Saturday, December 12, 2009

Plasma Car Giveaway

  • I encourage anyone reading this to go to the site My Wee View.
  • There is a great giveaway going on for a Plasma Car!
  • They sell these at Fat Brain Store in Omaha. One of my students does all kinds of deisgn work for the store.
  • Fat Brain Store said that their best selling item this year is the Plasma Car.
  • What I love about the product is that adults can even get on it.
  • You can see their variety of colors on their website.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Adorable Kinders Giveaway

  • Amanda is giving away a doll from Adorable Kinders. I blogged about these dolls recently.
  • They are just too cute!

JC Toys

  • My Organized Chaos is giving away a $59.99 gift certificate to JC Toys!
  • I'm such a doll lover. I just think the dolls on their site are so realistic looking.
  • The little kid in me wants one!
  • They have anatomically correct boy dolls.
  • They also have all races of dolls.


  • It's final's week next week.
  • I've had a student lie to me about showing up to an art show to get extra credit.
  • I found out from another teacher that two students skipped my lecture.
  • Then I went to talk to a student that is miserably failing my class, and he reeked of pot smoke. That's pretty bad when you can smell it on him! He's generally out of it.
  • I have three students that are GREAT artists that have no chance of passing my classes because they just don't show up and do the work.
  • This is when I wish we had a hired councilor to council these young adult artists!

Taco Bell

  • I have a bell ornament, Mica picked it out of the bin and said, "Mommy, is this Taco Bell"? I just said, "I don't know. Ask your Daddy". I was trying to get things done.
  • I think he knew it wasn't Taco Bell because he never went to ask Daddy.

Child Development

  • My niece Kailey needed age 4 and younger kids to come in to her child development class for high school.
  • Her cousin's all went, our two and my other sister's two.
  • I guess Isaak had a lot of fun playing with the balls in the room and the TMX cookie monster.
  • Mica on the other hand was socially awkward. He got this way the first few weeks of preschool last year, and is this way when he's around people he doesn't know. He is very social and funny around people he knows, but looses this around a crowd of people he doesn't know.
  • He told everyone he was allergic to all the high school students. Then he laid all over the big Elmo they had and he wouldn't get up. It's hard to know what to do with him when he acts this way. I don't think he's doing it because he's being a brat, I think he's just uncomfortable with the situation and acts out. I don't see this side of him often.


  • Isaak's doing well health wise. He's above in talking, which in my mind I felt like he was behind since Mica talked really well. Isaak says roughly 20 words, when they only expected him to say around 10 words. He says little 3 words sentances.
  • He was jumping for them when the doctor came in the room, and was getting off the ground. It's funny seeing a toddler jump with just a diaper on.
  • Isaak was afraid of the nurse, and loved the doctor.
  • His height is 33", which puts him into the 64%. He is 23 lb 3 oz, which puts him into the 13.50%. His head is 46 cm, which puts him in the 7.73%. So...he's long and skinny just like Mica.
  • They are glad his head didn't grow from any lasting effects from the meningitis he had.
  • The doctor doesn't seem worried about his bow legged issues. The doctor said, "He'll grow out of it by the time he's 4".
  • He is getting baby eczema back again since the weather has gotten so dry. He gave us a few tips for that too.


  • I picked the boys up for Isaak to have a doctor appointment yesterday.
  • Both of them were grumpy! It works best with my work to have doctor appointments at the end of the day, so it doesn't get in the way of classes. This does get in the way of nap time.
  • Mica told me, "I'm going to tell Doctor Harrison how I'm grumpy".
  • Off to the doctor we went. Mica reminded me, "Mommy don't turn on Harrison Street". Last time I turned on Harrison Street because I had Dr. Harrison in mind. Mica's so smart sometimes. I couldn't believe he remembered that!
  • When we got there they had a huge blow up reindeer carousel. Mica was excited.
  • Isaak spotted the chalk board. He mimicked the other kids by making chicken scratch writing on the board. It ended with the chalk in his mouth. He cried when I took it away.
  • I had 4 pages of answers I had to fill out for my 18 month old. I was trying to fill that out, watch my 2 kids, and the kids kept coming up trying to steel my flower pen. When I got into the office, they asked me most of the questions that were in the paperwork. I wondered why I had to fill it out anyhow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off to the Printer

Front of Card
Back of Card
  • I just sent our postcard to the printer last night. The quotes kept appearing too close to the bleed line on their site, but I had it far from it on my design. So...that kept me up late - dinking around with that.
  • I usually get my cards printed at Overnight Prints. They haven't let us down yet.
  • It ended up being $32 for 100 count front and back printing, 4x6 postcards with UV coating. That's including a discount on shipping they have this week.
  • I also spent time working on the back side most of the day! I had to use the pen tool in Photoshop to go around all the bricks. Man my wrist hurts now! I wanted more colors in the bricks!
  • Some of the details you won't be able to see here. There are lots of textures! There are lots of layers on the front of the card!


  • I was looking up information on Abbott Miller who is a graphic designer in NY. He works at one of the largest advertising agencies called Pentagram Studio.
  • I was talking about him for my Design and Layout class.
  • I came across his logo design for Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA. I had to put it on here considering that our son's name is Mica. It's just not a name you see everywhere.
  • We named him after Mica, a shiny silicate mineral with a layered structure, found as minute scales in granite and other rocks, or as crystals. It is used as a thermal or electrical insulator.
  • Some people think we're really Biblical because we have a Mica and an Isaak. Look at the spelling of their names. Micah in the Bible is spelled with an (h) on the end.
  • I got the spelling for Isaak from the singer Chris Isaak. I liked that spelling better than with a (c) on the end.


  • I'm excited to get an extra $1,000 added to my pay check this month because of medical reimbursement.
  • It was kind of a pain in the buttocks this year because no one was really sick in our family (this is a first for awhile).
  • My health insurance told me that they couldn't give proof that I've been paying since it is automatically withdrawn. They made me highly irritated because they wanted to charge me $10 to get proof. I found my policy, then showed them bank forms, and got it to work.
  • We paid more at the dentist then at the doctor this year.
  • My co-workers were talking about how it's crazy that you go into the dentist twice a year and get x ray's often. This is for your teeth. For your whole body, some people don't even go to the doctor once a year. It is a little crazy!

Lincoln Logs

  • I loved Lincoln Logs growing up. We'd always try building a different cabin. It was just so much fun!
  • I also like that it's a classic toy that will never go out of style!
  • Amanda is giving away a set of Lincoln Logs from Back to Basic Toys.

Easy to Carry Sunscreen

  • A Giveaway Addicted Mommy is giving away to one reader Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes Single Pack (3 individually wrapped towelettes) from MD Moms.
  • I just love that a mom that is also a doctor created this product and more.
  • It's also great that this can fit into your diaper bag easily. The thing I hate about other sunscreen's is that they are in a big bottle. I find that I don't always have the bottle on me when I really need it; simply because I didn't want to carry the bottle around in diaper bag.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Days

  • We've been snowed in the house for a day and a half.
  • I did some cookie baking, cleaning, laundry and played with the kids.

No, No, No!

  • "No" is Isaak's big word lately! He says it often.
  • When we laid him down for a nap he yelled out, "No" several times.
  • Then I heard him throw out all the stuff from his crib. Little punk! LOL

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Visit to Santa

  • The boys were not afraid of Santa at all!
  • Mica went right up to him, and started telling him his long list of toys he wants.
  • Isaak didn't seem like he even noticed that there was a guy in a red suit holding him.

Apel Family Photo

  • So...we got our family photo last night. Our appointment was at 6:30. Daddy and I didn't get a chance to eat because time was tight. Then we had to wait. They told us to come back in 20 min. to look at the screen of photos. We had to wait. They told to come back in 10 min. to get our photo's. Guess what? We had to wait! We didn't get home until close to 9.
  • Daddy and I got fast food on the way home.
  • We are glad about the photo, it turned out good.
  • The boys did get a chance to see Santa, and they let me use my digital camera! :) I'll be uploading those photo's later.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Isaak Lip-Syncing to His favorite Christmas Song

  • This is what I hear at least 15 times a night. The Hallmark singing snowman. LOL Of course Mica knows how to turn it off and on, so it's usually always on.
  • At first I had no clue what Isaak is doing with his teeth. Then I figured it out, he's trying to lip-sync. He's seen me do that.
  • Isaak sometimes doesn't let the song finish before he restarts it to play it again.
  • It's funny...they should make a book on how kids annoy their parents. They probably already have one. It is cute seeing him dance around the first few times, then a nerve hits and we're done listening to it.

German Festival

  • We went to a German Christmas Festival this weekend.
  • The food was good!
  • We met up with a few people that Travis has befriended (they bought a few of his sculptures). They have a little girl Nola that is 2 months older then Isaak. I didn't know what to think of her name at first, but learned that they named her off of a Magnolia tree. Then I loved her name. I was a big fan of Magnolia trees when I lived in Savannah, GA.
  • The kids kept going over to where the window was. It started to snow while we were there.
  • I got a picture of Nola, but it didn't turn out very good.

Pictures Tonight

  • We are getting family pictures taken tonight. It should be interesting considering that it snowed last night. I'm we change at Aunt Terra's house before we leave, or at the mall? I usually have stocking caps on the boys, and Mica has on his winter boots.
  • Our photo bag looks like we're going on vacation for a week. LOL I have shoes, change of clothes for all of us, squirt bottle, Daddies gel (for his hair), hair brushes, make-up for me and hair straightener.
  • This is going to be a hassle!
  • We all have sweaters that match! Mica and Isaak have the green, grey and white stripped sweaters from Children's Place, I have a green sweater and Daddy has a grey sweater that both match perfect with the colors in the boy's sweaters.

Adorable Kinders

Look he even has Isaak's big eyes. LOL
With his brown shaggy hair.
  • Go Graham Go and A Giveaway Addicted Mommy are having a doll giveaway (winners pick) from the company Adorable Kinders. Isaak loves, "Babies", and it's hard to find boy dolls in the stores.
  • I'm a total doll junkie. I loved them when I was little. The only sucky thing in my mind about having boys is that I can't really pass my dolls down to them. They play with their 2 small dolls, but not like a girl would. They end up getting thrown on the floor!
  • I did buy Mica 2 small dolls before Isaak was born to roll play with him, so he'd be a good big brother. Isaak does carry them around. They have pink and blue outfits on them.
  • Aunt Angela found a really cute boy doll for Isaak at Kohl's for Christmas. It has buttons, snaps and ties on the clothing, so he can learn to do those things.
  • The cool thing about Adorable Kinders is that you can find a doll that looks just about like any kid. I had fun picking ones out that look like the little kids in my family and friend's kids.
My nephew Elijah
My nephew Evan who happens to red hair.
My friend Robyn's daughter.
My friend Kim's son. He doesn't look like this too much. He was the hardest to find since he's 1/2 Asian.

What You Do?

  • Isaak's said a few new things lately. He's been saying, "Ok" and "Bannana".
  • Then today when entering Aunt Terra's house, Mica's coat got caught on the door. Daddy said, "Oh fudge". Isaak said, "What you do Daddy"?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Boys Store

  • The Boys Store has great clothing!
  • Grandma Spiehs got all the youngest boys in our family train shirts from the store. The material feels great.
  • I'm always after a store that has fun clothing for boys. I really get sick of seeing boring clothing for Mica's age (4 years). It seems like when they grow out of toddler clothing, clothing goes down hill as far as cuteness goes. This store has great style!
  • Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous is giving away a pair of pj's from the store. Go there to enter!

Baby Genius Prize Pack

  • Jolly Mom is giving away a prize pack from Baby Genius.
  • All the winnings include what is pictured above.


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