Aunt Terra...Everyone in Mica's preschool is graduating, but him. Terra asked me if they were going to let Mica graduate with them anyhow? I didn't even think to ask about that.
  • I didn't really think about how that will make him feel. The more I think about it, the more I feel for him. It bothers me that it might bother him. Maybe he won't feel anything. He might just understand.
  • It wouldn't be a big deal, if they didn't make it a big deal. They have the kids wear graduation hats, robes, walk down the isle, you know the works. A little crazy for a preschool as far as I'm concerned, they go overboard. But...this is the norm now a days.
  • What do I do?
  • Do I ask if he can wear a hat and robe anyhow? After all...he did complete their two year program. He's not graduating though. That's kind of like giving a kid an award when they didn't earn one. It annoys me that kids get awards now a days for doing nothing at all. Here's your, "I tried award". Then they expect something for nothing all the time.
  • Do I not say anything to the preschool, and just talk to Mica about it? After all the world is never fair, and maybe he just needs to understand that at an early age.
  • Do we just not go to the ceremony? After all we are busy people. I know I'm using an excuse! But...I do want him to be able to see his friends for the last time, and his cousin will be graduating.
  • I wish I would of just had him two or three months earlier, then he could go on to kindergarten like everyone else in his class.
  • It's crazy how something like this can occupy my mind. It's a real problem in my mind, and to someone else it would be no big deal. It is no big deal, but it's a HUGE deal to a little kid to have all their friends get to wear special hat's and robe's, but not him.

April Fools!

  • I'm kind of disappointed I'm not teaching today, it's my planning day.
  • Usually on April Fool's Day I give the students a really hard fake assignment. I have a handout, and everything. Many of them buy it. In the past I heard complaining. I try my BEST to keep a straight face. I proceed to talk about, "When I was in school I had to write 10 page papers..."
  • Then someone catches on. April Fools!
  • I talked to the teacher that's in first year today, he's giving the student's an Art History quiz that's supposed to take all morning long. It too is an April Fools joke. I high fived him.
  • Daddy greeted our Brother-in-Law Tyson at the door this morning. Daddy said, "What are you doing here? Didn't Terra (Aunt Terra) tell you that Cindy and Red (Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs) are getting the boys today? We both have the day off and have plans all day long."
  • Tyson bought it. He started walking his two kids back to the car. He said, "Either Terra didn't tell me, or I just didn't listen." Then Daddy said, "April Fools!"

Shorts, T-Shirt and Boots

  •'s that time of year where kids wear shorts and a t-shirt.
  • Mica wanted to put sandals on this morning. He was so excited about his outfit. Daddy cut his hair on the sides and back last night, so he is a cute looking kid!
  • Mica was showing Isaak his sandals.
  • Then I got Isaak dressed. I put shorts, a t-shirt and his magic boots on. He too got a hair cut two nights ago. It's more like a bowl cut for now. His hair looks really cute! Not that he was ugly before.
  • All summer long Isaak will be wearing his boots that look like they are on the wrong feet with his shorts. Poor kid! His feet are hot and sweaty when when I took his boots off the last few nights.
  • What will be even a more funny site is when Isaak is running around with his underwear and boots on for potty training!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm a Medela Mom Maven

  • I'm a Medela Mom Maven.
  • Medela is a company that has been driven by the importance of breastfeeding and its health benefits to children and women for nearly half a century. As a result, Medela has created a group of breastfeeding ambassadors to share knowledge about the many benefits of breastfeeding, as well as breastfeeding advice, with other moms and moms-to-be. My experience and support could have a significant impact on women and their babies.
  • A Chance to make a difference by teaching other moms about the benefits of breastfeeding.
  • A First Look at new Medela products.
  • A Voice to express my opinion to Medela.
  • So far I've expressed my opinion to Medela, filled out informational surveys and emailed problems I had with breastfeeding and the benefits of different stages when it came to breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding is hard to start and finish. It's both challenging and nurturing.

Playing House

  • I had a lot of fun watching Isaak play in the nursery at Mica's preschool tonight.
  • We watched the 4 boy's (our 2 and my sister's 2) while they were in conferences for Evan (my nephew). Then they took over while we into conferences for Mica.
  • Isaak played house.
  • Isaak found his babies. Who ever said that dolls are only for girls? Isaak loves them!
  • He likes to rock them, throw them on the floor and pick them back up once again.

What Do I Get When There's A Lot on Daddy's Mind?

  • Daddy has his mind full! He's getting ready for a solo show in July, works full time and on his weekend he has our kids, plus two on one of the days. There is no Mommy around on his weekend to help get things done because my weekend is different then his is. His plate is full so to speak.
  • I went to eat my lunch at work yesterday, there was a small salad and an apple, but no slice of pizza. Today I went to get the boy's stuff out of the car (I was dropping them off at Grandma and Grandpa's) and there was no lunch for me in the car. I had to drive back to our house to get my lunch. I wasn't late to work.
  • Daddy feels bad, but I understand. We share a lot of the responsibilities, so sometimes I'm responsible for packing the lunches, or putting the stuff in the car. It's hard to remember everything sometimes.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  • My Wee View is giving away two penguin t-shirts from Crywolf.
  • The illustrations on the shirts and other products from Crywolf are so fun!

Monday, March 29, 2010


  • Mica's conferences went really well! His teachers said that Mica has really grown in the last year.
  • He now sits in group activities, which last year was a struggle.
  • He knows most of his letter sounds, letters (upper and lower case), numbers, which they were impressed with. He sometimes gets 6 and 9, b and d mixed up. That's pretty typical.
  • He still needs to work on his coordination. Socially he's grown though.
  • They said that they've never seen a kid his age so good with his visual skills. He's surpassed his teacher's with puzzles.
  • He's more into art, but it still isn't his top pick. Some of this is because his coordination isn't as high, and another part is because he is a perfectionist. He doesn't like to color, paint or cut if it isn't looking like he pictures it to look. He cut out an oval, and handed it to his one of his teachers saying, "Now can you cut off the sharp corners I have on here".
  • Today he was playing with the dress up clothing and told his teachers that they needed more boy dress up clothes.
  • He also invited all of his class to play in his bedroom for his birthday party. His birthday isn't until August.
  • They labeled Mica as being right handed, but today he used his left hand to do his activities.
  • I'm a little disappointed because all of his preschool class is going on to kindergarten. They said Mica knowledge wise has been ready for kindergarten, but socially and coordination wise he's not as ready. He's an August birthday, so we chose to wait to send him.

Lotion Smile Routine

  • Mica and Isaak now expect a lotion smile after bath.
  • Such a silly thing that they love. It's the little things that make a big difference.
  • Before the lotion smile routine, Mica didn't want to put any lotion on.

Isaak Head Banging

  • Daddy taught Isaak how to shake his head.
  • This is not something I want to encourage all the time. I remember my neck being sore when I did this. But...for one night it was funny. To be honest I didn't even think about the neck until much later. Bad Mom, bad Dad! Luckily he hasn't seemed like he was in pain, and he hasn't tried to shake his head since.

T.J. Maxx

Dairy Makes Sense

  • A Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender (valued at $55.00; image above)
  • Dairy Makes Sense recipe cards with new tasty recipes to try out with your family
  • Dairy Makes Sense apron
  • Hot pad
  • Cheese knife
  • Grocery pad (I think it's supposed to be bag)
  • Refrigerator magnet

KidCraft Playhouses

Learning to Zip

  • Mica's figured out how to zip one of his jackets! We were both really excited when he zipped up yesterday.
  • That excitement :) quickly faded when he nipped his neck with the zipper :(.
  • His wide smile :) went to pouty lip and alligator tears :(. I felt so bad for him!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Want Whatever He Wants

  • I just got back from going to three stores with my two boys.
  • They were pretty good overall!
  • Isaak is in this new stage of, "I want whatever he wants". When I say, "He" I'm referring to his big brother Mica.
  • Mica was wanting to hold my hand in the parking lot, Isaak was already in the cart, and he was begging to hold my hand too! I was thinking, "Wow...usually they don't want to hold my hand". Of course it was hard pushing a cart, and holding two hands.
  • I have Mica help get certain things in the grocery store to keep him occupied. Guess what? Isaak wanted to join in on this too. The same thing went for putting the food from the cart to the belt.
  • I'm tired from being gone with them all morning. Not from them being bad, just from their busy bodies.
  • Side note: I am impressed with myself! I saved over $15 in coupons this morning. Not all on bad stuff either. I got all natural peanut butter, potatoes, stocked up on cheese and more.


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