Sunday, July 18, 2021

Backslash in the Making

Our weekend project started like this:

I told Isaak to clean off the backsplash in the kitchen. He asked, “It’s so old, can I just rip it off?” Me not really thinking this through said, “You know, you are right. Sure! I’ve often thought the same thing.” He really enjoyed the satisfaction of ripping it down. 

Inside the backsplash he found a photo, and now kind of wants to put one of us in there, for the next owners. 

Anyone know who this is? Ya, didn’t think you would. 

Whoever it is, it looks like a photo from the early 90s. 

All the sudden Isaak and I both got worried about how annoyed Travis would be when he got home. Together we came up with possible scenarios. It went from my fault to his. We discussed who would possibly get in more trouble. 

Backstory: Travis has been swamped at work. He’s also getting ready for a show he has in October. I’m not much better with starting a new job, someone from AIM (my last job) reached out for me to do lots of freelance, and I need to get ready for my fall course. 

Travis wasn’t mad. He just doesn’t much want a part in the project. 

Isaak and I went together to look at back splashes that I heard are so easy to install. Only to find out their description of just using a scissors to cut them isn’t exactly accurate. You need a wet saw, calking is involved… I’m ok with these types of projects when I’m shown how, but I’m not exactly ok to jump into them solo with a 13 year old. 

After going to 3 stores to not find much, we hopped on Amazon, and picked out this durable paper, for now. But of course there’s a hook…the wall has to be smooth to install it. It was textured like crazy! Crap! We should have just slapped it over the crappy backsplash that was smoother than a baby’s butt. But nope we got all ambitious like. 

We went to the store yet again for some spackle. That stuff dries out faster than my gecko’s skin! I taught Isaak how to spackle, and now he’s sanding. 

It looks odd having a 13 year old laying on the counter, sanding. 

We’re almost done smoothing it up. 

So have you put in a backsplash in the kitchen before? What did you use? 

Disclaimer: I did not get this fancy paper that is probably just like contact paper to review. 


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