Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

Someone decided to follow my music board on Pinterest. I'm really glad because I like many of the bands they have posted. I'll pull from their board for a little while. I have other bands and singers written down that I want to cover as well.

One group that was posted is called Lord Huron. They are an American Indie Folk band based in Los Angeles. Their first album Lonesome Dreams was released in 2012. It was released in the US and in the UK. Shortly after their album came out, they were on The Tonight Show.

Ben Schneider is the founding member. He began writing music in his Michigan hometown. In 2005, Schneider moved to Los Angeles. This is where music became so much more to him. In 2010 Lord Huron was a solo project. The band had members added off and on. Many Ben knew from his childhood. In all there are 5 members at this current time.

Lonesome Dreams

The Stranger

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to Everyone

I've mentioned before that Isaak's a giver. If he finds money on the ground, and Mica says, "Hey not fair I want some money!" Isaak will give him some. Now if it were the other way around Mica's not as giving. They all have good and bad traits don't they?

When Isaak's birthday was celebrated at one of his preschools Isaak made a card for his teachers, for their birthday.

They must not of gotten that it was for them to keep. They put it in his end of school papers to go home. I'm kind of glad they did because it is so cute!

For the record:
  • He often cuts out his pictures.
  • Most of his pictures have some kind of junk treasure taped or glued to it. In this case it's just tape with designs already on them and one he colored in himself.
  • With his writing he writes, then draws a line under his writing. His teachers stressed that they will be writing on line paper. Isaak now thinks he has to write a line under and above all his letters. It's funny how kids take things.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Have You Ever Slept Walked or Talked in Your Sleep?

The other night Isaak called for me, a worried call. I think it's because we've been trying to do away with him needing a light on in the hallway. Since it's light out when he goes to sleep, we're hoping that light satisfies him. Little man woke up. I went in to ask him what was bothering him? He didn't respond.

I took him potty. We usually take him potty somewhere between 10-11 to prevent accidents. He hasn't had an accident in forever it seems. BUT I do not know how to break the habit of waking him up to go. Any ideas welcomed. He really goes at that time.

I've been having him walk because he's getting so heavy, and it forces him to wake up. We have no problem with little man going back to sleep at the end of going potty.

He walked into the bathroom, over to the bathtub to pee. I said, "No buddy! Let's go here." I steered him back to the toilet.

This isn't the first time Isaak has slept walked. He's talked in his sleep to.

I to have slept walked. Not just as a child either. When I was little I walked over to my sister's backpack, blew my nose and said, "That's better!"

When I was in high school I argued with a friend about her steeling my sheet. Really it was right besides me. I dreamed I was talking to my friend's sister. She saw someone outside. I went outside to check out that things were ok, and came back in.

As an adult I don't think I've slept walked. I have talked in my sleep though. There were a few nights when I was breastfeeding where I told Travis AKA Daddy to do it. I wanted my supply up because I worked full time. Here I was telling Daddy to just breastfeed him. I had a dream I was a ware wolf and someone was chasing me with a silver bullet. I woke up growling. Then I had a dream I was a dinosaur. I was running from a volcano erupting. I woke up roaring like a dinosaur. Poor Travis AKA Daddy! I have scared him 1/2 to death a handful of times!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WW: Creative Super Heroes {Linky}

Jail Day for Mr. Freeze By: Mica - Age 7

Spider-Mobile With Babies By: Isaak - Age 5

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Mica Tried to Give Me Money

A few weeks ago I backed out of our driveway, and bam I hit someone. I looked, but didn't see anyone. Shit Stuff happens. There is far worse damage in other parts of the world, so I should be positive. Did anything good come out of this? Yes, I'm being more cautious. I now look, look, look, and look some more before backing out of my driveway. In fact Daddy and Grandpa both made comments about me driving too cautious.

I also get a previous damage fixed. There was a time when a car hit me and drove off. It was such a minor boom, that it left just a small damaged area. Well the insurance company is painting the back of my car regardless, so we're having that small damaged area fixed as well.

We've had to carpool a lot. I was talking to the boys as to why we didn't have the Civic. Mica said, "So you have to pay to get your car fixed?" I said, "Yep, but insurance covers much of the cost." Mica said, "I can pay for some of it for you." I said, "No you don't need to do that. Thanks though."

When we got home Mica came out with a few dollars and some change. He said, "This is for your accident."

Usually Mica doesn't think too much about anyone, but himself. I'm not saying that to be mean. He's a lovely child. He's loving, creative and fun. It's just that giving isn't one of his strengths. Isaak's very giving, too giving. Isaak to has his faults. He's a whiny, and a slow moving child.

Needless to say I was very proud that Mica offered me some loose change to cover my accident.

For the record I didn't take his money.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer School

A few weeks ago I was told that I had no summer classes to teach! YAY! It's been years since that has happened.

Then a week ago I was told I had to help someone out with their summer course. With vacations I understand. I'm still not clear as to what helping her means exactly. On Friday she still didn't have things ready at all.

I was told I might need to teach an additional summer course for someone that didn't have a high enough GPA to graduate. The clarity on teaching this additional course didn't happen until this last Thursday morning. I had to ask when it was. Yep I had two days to prepare for a whole course. Granted I have taught it many years now, but every date needed to be changed on every handout. Everything is days instead of weeks. During the school year we have our classes once a week. Now we have the class daily. I wanted to make sure everything was clear.

I to am leaving to go somewhere during this class. I met with the lady who is covering for me on Thursday and Friday.

I had everything ready on Friday. So I thought. Then last night I remembered I forgot to print out the image he has to paint from. I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach issues. This morning was only worse. We are down to one car. I made the call to just come into work. After all I'd just be sitting around all day with one student. Now my stomach hurts, and I feel light headed from not eating much.

Get this I still haven't heard from the lady I'm supposed to cover for. I'm shaking my head.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

CafePress T-Shirt Review

I had a wonderful chance to review something from CafePress. I found it to be a challenge to pick something out. They have so much to choose from!

I decided to go with creating custom t-shirts.

Since Mica will be eight in a few months, and Isaak just turned five I made them age appropriate shirts.

Here are my designs that I created in Illustrator. I made their ages in the g of each shirt.

I love personalized gifts for any holiday; like for Father's Day, it's coming up soon! They have a lot of different t-shirts and sizes to pick from. I love that they have many sizes to choose from. Many of the age t-shirts that are out there already are too small for my long torso kids.

Create your own (t-shirt) - I chose to create their organic t-shirt. It was a little more cost wise, but on sale. I love how soft they are!

Here's a few things about CarePress' organic t-shirts:
  • 100% organic cotton jersey
  • 4.3 oz. 100% ultra-fine combed organic ring-spun jersey
  • Unisex design looks great on boys and girls
  • Reinforced shoulder construction maintains shape through multiple washings
  • Not intended for sleepwear

When I uploaded the designs I had a hard time getting a teal color. Instead I went with green and blue. The boys like both of those colors. Uploading images on CafePress was super easy. I had no problems at all. They take high resolution jpgs.

Isaak giving a high 5.

Mica wouldn't smile. He would however act like a crazy 8.

I was given a $40 gift code. I did have a difficult time getting the code to go through. It showed that I had a code, but only for a $0 amount. 

I tell you what though, I called them on a Saturday and their customer service was wonderful! She totally took care of it for me. I just love that their was someone to talk to on a Saturday!

They also didn't tax anyone living in Nebraska, which was nice! 

The shirts came much faster than I anticipated. I was thinking it would take awhile considering they were a special order. Nope I had them in less than two weeks!

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Science Fair

Mica's school has a Science Fair every year. Last year he made a record player out of a box, wooden parts and a plastic cup. He won second place. I didn't find out that he won second place until I went through his end of the year papers.

This year he made a potato clock. The clock wasn't working right. That turned into a tomato battery. It's a good thing Daddy can improvise with this stuff. I most certainly can't. When something science does not work, I just freak out and start over.

The boy won third place. He didn't tell me once again. I even asked, "How was the Science Fair?" He mumbled, "It was fine." I found out again when I went through his end of the year papers. Later on I mentioned to Daddy that Mica won third place. He said he knew. Grandma and Grandpa knew as well. He was dropped off at their house when the science fair was over. It was only me that was out of the loop.

A friend of mine took photos of Mica and said I could use the photos.


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