Friday, June 26, 2020

Random Tid Bits

It's been a few weeks, since I've done one of these. I haven't forgotten. Just busy filling out job applications. They take so long to do.

  1. Mica's been a cheerleader for me lately. He said, "Mom you'll find a job. You're a hard worker and smart." Then he said, "Mom I know you're having a frustrating day, but for every bad day two good days are to follow."
  2. I hardly get photos of the kids now a days. When I do, they are like this:

    That's why I take more photos of our gecko Sunny, than the kids.
  3. On Monday I start working at Fresh Thyme as a front end supervisor. I'm still open for where life takes me. I have tons of applications floating around out there. They offered me the position the same day as I interviewed with them. The schedule is so different from what I'm used to. The pay is less, but they have benefits that I didn't have before. I had two other interviews I'm super excited about, so I hope one of those comes through. In the middle of a pandemic I felt the need to take what I can, within reason. Fresh Thyme is super clean, and the people are nice. Retail it is, for now. I don't know how much I'll post about jobs. One never knows who reads what.
  4. One application I took the longest on, I knew I'd be a great fit for. Deep questions, with equally deep answers. They sent my references long forms to fill out about me. They said to keep checking my spam folder for updates, which I have. I've been looking, since 6/11. Growing tired of checking, I called. It seems like so many places don't want you to call now a days. I left 2 messages, only to find out the decision person was on vacation. I looked her up on LinkedIn, and she looked 12. I got the denial email yesterday. It sucks that they didn't even call me in for an interview. Oh well. I guess I should be happy I got the automated rejection email. That's more than other companies deliver.
  5. Travis and I talked about rules. The boys at school, and at their leadership camp had silly rules put in place. One, or a few children would get in trouble, they would discipline them all. Isaak had a really rough year in 5th grade! They never got recess because a few select kids. The boys grew tired of that. Sure sometimes Isaak's chatty, but overall our boys are good. My last place of employment said we couldn't listen to music, while we worked. It was all because the owner's brother listened to Rush Limbaugh really loud. Later a rule was made that no family member(s) could come in the office. Why? Because the same brother was letting his family in to use the school's equipment on Saturdays, and would have them there to socialize all day on work days. Instead of talking to the one that's the problem, they made rules. It put employee against employee. I liked my job overall. I think jobs are very similar to family members, you can't like them 100% of the time. What's a rule you dislike?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

WW: Upper Geck {Linky}

What yoga position would this be called? I think I'd call it the Upper Geck.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Birthday Berries

On the 21st I turned 44, for the second time. I say that because I was 44 all last year. On those grocery receipts and anywhere else I have to mark in my age, I was 44. Really I was 43. At least I'm used to writing 44 down.

I spent the day not searching for jobs. Instead I watched movies, shows and picked berries. I picked to have doughnuts for breakfast, because it was my birthday. Travis picked to have Indian food for dinner, because it was Father's day.

A quick note on Father's Day: Retail sucks with it! When Mother's Day is a thing, there's so much to buy and restaurants that give deals for it. When Father's Day is a thing there's nothing! Even the card selection sucks.

Explain this: Why do single moms claim Father's Day as their day? Single dads don't claim Mother's Day as their day. When did this become a thing? I'm not trying to judge. I'm just trying to understand.

Back to birthday and Father's Day shenanigans:

I made the boys watch the chick flick Uptown Girls. I rarely watch chick flicks. Many man flicks are what is played in this house. I consider beat them up, high action movies man flicks. They seemed to enjoy the movie. It's too bad Dakota Fanning doesn't act as much as she used to. She was such a great little actress.

After that I said, "Let's go pick berries!" If you remember this was something I did at work during lunch breaks all the time. Well I texted the boss' wife and asked if I could still pick them. I said, "Otherwise they will just drop to the ground." She said, "Sure we could come pick berries." 

Mica started out holding the bowl, and grabbing high branches for me. That was a help. Isaak's in one of those, "I'm too good to work." stages. So he walked off flinging sticks onto a tree stump. Eventually both boys ended up like this:

I think the boys' behavior drove Travis more nuts than me. I was just happy to get berries.

When we got home Travis picked up dinner, and we watched Nobody's Fool. I told Travis how Paul Newman used to be quite the sexy guy. He didn't believe me.

Here's some sexy pictures of Paul Newman:

What is an older actress or actor that you found to be good looking?

Job Searching

I swear I've been working over full time looking for jobs.

I had two interviews that were not my thing. When one says they are interested in marketing with the job posting sites, they don't always send you marketing as in design related jobs. Some of the time it is marketing as in selling insurance. Companies are really sneaky about it too. They call them "Marketing Managers", and use their company initials instead of their name.

I showed up to a "marketing interview" that was to sell life insurance. They had no social distancing, no masks, and one interview went right into another. I was stuck in an hour meeting on something I didn't want to do. They wanted me to use my car, my laptop and my phone to make sales. In the middle of a pandemic no one should be going into people's homes, period. I got a call wanting to move on to the next step. I said I wasn't interested.

I also had a job interview with a place that only used PCs, had tons of math questions, and lots of questions on how to fix PCs. Well I've used MACs for I don't know how long. I haven't had a math class for a long, long time. For each how to fix a PC question I wanted to say, "The answer is use a MAC."

If I were to critique the job posting sites:

Be transparent about what the job is and what the employee would be doing there. They'd have more legit matches.

There's a lot of this:

I can 100% guarantee that I'm not an excellent match, for all those places. That's ok that I'm not. Find someone that is.

There are some positive opportunities that I am excited about. 

If you picked another career path, and a degree didn't matter what would you be?


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