Saturday, June 27, 2009


  • So we took dinner over to Aunt Becky tonight. She seems to be doing a lot better.
  • Mica commented a few times saying, "Wow this is a really nice house!"
  • Isaak wouldn't leave my site. Every time I put him down, his eyebrows slanted upward, he began to cry and reached up for me. I wonder if he will ever get over the - mommy is my favorite person stage? Part of me likes it, another part of me wants him to just be social.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big Belly

  • I almost forgot to write this in here. Mica accused Daddy of having a big belly the other night.
  • I thought it was funny because Travis was always such a skinny twirp in his younger years. Travis said, "Thanks Mica".

Michael Jackson

  • I just thought I'd put a few memories on here about when I was a kid. I was 8 years old when Jackson's hair got burnt when he was in the Pepsi commercial. My Aunt Becky called the house to tell us about it because she knew my sister Angie liked his music. We were all sort of glued to the TV that night.
  • Travis was 9 years old at the time. He and his sister got in trouble for trying to call the hospital that Michael Jackson was staying at. His mom got a horrible phone bill that month.
  • I remember how we'd call up radio stations trying to get them to play Thriller. The video was ground breaking. It was like watching a mini movie.
  • I remember singing Rockin Robbin in music class when I was in grade school.
  • I remember in college it seemed like every get together we were at Thriller was played. An art school song.
  • No one knows for sure if he molested little boys. He was bizaar. He was also an amazing artist.
  • Travis and I liked the name "Jaxon" for our little Isaak, but if you would of put "Jaxon" with Mica it would of been Mica and Jaxon sounding like Michael Jackson. We went with his full name being Isaak Jaxon instead. All the talk of child molestation kind of creeped me out. If he was still thought of in a good light I may not of minded the indirect correlation.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swiming Fun

Isaak Walking in Water.
Splashing Fun!
Mica Going Down the Slide.
Filling Up the Pool - Travis filled up the pool the night before, it must have a hole in it because all the water was gone. He filled it up again. The boys didn't seem to mind the cold.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reading Books - The Toddler Way

  • Travis said that when he was making lunch today he wished I would of left the camera to capture a video (it's in my purse).
  • Isaak and Elijah were looking at bath books in the living room. They were making "Ahh, Ohh and Uhh" sounds back and forth at each other. Baby talk conversation.
  • Mica and Evan at age 1 talked more then Isaak and Elijah. But...Isaak and Elijah are the kings of sound effects!
  • It's so fun seeing them interact in a positive manner. We've had a few pull hair/ears, bite, take toys and poking at the eyes incidents.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Waking Up

  • Now...everyday when Isaak wakes up he hands me his Glow Worm to kiss before I get him out of his crib.
  • How cute he is.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Birthday Party

  • So...we had my birthday party and Father's day celebration last night. A few memorable things happened.
  • I gave the preschoolers my 3 and 3 (33) candle's to lick the frosting off the bottoms. Next thing I know; both of them have bites right out of the wax. Evan my nephew had a disgusted look on his face. I was laughing so hard, that I didn't even think about getting a napkin for him to spit it into. Mica just carried on like wax was a normal thing to eat.
  • Travis went to pour water, and literally spilled it all over the table. He kept pouring even though it was spilling. I'm thinking ????????????????
  • I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack because food was being passed every which direction. Totally not how she trained us. We were acting like savages that couldn't wait to devour food!
  • My niece Kailey (who is in middle school) kept talking about how tan she is, she kept showing off her flat board tummy, and her thighs that won't giggle. I was telling my mom how funny she is. She's all about her body. It's just the age I think. She's great, I love her! Then she sat down, and told my mom right after our conversation how tan she is compared to my mom. I nudged my mom, and we both were laughing so hard. Kailey and my sister looked at us like they were thinking, What? We came clean, and we all had a good laugh. My mom said, "Look at my arm flab, look at how much it jiggles"! Too funny.
  • On with the presents. I got a lot of baking stuff! More cookie art to come. I think I'll start making more cakes too. I got a giant cupcake cake pan. Travis and I will take my goodies to work, so we aren't eating the stuff. The bad for you stuff is so fun to make!
  • I also got a hair straightener. The more kids I have the frizzier my hair gets! I won't use it everyday, just sometimes. You all know what a straightener looks like.
  • I got 2 pop up books that are totally amazing!! One is Alice and Wonderland and the other is still to come, The Wizard of Oz. Definitely not for the kids! If you have never seen these, you so need to. They are amazing. Unlike any pop up book I've ever seen. I had Chronicles of Narnia already. I found that at Tuesday Morning for $10, half the price!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Photo Flop

  • I tried to get photo's of boys wearing Daddy's shirts, and boots. It kind of ended up being a flop.
  • Isaak kept getting out of the boots, and Mica kept dancing around like a chicken.
  • Happy Father's Day!


  • Mica wanted to go outside to blow bubbles, so I took him out while Isaak was down for a nap.
  • He was more or less spitting into the wand instead of blowing. I got a few shots where bubbles actually came out.

Mica Loves Ethan

  • Mica loves to hang with my nephew Ethan. He so looks up to him.

Father's Day Get Together

  • We had a big family gathering.
  • Here's some photo's of my grandparent's on my mom's side.
  • I like the one with my Grandma looking crazy and my Grandpa yawning. I captured it at just the right moment.

Isaak Hanging with Elmo

  • Isaak had a giddy laugh the whole time Elmo was there.
  • He could care less to watch Elmo on TV (which is a good thing), but in real life he loves him.
  • P.S. Art Friends: I know there's a tangent in the photo of Isaak pointing. So hard to capture the moment when all the kids were surrounding Elmo!

Mica Hanging with Elmo

  • Mica was a little stand offish at first.
  • When Elmo went to leave; Mica ran out the door to give Elmo a hug.
  • He wanted to know where Elmo went? I told him, "Back to Sesame Street of course".

Elmo Party

  • A friend from work was kind enough to invite us to an Elmo party for her three year old.
  • She hired a full sized Elmo to come to the party.
  • The birthday girl was in tears the moment Elmo stepped in. I felt sorry for her. Everyone else loved him!


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