Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 Way Conversations!

  • Isaak's been having 2 way conversations a lot.
  • He's down for a nap and his conversation sounds like this:
Isaak one: Are you Isaak?
Isaak two: No! I Isaak Jaxon Apel
Isaak one: Who's in your family?
Isaak two: Isaak Jaxon Apel, Bica {Mica} Zachary Apel, Mommy, Daddy, Gandma {Grandma}, Gandpa {Grandpa} and so on...
  • Then he breaks out into song. 
  • I wonder if he'll talk and sing himself to sleep? Maybe his conversation is too deep for that! LOL

Letter From Santa

  • The boy's got a special letter last night! It was one from Santa!
  • They both wanted to open it. A little bit of tug of war happened. Of course we didn't want them to rip it. Especially on Isaak's end. We had to meddle.
  • Mica listened to Daddy read the letter. 

  • The letter was addressed to: Masters Mica and Isaak Apel.
  • It came with a sample of wood chips straight from Santa's workshop! 

My favorite parts of the letter are:
Mica, Mrs. Claus and I are delighted that you have started to learn how to sound out words, that you have a great imagination and are a good singer! Isaak, I've heard some of your knock-knock jokes and they make my belly laugh like a bowlful of jelly!

When my elf Earl checked in on you last, he noticed you were playing with each other. I think Earl said that Mica was playing with the GeoTrax trains and the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. Isaak, Earl wanted to know why you like to pack your toys up in bags to carry them around?? Are you practicing to be me?? HO HO HO! That sounds like so much fun!

  • Isaak was swirly as the letter was being read. 
  • Then he only wanted to wrestle after Daddy read it. He charged Mica, and knocked him over.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Growing Like Weeds

  • Mica {5 years} fits in some size 7 shirts and Isaak {2 years} fits in some 4T pj's. 
  • They seem to be growing like weeds!

And Just so You Know...

Our House Doesn't Really Look Like the Postcard in the Post Below. 

  • We spent lots of time getting toys out of each boy's room. Daddy and I had lots of fun setting everything up. The kids wanted to play while we set up.
  • The boy's have bins and places to put their things. They do have a lot of toy's, but the picture consolidates the toy's in one small area, which makes it look like they do have all of Toy's R Us in one bedroom. LOL

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Finished Christmas Postcard



The Wise Man Did Great!

  • Mica did great as a Wise Man. 
  • He participated in the actions. He sang, but not the whole time.

It looks like the Wise Man is flashing the audience here.
See...good actions!
With the actions it looks like the Wise Man is about to knock out his fellow student.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stage Fright. Will He Sing?

  • Mica's preschool teachers told Daddy last week that Mica wouldn't sing during practice for his program. 
  • They were disappointed and wanted us to talk to him. 
  • He told us that he was shy. All the preschools got together for the practice. 
  • Mica sings up the most when it's just his preschool. He's the oldest in the class. His teachers like his voice.
  • I'm thinking, "Humm talk to him???" 
  • I have problems with some of my college students speaking in front of the rest of their class. How am I supposed to get my preschooler to feel comfortable?
  • I just told him that all the people in the audience will be mommy's, daddy's and grandparent's. He likes all of his relatives, so he has no reason to be shy. Plus all of his friends will be there with him. 
  • We'll see what happens tonight when he preforms. 
  • You can tell he was shy last year, but came around towards the end.

Romantic Son's?

Romantic Isaak?
  • I was sitting on the bed with Daddy and Isaak. Isaak literally flings himself at me. He starts kissing all over my face like a soap opera star. 
  • I couldn't help but to laugh. He does it again. GREAT! Look what I started!
  • I know Daddy and I don't kiss each other like this in font of him. Nor does he watch TV with kissing like this. Heck the boy doesn't even like TV!
Romantic Mica?
  • Mica tells us last night at dinner, "Presley is my girlfriend." 
  • I asked, "Why do you like her Mica?" 
  • He says, "Because of all the bows she wears in her hair! I think she's pretty."
  • He pauses. Then says, "But I'll never kiss her!" He had a big smile on his face.
  • Kenzie is his girlfriend at the other school he goes to. Poor Kadie has liked him since the beginning of the year! She tries to hold his hand on field trips. Mica doesn't give her the time of day!


This image belongs to: Brulé

  • Daddy got tickets to go to the Orpheum here in Omaha to see Brulé.
  • The tickets were free for us because one of the doctors at Daddy's work paid for people to go. YAY!
  • It was freezing outside, snow was blowing around and the show didn't start until 8 pm. 
  • The boy's go to bed at 8 pm, but we wanted them to go to the show. 
  • I put them down for a nap later. I'm so glad this is one day that Mica took a nap!
  • If you've never heard of Brulé, it's a Native American band and dancers. The band member that impressed me the most was Nicole who played the classical flute nearly the entire time!
  • The boy's were super impressed the moment we got there. The Orpheum is really pretty inside. We've never taken them to a production like this.
  • Isaak bobbed his head to the beat, and tapped Daddy's hand. Mica was entranced, but squirmy on my lap. He told me that the light stung his eyes. 
  • Mica's been into Native American's since Thanksgiving time. He made a Native American outfit in preschool out of a brown paper bag. He thought pilgrims should be up on the stage with the Native American's. Nope!
  • The boy's sat through most all of it. It was at 10 pm that we left because they got restless. I thought it was great they lasted that long. By leaving early we didn't have to fight traffic.

Strong Willed Son

  • Isaak is only two and a half. 
  • He's now says, "I Isaak Jaxon Apel Mommy!" 
  • When he's talking to Daddy, and I answer, Isaak says, "No Mommy I talking to Daddy!" 
  • There's been a few times lately where he's sitting on the toilet doing his duty. We go into clean him up, and there is a mound of toilet paper in the toilet. Do I train him to wipe now? Is he still too young and not coordinated for that yet? He is clean, but there's enough toilet paper in the toilet to clog it up!

An Owl I Like

  • Mica made this owl in preschool. 
  • I've had it on the refrigerator for awhile. I just like it!
  • I'm sure he just glued all the pieces on, so it's not a 100% Mica creation, but it's fun.

Daddy and Mica in the Kitchen

  • I won a homemade Auntie Anne's Pretzel mix, so Daddy helped Mica make pretzel's for Mica's preschool snacks. 
  • They had a pizza dough recipe on the back of the Auntie Anne's Pretzel mix box. I thought I was the first to create a Pretzel Pizza {nope}.
  • With all the dinner, cookie and cake pop making I'm not in the mood to be in the kitchen with other things.
  • This time of year I'm so tired that unfamiliar instructions do not stick in my head! 
  • Not to mention that school is super busy with final projects, review sheets and a test. The second to last week of school is just as busy as the last!
Gingerbread Train
  • I bought a Gingerbread Train at Target for Mica to work on. 
  • He sticks his tongue out just like Daddy when he's concentrating.  
  • Mica studied the box to examine how it was decorated. He placed all the candies in the same spots as the box showed. 
  • Daddy said, "Mica you forgot to decorate this part of the train". Mica said, "But I can't see that spot on the box". Daddy said, "Use your imagination". Mica looked at Daddy like he was crazy.
  • Isaak and I read books, took a shower. When we were done, Isaak saw what Mica was doing. He wanted to eat the train in the worst way.


  • I also won a Glee Glum make your own Chocolate Kit.  I thought this would be a perfect teacher gift! I made mini loaves of bread as well.
  • I set Mica up in the kitchen. He separated the chocolate liners with my help.  I gave him things to put in the liners. There was chopped up pretzels, walnuts, cherry chips, Reese's Peanut Butter Chips, Toffee sprinkles, crunched up peppermint and crunched up pistachio's. 
  • Mica got to sample everything.
  • When Daddy got home, he made the chocolate with Mica. Mica helped for awhile, but was giddy because he didn't have a nap. 
  • He's super excited to give these chocolate's to his teachers! 
  • Glee Glum puts two coco beans in the packaging. Isaak got to try one and Mica the other. Daddy and I were into the history story that came with the kit.

Dinner for Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs

  • Last week we had Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs over for dinner. Daddy made a wonderful turkey that had a garlic butter flavor on it. YUMMY! 
  • The sides were fresh green beans, clementines {which I like better then oranges, less pulp!} and mash potatoes.
  • The boy's were so excited to have their own little table to sit at. Before dinner they were sitting at it and fighting over their place mats. I got out Elmo domino's to keep them occupied; before they drove us nuts with fighting.
  • When Grandma and Grandpa got to our house the boy's were jumping up and down with excitement. Gee whiz can you tell that we don't have visitors often? They do love their grandparents, all 6 of them. The boy's have one set of great grandparents.
  • We're so lucky my parents help with watching our son's, their grand kids! 
  • Mica asked if they could spend the night? They live in town, and Grandma gets a restless leg from the surgery she had over a year ago. Of course the answer to Mica's question was, "No."

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies

  • I need to shoot photo's of my cookies! Over a week ago we had a cookie decorating party at Aunt Terra's house.
  • I clean out Isaak's huge flat toy storage bin, so that the cookies are stored nice and flat. 
  • Aunt Angela makes fun of me because I'm super anal about my cookie decorating. 
  • I have so many sprinkles! I use a pill cutter to cut m&m's in half for Frosty the Snowman's nose. This year I used colored cereal for his button's. 
  • I am anal, but I love it!
  • It was disappointing that my chocolate roll out cookies had broken! That's the sucky part of those. I haven't figured out how to stack softer cookies. 
  • If anyone has any tips I'm open!
  • Everything went well except Isaak was a royal crab. That whole week, which would of been two weeks now he has tummy issues! He was throwing up one day, and for a week after he was crabby! He wanted me to hold him, then would fuss some more. 
  • Of course he wouldn't tell me what was bothering him, so it was indeed frustrating! By the end of that week I was exhausted and ready to be at work. I never am ready to be at work!


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