Tuesday, April 20, 2021

WW: Joy

Last week was a rough week! 

My almost 13 year old was picked on at school. He was called the "N" word over and over again, and shoved around during a no touch football game. I was sad he was sad. When human's are picked on it's not just because of their skin. Sometimes it's for different reasons. I have a long list of artist friends and many of them have gotten picked on because they think differently. Don't they know that artists paint their bland world? It's also not "popular" to be nice. Isaak's both an artist and is nice.

My coworker told me to contact the Division Officer at the school about it. I sent an email, and got back an email from the Division Officer that same day, had not one, but two phone calls from the Principal and Vice Principal at the school to call and talk to me personally about the incident. They are opening up dialog about the issue to all the students, and the boys that caused him to cry are getting in trouble. I don't even want to know how. The boy that stood by Isaak the whole time is now Isaak's bestie. They talked on the phone for an hour last night. Isaak may of been pushed down, but he's being built up. He even put together a desk, for the most part all by himself. 

Then Mica is fully remote, and got this postcard in the mail. Things are starting to turn around. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

They Go Low, You Go High

Isaak was big time bullied last week. To the point where I wanted to stomp right into his school and scream. Of course I didn't. But I wanted to. 

Two bullies kept calling him the “N” word in PE. Not a word we use ever. Anyhow after them repeating it all throughout gym class, he broke down crying, and took himself on over to the councilors office. I’ve been crying just thinking about it. He didn’t want to tell because he thought that would make things worse for him. I told him that if people asked why he was crying they are the good people. But if he didn’t want to talk about it, he could just tell them he got hurt. They don’t need to know it was his feelings that got hurt. He’s a freaking great kid, empathetic, and pretty good looking. Nice people get picked on. What the heck is wrong with people?! I told him to talk to his teachers, tell them what happened, and to watch for this repeat behavior. I’ll be emailing them as well. The “N” word should just never be used. I wasn’t going to say anything, but that just makes situation like this worse. We need to talk about shit shows. Bullies shouldn’t and can’t win.

Here’s something you don’t usually hear...artist types are often made fun of because we’re odd, different, look at the world differently. It’s not always a skin color, male vs female thing. Guess what? I’d rather be odd, and think outside the flipping box that non artist types make. 

I even grew up hearing my mom's side of the family say to me, "Oh you're just like your father!" Kind of in a snarky way. I know they love me. They appreciated him too. In a, You do so much for me kind of a way. When they needed landscaping help, he was there, he helped with my cousin's Boy Scout Troop, and way more. I may have been young, but I remember all that kind of stuff. I just don't remember my math facts, and academic stuff.

So I hung out with Isaak while he built a desk. He’s did an amazing job. When people are pushed down, they can rise up by building something.


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