Friday, December 2, 2016


This is a must watch! It was posted in adweek. I didn't know what happened in the end was what was going to happen.

Did you catch what unfolded in this story?

Random Tid Bits

  1. What a few weeks! My nephew Emerson has been in and out of the hospital 3 times! He was admitted again today. He was cutting 4 of his 5 year molars, and had Strep Throat. They've done blood tests, scans to see if his hernia is pushing up against his heart (it's not) and more tests. Now he doesn't have Strep, so what's up? We don't know. He has labored breathing, rapid heart rate, at times a fever, and hasn't been sleeping. They called in a neurologist to help see what's up. 

  2. Speaking of Emerson - he just got new glasses. I happen to love them. He also has on a hand me down, which is Isaak's coat. Emerson looks way tired, but cool as a cucumber in his glasses and coat.

  3. They we got a call earlier this week that my oldest nephew Ethan that's in high school was rushed to the hospital because he had to get his appendix out. He's my older sister's son. I'm really loving, yet hating hospitals right now. 

  4. A kid that kept getting in trouble at camp because he was picking on Isaak pushed him last week. Isaak fell back. The kid is getting kicked out. Apparently Isaak wasn't even doing anything wrong. Isaak's taken in the camp director's son under his wing. The little Kindergartener went over to tell his Dad what was going on. Mica helped Isaak up. Then Mica offered to give Isaak some Skittles that he won. Way to go Mica for standing up to his brother! If they wouldn't remove the kid that picked on Isaak - I'd remove my kids. 

  5. Work is busy. There's only 2 weeks left of the semester. I took off 2 days when Mica was sick last Tuesday and Wednesday. I feel swamped with Christmas stuff and work. 
What's random in your life?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Luchengyi Leather Belt Business Style Review

One thing is for sure: Mica likes to dress up at times! A lot of pants in his size are no longer adjustable waist. What does that mean for him? That he needs to wear a belt.

One gift under our Christmas tree this year is a new Luchengyi Leather Belt for Mica!

I love the box that it comes in! I'm able to wrap the box up, or just put it under the tree as is. It's a sleek looking package.


It comes in 2 colors: Black and Brown. Those are pretty typical for belts like this. I would love to see grey as an option too. Mica has black dress pants, so I went with black.

I'm thinking of giving this to Mica early because we are scheduled for family pictures on Saturday, he has his concert at school coming up, and we go to church on Christmas Eve.

It's already sitting under our tree.


  • 1.3 inch wide
  • Classic Brown or Classic Black
  • Polished with a single-prong buckle
  • Holes that are reinforced
  • Different size options - they mention to order larger 
  • Cost is $50.96, but on sale for $22.99

I like the classic, clean look it has. I also like rugged belts too. They're worn with different clothes.

It does buckle up easily.

The stitches are thick like they are meant to last. That is so important to me. This belt will go through my oldest, then my youngest, and will get passed down to their younger cousins when they grow into tweens. Everything is sturdy down to the buckle part.

Being a girl I never wear a belt, but my husband does daily. Men just do not have hips to hold up their pants like girls do. 

Will you be dressing up over this holiday season?

Disclaimer: I got this belt for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This company in no way influenced me on my review.

Classic Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses Review

One thing that my boys have been hinting at is that they want new sunglasses. I even found a pair of Thomas the Train sunglasses in the backseat, so it certainly was time for them to get new glasses.

Mica's 11 1/2. I decided to get him adult sunglasses. I went with Classic Aviator Style Metal Frame Sunglasses Colored Lens. He's getting them in his stocking. I never thought to give the boy's sunglasses in their stocking until this year. They've always been an Easter thing to get in my mind.


One thing that's really cool about these glasses is that they come in so many colors!

I got him the ones with green lenses, but truth be told I like the red lenses the best.

  • Blue Lenses
  • Dark Blue Lenses
  • Green Lenses
  • Purple Lenses
  • Red Lenses
  • Yellow Lenses

What color do you think you'd choose?

All styles regardless of their color are $9.99. I don't want to spend a lot on my kids when it comes to sunglasses. They have been known to fight over them. 


All the glasses have the same build: Metal Frames with Plasti Lenses that are Non-Polarized. They lenses are 59 millimeters. I always have trouble picturing sizes, so even when I'm told how big something is, it doesn't register. 

My top love is that the lenses have 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

My second love is that they are lightweight. That just makes them comfortable.

Do you have a favorite pair of sunglasses that you like to wear?

Disclaimer: I got these glasses for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This company in no way influenced me on my review.

World's Best Ice Scraper!

Do you have any Christmas presents left to get? I have an idea for adults. In cold places like where I live (Nebraska) a good ice scraper is hard to come by. Most of the scrapers I find in the stores work for light powdery snows. I end up resorting to using the brush, and struggle with ice. I've found a few scrapers in the past that work ok at best.
  Why not get something that someone can use for Christmas? It's the ideal gift!

I'm happy I get to review 3 of the World's Best Ice Scraper! I'll have a follow up post after I review the scrapers that are coming to me. 

  • Red
  • Blue 
  • Black
  • Green 
  • Yellow (I don't see this color on their site right now, but the clearly have sold this color in the past. Just look at the picture below).
They have multipacks too!

Scraping a New Way

If you're tired of scraping your windows the old fashioned way, then join the Scrape-A-Round movement. You will secure your family's safety, access new gift ideas and scrape your windows cleaner in half the time with the world's best windshield ice scraper. View the Scrape-A-Round action:

The Scrape-a-round is a brilliant feat of ice scraping engineering. The simple explanations why Scrape-A-Round is the best ice scraper are as follows, Scrape-A-Round is the: 

  • Best ice scraper because of the softer plastic, which allows the scraper to conform to the window curvature! 
  • 18" of ice scraping surface. 
  • The comfortable grasp provides relief for the arthritic or carpal syndrome sufferer. 
  • Direct pressure to the window, no pressure lost through the ice scraper! 
  • The circular rotational motion of ice scraper. 
  • Double ice scraper action, leading edge and trailing edge. 
  • Multi functional, remove the cap and it doubles as a funnel. 

This scrapes windows frost and ice free in half the time! Makes the perfect gift for the Holidays!

My readers get to save! 

Get FREE Shipping at 
Use code: LU8FBEZREU2 at checkout.

Disclaimer: I will get 3 Scrape-A-Rounds Windshield Ice & Snow Scrapers to Review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WW: Octopus {Linky}

I've been working on a series of artwork showing a destructive human footprint in nature.

My latest piece is an octopus with plastic from a soda pack attached to it. 

I first want to start out by saying that it's both good and bad having a dad and husband that are artists. They are there to critique me. They are also there to roll their eyes about what I'm doing. The men in my life loved what I created, but they would have done it differently. My dad's not into color, and I am. The octopus in my reference was blue, and I totally changed it.

I started out with just a blue background, and used a plastic store bag to add different shades of blue.

Then I drew and cut out the octopus in different layers. I had a hang up because the fabric was iron on. Glue and clear medium wouldn't stick to the fabric. I had no choice, but to iron on the fabric to the canvas. It was interesting going around the sides. It was really hard when I got to the plastic, and it started burning.

I painted the octopus red with blue reflections from the water.

Elmer's glue was used for the suction things. I built up the circles twice. Then painted them with acrylics.

I was worried that the fabric would come up over time, so it was sewing time. I sewed all around the octopus' arms, and on the head. I don't mind sewing, but disliked getting close to the edge of the canvas where the wood is, and got annoyed making tiny knots all over the place. Ha!

The backside of the canvas:

My husband said, "The background needs more." I bought foiled chocolates that are blue and green, but didn't like the looks of that. I cut out circles out of clear plastic, but they wouldn't adhere to the surface with Elmer's glue. I put drops of glue and clear acrylic paint on glass, waited for it to dry and pulled it up with a razor blade. That way I could move them around, and decide which ones I wanted where. I glued them down, and added acrylic lines around them.

My next piece is an owl that can't sleep because it's in the city, I'm planning on making a crow smoking a cigarette and breaking into pieces, I want to make an alligator with a zip tie around its mouth, a duck that can't quite reach bread crumbs because it's standing in tar, a girl with a hoop dress/cage with pretty birds locked up in it. And the list goes on...

I already did 2 Native American pieces with city life taking over their land, an igloo with polar ice caps melting, a big sunflower with bees that have gas masks on. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Give Thanks

I wrote a post about having many of my nephews over two Sundays ago. Well right after my 11 year old nephew Evan went home he threw up all over. Mica was the next in line to get it on Monday night.

I didn't know if the boys had the stomach flu, or Strep Throat. My nephew Emerson that was in the hospital was tested for all kinds of things, but the hospital never tested him for Strep Throat. At his follow up appointment our pediatrician (we have the same one) decided to do a throat culture, and he did in fact have Strep. He was never tested because his throat wasn't red. A few years back 3 of us had Strep with stomach issues first, and throat issues second.

Mica and Evan like to throw up all over instead of in a bucket or in the toilet. What's up with that? Eleven years old is old enough to have their sickness contained. I think our 8 year olds are better about that.

I skipped out on work Tuesday and Wednesday last week. I had no clue if I'd be next. There are some things I like to pass on like kindness, but the stomach flu and Strep Throat are not on that list of things I like to share.

Mica took 2, two hour naps on Tuesday, and fell asleep at 7:30 that night. On Wednesday I was expecting 1 more of us to get it, but that never happened. I even felt a little off, but I think it was the lack of sleep and the idea of cleaning up after Mica that made me feel off. 

I was fully prepared to have our own thanksgiving. I went out to get a turkey breast, a duck, stuff for green bean casserole, cranberries, squash, and sweet potatoes. I made 2 pumpkin pies with almond milk and Isaak helped me decorate thanksgiving turkeys.

My mom said we shouldn't go to the Thanksgiving party due to us being carriers. Then I got a call from my oldest sister that typically has an opinion about everything saying that we should go. I called the host (my Aunt) to let her decide. She said, "You should go. Mica had stomach issues on Monday night and Tuesday, and the rest of you haven't gotten it. You would have gotten it already." So back to the store I went to get more food. Everyone was bringing what I had at home already. I took a veggie tray, pomegranate seeds, sausage cheese and cracker tray, one of my pies, and the Thanksgiving turkey and leaf cookies Isaak helped me decorate. 

Also our TV in our bedroom finally died. I say finally because we've had it, since 1998! The 2002 TV went in our room. Our new 50" Samsung flat screen TV went in the living room. The boys were so excited. They love that I have Amazon Prime, so they can watch videos and shows out there! 

The first thing they watched was: The Macy's Day Parade

I was thankful for our new TV and the time that we got to spend with family.

Isaak enjoying the Macy's Day Parade with his stuffed animal dog. He made it clothes out of paper:

We had a great time at my Aunt's house. It's funny how we went from not thinking we'd spend Thanksgiving with anyone, but us. To spending Thanksgiving with about 30 people. 

Later at night we made the trip down town to see the light display, and listen to an orchestra at The Holland Performing Arts building. 

Mica under a street light at Gene Leahy Mall downtown:

I was thankful for wellness this year. What were you thankful for?

Portable North Pole

Every year our kids look forward to seeing and hearing from Santa! If you've never checked out Portable North Pole do so! You can put a kid, or adult's name and photo to make Santa's message seem magically real.

Christmas Magic happens with Portable North Pole! 

SAVE 20% with Promo Code: PNP6BLG20

As soon as I told Mica and Isaak that their PNP videos were ready they had huge smiles on their faces!

Mica doesn't believe even though I tried convincing him that Christopher Nicholas was a real person. He stopped believing in Santa before anything else. He still plays along for Isaak's sake.

Isaak still believes. I know that time will soon come to an end. He's in third grade. I stopped believing in fourth grade. I'll do anything to extend that magical feeling one gets during Christmas time. The boy can reach to put the star on the top of the tree now. No more lifting up my little tike to put the star on the top of the tree. It was a little crocked, but up there.

Portable North Pole (PNP) is an online platform used by Santa and his elves to send personalized video messages and calls to the people you care about most anywhere around the world.

Isaak laughed so hard when Santa couldn't decide if Mica's naughty or nice. He didn't realize that Santa couldn't decide with him either. Ha! I don't like to mark naughty or nice. They are nice children over all. Really good kids actually! I like to give them something to work towards. What's great about PNP is that I can go back to make another video later saying that they are nice.

I remember the first few times we did it Santa couldn't say Mica's name right. He kept saying, Meka. That's what I get for spelling my kid's names differently. Hey my Mom and Dad did it to me to: Alissa is usually Alyssa. Every year PNP adds things to their video, and make enhances. Mica's name is now said right.

In just a few simple steps, you can help Santa gather all the information he needs about your loved one and create a tailor-made video message or phone call that is positively magical. But that isn't all Santa and his magical elves have in store! To create truly unforgettable memories, you can even download a HD version of your video to keep for years to come.

Things to have handy:

A few photos of your kid or adult. I had a recent photo of Isaak and a photo of him playing basketball. Pick one photo that's an achievement, a big event, or a trip that they went on.

Also have a photo, or screen shot of something your child or adult wants. Both of my kids have Legos on their lists, so that's what I included.

It only takes a minute to make the video. It helps to leave that tab open when it's loading.

Turn up the volume to enjoy the Christmas magic of PNP.

Portable North Pole comes available in 3 main package types:

  • The Free (Christmas and Birthday videos) I have to admit this is the only set we've tried in the past.  
  • The Video Pass (Unlimited Premium Santa videos + Reaction Recorder, as well as access to previous seasons' videos) 
  • The Magic Pass (Unlimited Premium Santa Videos, Reaction Recorder, HD Video downloads, access to previous seasons' videos)! Available for a limited time only: The Pre-Season Magic Pass, which also comes with a Santa-Approved Nice-List certificate that lets your loved one know if they are one Santa's Naughty or Nice list!
Save 20% Make Christmas magic With Portable North Pole!

Use the Promo Code: PNP6BLG20 and Save 20%

To redeem the voucher code, go to:

Portable North Pole is a magical console used by Santa and his elves to send personalized video messages to the folks you care most about.

Make Christmas Magic with Portable North Pole! I love this time of year!

Disclaimer: I received full access to Portable North Pole to review. This post is written by me, and states my true opinion.


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