Tuesday, March 29, 2022

WW: Dressed Up {Linky}

Isaak had a workshop at school called Think Tank. A handful of students get to go from each middle school. In the past they mixed those students up to form groups. They get to name a business, come up with a business model and logo. 

Isaak hasn't had much to do with the honors club (his school calls it GATE). He's not a reader, doesn't really like Quiz Bowl like Mica did. If his cards align, he's a great student, a strategic thinker, understands process, creative, and has a keen since of detail. 

The staff member that's in charge of GATE came to Isaak before spring break to ask if this would be something he would want to do. Isaak jumped in with a big YES. After spring break Isaak went up to this same guy asking for the paper work. He said, "Are you sure you can handle this?" He acted like he didn't remember asking Isaak to be a part of Think Tank. Some people are so odd! I hate when teachers, councilors and so on lack faith in young people. Here is this kid that wants to be involved. Let him be. 

Since he's artsy I got him a Keith Haring button down shirt at H&M. Doesn't he look handsome!?


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