Friday, March 12, 2010

Off to Missouri

  • We're heading out to see Grandma and Grandpa Apel in about an hour.
  • We would of left earlier, but I had midterm exams today. I'm just waiting up for a few students to turn in some late projects.
  • We're driving straight there. It should be interesting considering that both of our kids will hardly sleep in the car.
  • My tummy has been giving me issues for 2 days now. Every time I go to travel, my tummy has knots in it. I don't know why this happens. I always feel like I'm going to forget something important, or leave something very important. Of course the stress of midterms does not help my IBS either. I've been trying to eat all the right foods to, now we're going out of town, and will be eating fast food on the way out.
  • We won't be seeing our KC friends this time, but there's always the summer time for that.
  • I'm glad that we get to see Daddy's side of the family considering that we haven't seen them since the fall!
  • I finally get to meet someone from Grandpa Apel's side. I've never met anyone from that side. Daddy's Aunt Debbie has chatted a few times on Facebook with me. We like each other's baked goods. She wants to meet me.
  • On the way home we're going to a train restaurant on Monday that's in the Crown Center. My friend from college Robyn had it on her blog. I thought Mica and Isaak will freak in a good way if we stopped by there!
  • We shall have a fun time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Princess and the Frog Giveaway

Blanket of Snow

  • I woke up to a blanket of snow on the grass.
  • I heard last night on the news it was supposed to snow, and be slushy.
  • I was hoping they were fibbing.
  • Daddy didn't want to get up, and neither did I.
  • would of been so nice to stay in bed!

Storkcraft Giveaway

  • Two of a kind is giving away a changing table and if there's enough people that follow their blog and befriend them on Twitter they will giveaway a wooden rocking horse from Storkcraft.
  • I'm a huge fan of wooden toys. I like the rocking horse!

Chicken Soup for the Soul - Teacher Tales

  • I think the book Chicken Soup for the Soul - Teacher Tales would be an excellent present for a teacher at Christmas time.
  • My Wee View is giving two copies away!
  • In order to be placed into the pool to win, I had to answer the question, "Who was your favorite teacher?" That's a hard one. I had a lot of GREAT teachers! I loved my art teachers because that's where my interest is. I have to say that my first grade teacher stands out in my mind!
  • She helped tutor me after school and during recesses, so that I would be able to go on in school. I remember staying in from recess. Instead of it seemly like a drag, I was excited. She bought me and Matt (another kid that had to stay in due to heart problems) orange soda's. For some reason orange soda made everyone happy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Apel Mannequin's

  • I saw that you can make mannequin's on Old Navy's website last week.
  • Mica goes up to these mannequin's in the store, and hugs them all.
Mica Mannequin
Isaak Mannequin
Mommy Mannequin
Daddy Mannequin I so would of given him scruff if they would of had that option.
Or maybe this is more like Daddy. Again...needs some stubble.

Kroger Cart Buster Savings Event & a Giveaway!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Toddler Bedding

  • With Mica we never transformed his crib into a toddler bed, even though it could be. We knew we were going to have another baby, and decided to leave the crib as is.
  • With Isaak we're going to transform his crib into a toddler bed for a 1 year, or so.
  • Target this week has toddler bedding on sale.
  • Some places don't even sell toddler bedding.
  • I got Isaak this cute robot bedding set for only $22. It includes: a pillow case, fitted sheet, sheet and a thin comforter.
  • This is a great price, and will be a good transition. I'm really excited for his big boy bed stuff I got back before Christmas too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trampoline Fun

  • At the party the trampoline was a hit. I loved watching Isaak on it; except for when he went on it with his shoes on. That wasn't fun!
  • Mica couldn't keep his pants up. It doesn't matter what size of pants I put on him, or even if it's adjustable waist, he still can't keep them up. He generally has plumber butt. Mica has no hips!

Ball Popping Fun!

  • Here are cousin Evan and Mica holding up the parachute. They had so much fun when the balls were added!
  • Isaak didn't know what to think. His hair kept blowing around from the kids lifting the parachute up and down. Then when all the balls popped out, Isaak tried picking them up and throwing them back in.

Zip Line

  • This is the one thing I wish I got a better shot of. Mica on a zip line.
  • I was so worried he'd loose his pants!

Foam Pit

  • Mica had no problem jumping right in!
  • He held onto the rings and jumped right on in.
  • Cousin Evan had no problem jumping in too!

Party it Up!

  • Mica was invited to his first friend from school birthday party.
  • It was held at PE 101. It was fun!
  • Isaak, Aunt Terra and I stayed behind. Cousin Evan is also in Mica's preschool class, so he was invited as well.
  • I'm wore out because both boys hardly napped all day. Daddy didn't get home until after 6:30 PM from work. I had cranky, needy kids while trying to fix dinner. I don't know how single parents do it.
  • As you can tell in the picture below Mica is very sleepy! I was thinking, "Will he last at this party?" He did.
  • At PE 101 I also had to chase after Isaak, and I'm still wearing my clunky medical boot. I took Isaak's shoes off a little so he could play, then put them back on. When I put them back on, he was trying to go on things he wasn't supposed to go on. Try chasing after a one year old on a trampoline with a medical boot on. It was pretty interesting.

Laces Changed

  • Daddy changed Isaak's shoe laces.
  • Oh...they are so much better. They are not as thin, so they don't come untied as easily.

Toys R Us

  • We took the boys to Toys R Us last night to look for what the Easter Bunny should get for the boys and to get our nephew Elijah's birthday gift.
  • It was raining, so Mica insisted on wearing his fireman raincoat. Of course he had to add all the accessories. Isaak joined in on the fireman theme as well.
  • I had a talk with Mica about store behavior, and guess what? He was great in the store! We had a few moments of him saying, "I want that Mommy!" But backed down right after I reminded him of good store behavior. YES!
  • Our talk in the car went something like this:
  1. Mommy: Mica, Mommy really loves taking you and Isaak to the toy store! (Yes I talk in the 3rd person to my boys, a bad habit.)
  2. Mica: I like going to the toy store too!
  3. Mommy: Mommy doesn't like it when you have temper tantrums in the store. That makes it hard to enjoy myself, and other people do not like to hear you crying.
  4. Mica: But...sometimes I want Transformers and Team Geotrax!
  5. Mommy: Mica you know that you get a lot of toys for your birthday and Christmas. You are lucky to have all the toys you do!
  6. Mica: Yes.
  7. Mommy: If you can't behave in the store then Mommy will not take you there as much as I would like to. (Yes I talk in the 3rd and 1st person in the same sentence!) Mommy thinks it's fun to go to the toy store, but it's not fun when you cry!
  8. Mica: Ok Mommy I'll be good.
  • He was good! I let him know I was proud of him.


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