Friday, June 24, 2016

Random Tid Bits

I was thinking about the differences from living in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia to living in Omaha, Nebraska.

  1. In the south I heard, "Have a blessed day!" often. Here not even the most religious people say that. I have no clue why.

    We also don't say ya'll here in Nebraska. Drive 5 hours into Missouri, and you'll hear ya'll.

  2. We serve hot tea and iced tea in Nebraska. In Georgia it's only iced tea. Often times it's sweetened there to.

  3. In the south even the wealthy people might possibly have a roach problem. They are all over Georgia. In the midwest we have roaches to, but not everywhere. I remember standing outside for my night class in Savannah; I could just see the roaches scurry from the grass to the sidewalk.

    In Nebraska, since there are fewer roaches you are considered to be unclean if you have a roach problem in your house. 

  4. I was going to talk about Nebraska's lace of respect for different races, cultures, and religions. It's primarily filled with Catholic caucasians and Lutherans. What I wrote sounded so negative that I deleted it. Not all of Nebraska is raciest. If you come here it certainly stands out that there is a lot of white people. Different parts of Omaha are very separated. It's very different from the south with that. I encourage any one that lives in the midwest to travel to the south and visa vera. You'll understand what I'm writing about then.

    I do remember an Asian part to Atlanta. Everywhere has parts of town I suppose. I ended up there by a happy mistake. I was sized for a wedding dress. The lady couldn't speak English. She had me try on all these dresses. I got my wedding dress for $100! It was traditional looking dress, with pearl buttons all down the back.

  5. Nebraska is all about their college football team. Most other places are about their state football teams. I cringe when it's football season. I don't care for the sport at all. Men running into each other causing concussions, and brain injuries. My husband loves football. He gets annoyed with me when I bitch about it. Why does our news take up 1/2 its time with sports, when there's so much going on in the world? Why are they talking about football now when it's not football season yet? Our football team's mascot is a hick. Nebraska doesn't like to be referred to as having hicks that live here. Why is our mascot a hick then? It's so odd!

  6. Source
  7. Georgia has some places we don't have, but we have some places they don't have. I miss Georgia's DMVs. They were at their Kroger's. Kroger isn't Kroger here, it's Bakers. Here we just have a DMVs - not in grocery stores. They have long lines. 
  • Georgia has Waffle House, Nebraska doesn't
  • Georgia has Restoration Hardware, Nebraska doesn't
  • Nebraska doesn't have a Churches Chicken, Bojangle's, or Checkers. Chick-fil-a and Raising Cane's are newish here in Nebraska. It's hard for me to tell you whant Nebraska has that Georgia doesn't have because it's been so long, since I've been to Georgia. :( I can tell you that we have a lot of family owned places in Nebraska. 
What are some things that stand out where you live?

Thursday, June 23, 2016


I noticed one of my friends wasn't on facebook for a few years. He has MS, so I got nosy, googled his name/place to see if he was still alive.

Turns out my college acquaintance has been in prison for a few years.

He's in for luring a minor with obscene material, and having attempting to have sex with someone under the age of 12. A sick man indeed!

My mouth dropped. That's certainly not what I expected to see.

This guy wasn't a close friend of mine, but he hung out in my doom room. I always thought something was off with him. He was really emotional for a guy.

His ex wife and he adopted 3 kids because they couldn't have kids of their own right before this happened. I hope nothing happened to one of their kids\. The kids weren't babies. They sure have gone through enough!

Have you ever known a criminal? It's creepy!


I noticed one of my friends wasn't on facebook for a few years. He has MS, so I got nosy, googled his name/place to see if he was still alive.

Turns out my college acquaintance has been in prison for a few years.

He's in for luring a minor with obscene material, and having attempting to have sex with someone under the age of 12. A sick man indeed!

My mouth dropped. That's certainly not what I expected to see.

This guy wasn't a close friend of mine, but he hung out in my doom room. I always thought something was off with him. He was really emotional for a guy.

His ex wife and he adopted 3 kids because they couldn't have kids of their own right before this happened. I hope nothing happened to one of their kids\. The kids weren't babies. They sure have gone through enough!

Have you ever known a criminal? It's creepy!

Unwanted Trees

1 neighbor had a guy take a tree down. It just so happened that they cut it down on the day we had May birthdays. He chopped it once, and it lay there. It's been laying there, since May 28.

I happened to see one of our neighbors, and politely asked about the stump in their front yard and big tree laying in their backyard. She doesn't know what they'll do with the stump. The big tree in the back they were waiting for the guy to come back after he sharpened his blade.

Right after our conversation our neighbor decided it was a great idea to mow his yard. He kept getting sticks caught in the mower. I was beginning to think he'd never get his mower working again at one moment.

The guy with the saw just came this morning (June 23) to I hope finish the job. I'm not sure the job will get done.

The guy was sawing with no eye protection, no ear protection, and no yard gloves with a dull blade.

Our other neighbors have a tree that was planted before they moved in. It's gown into the lines, pushes on our retaining wall, and almost all of its leaves fall into our driveway in the fall. We've had people come out to move the lines away from branches. The wall needs to be replaced, but we don't want to with the tree pushing on the wall.

We took 2 trees down when we moved in. An Oak Tree was wonderful, but not so wonderful for our font yard. Had it been in the back yard we would have left it. A tree in the backyard came down because it was 1/2 dead. We've planted many to replace the ones we took down.

Do you have any unwanted trees in or around your yard?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Omaha Community Playhouse Camp

Mica wasn't too excited about his camp the first day. Then he was all about it.

Day 1: They got homework to memorize 2 songs, Wicked's No Good Deed, and Michael Jackson's Bad.

Day 2: They got homework to memorize 1 song, Hercules Zero to Hero.

Day 3: They had to write a story they wanted to act out.

Day 4: Practice!

Day 5: Perform!

I think Mica was slightly thrown off because they had a new director and teachers that did things differently than the ones he had before. Mica doesn't like change very much.

The old director and teachers had the kids just act out, and dance to things to songs they played out loud.

Their "light sabers" they used during the show:

The new director and teachers had them sing, act, dance, write their own acts, and edited their acts down. A lot more was on the kids to do.

Isaak wrote a 2 page paper that he wanted acted out, but it had to be edited way down.

Any time they gave Mica dance moves to do, he got thrown when they had him change the moves.

Mica also likes to sing, but isn't super gifted in that area. He loves to act. He can memorize lines fairly easily. That's a hard one because a lot of children's theater they want kids to be able to sing really well.

Isaak really a pretty good singer, but has trouble memorizing lines. The opposite of Mica for sure.

Was it perfect? No! Did they learn a lot? Yes! 

They came home singing, and singing. In fact they are still singing. I got the question, "What song, or act did you like the best Mom?" about 5 times from each kid. They told me about upstage and downstage.

A little off key at times, but here's Zero to Hero.

The one that had me rolling is when Isaak was in the shower. He was singing and singing the Wicked song, No Good Deed. He was singing pretty good. I tried to sneak up to record his singing. He used improvisation to continue the song, and went back to it.

All the singing and dancing must have worn little Isaak out. I told him to go read, and he was out like a light. I had to wake him up 2 hours later. He still was tired after I woke him. We all need a nap from time to time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

WW: 40 {Linky}

I'm 40 today. Do I feel over the hill? Not really. I feel the same as I did 5 years ago.

Age has increased my grey hairs and made my hair curly (it used to be straight). I've always had allergy eyes, so that's nothing new.

I made my family take photos to. Mica with a goofy smile, and Isaak thinking, The sun is in my eyes! He always says that, even though all the rest of us can get a photo in.

Travis being goofy!

At my work we make treats for our birthdays. These are the watermelon sugar cookies I made. I mixed green in the dough. I used a glass to cut them out because my round cookie cutter was too little. They were then cut in 1/2 with a zigzag cutter. The cutter I use to cut carrots all funky like. Then frosting is strawberry. The seeds are mini chocolate chips. I could have pipped white for a rind, but that would have been more work than I had time for.

What's considered Over the Hill these days 40 or 50? 


Some Chocolates For Your Anniversary

I've always thought that some people are a little too needy for Anniversaries, Valentines Day, and Mother's Day (Dad's somehow don't seem as needy). We already have a Birthday and Christmas for gifts.

I'm not saying that everyone should have my same outlook.

Around our house we pick a place to go out to eat at for those extra holidays. If I've gotten something to review I may wrap it up for Travis, or even have Travis wrap something up for me. There are some times where we'll go see a movie, but even that is pretty rare.

Our boys have never experienced huge gift exchanges between Travis and I.

Travis makes me jewelry at times. That's special when that happens. I'm not the type that needs a fancy diamond. I like ruby's, and pearls better than diamonds. Pearls are my alternative birthstone. I wear a lot of red, so that's where ruby's come in to the picture.

I never drool when the Every Kiss Begins the Kay commercials come on around Valentines Day. The commercialism annoys me to be honest. I'd rather have something that is a one of a kind/artist made.

We were in line at Target, and Mica always checks out the merch by the cash register. He reads the covers of the gossip magazines, and thinks everything that he reads is true. I have to correct him on that.

He said, "Mom what's that holiday called where people celebrate the time a year they were married?"

I said, "Oh that's called an Anniversary."

He said, "Ya that! This would make a perfect gift for that holiday. Don't you think?" - Pointing at a set of foiled chocolates.

The girl behind us was laughing.

I said, "Mica that would be perfect for me. Many girls would expect more than that for their Anniversary. You just need to get to know your girlfriend, or wife to understand what kinds of gifts she likes." 

Mica said, "Oh." 

Are you a big gift person? I'm not saying that I'm not at all. I like a little something. The chocolates would actually work for me. :) I love picking out great presents for my kids, nephews and nieces. Kid gifts are fun!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Slacking

I forgot to give an update on Isaak's family birthday party. We held the May birthdays at our house. That included: Isaak (turned 8), my nephew Evan (turned 11), and my nephew Edison (turned 2).

They all like cats, so I created a Space Cats invite for them. I took out my address and stuff for this post. Edison kept pointing to Isaak saying, "Ikick". He says his name so cute. He's talking more and more.

Isaak got a Lego set and journal from my parents. Aunt Terra gave him grow your own garden things in cans, and boxes. Cilantro and something else is growing in our kitchen. Mushrooms grew in a box. They grow fast! Aunt Angela is taking Isaak out to see The BFG when it comes out.

He's all about being silly lately. Stickers are on his face. Notice the gold wrapping paper that my mom found. Gold is his favorite color.

Isaak wasn't too excited about the mushrooms. He doesn't care for mushrooms, but he likes them in Chicken and Dumplings and Chicken Bitki, so we made Chicken Bitki with them. It was fun watching them grow!

I try and find perfect gifts for my nephews and niece. Edison needed a toddler pillow, and I had a book I reviewed for him with his name in it. 

Evan was asking for a robe. I didn't think about the fact that it looked like a graduation gown. Ha! It came satin boxers. I tried to pull a Christmas Story by embarrassing him, "Evan try the boxers on! ;)" He wouldn't have anything to do with that.

My house is small. If you remember right I was worried about having extra people there. There were 15 adults, and 7 kids. My niece's boyfriend came, and one of my brother-in-law's invited his parents. I wasn't too excited about the in-laws because they are on their other side. We made it work.

We had Greek food. Funky food is sometimes hard for older people to understand. My 89 year old Grandpa was clueless. He didn't know what 1/2 the things were, and we had to help him. It was all good though! 

We pushed the kids outside to eat. My sister said, "Good thing it's not raining." I said, "Even if it was they'd still go out there. We have a covered porch. Outside is where they belong when there's lots of people." 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to any male readers out there!

We don't really give gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Isaak usually makes a little something. This time he made a Sculpey pot. I have to look up baking instructions every time he uses Sculpey.

We went out for brunch at a (new for us) place called Bailey's. One thing Omaha doesn't lack is places to eat.

Travis got some crapes, I got a Belgian Waffle, and the boys both got a waffle. The boys' and my meal came with eggs, and sausage. Travis' meal came with sausage, and fruit.

Mica looked across the restaurant and said, "WOW! This place is HUGE!" Travis said, "That's a mirror silly." He said, "Oh!"

After a big meal, we went to University of Nebraska - UNO to find out where the boy's writing camp is tomorrow. There was construction everywhere, which made it fun to figure out where they were going. The photos they sent me was the wrong door to enter. We finally figured it out.

I came home to wash, desteam, and make dehydrated strawberry chips. We just put them in the dashboard of our car. No fancy dehydrators here.

I spent yesterday with my own Dad. He's been wanting a matte cutter, so I got one to review on Amazon. He was happy about that. It took awhile to set it up, then I had to show him how to use it. He's left handed, I'm right handed, so I hope I showed him how to use it ok. Ha!

What are you doing this Father's Day? 

Expandable Garden Hose Set With Sprayer Review

For Father's Day I helped my Dad set up an Expandable Garden Hose Set. It came with a lot of things, which I'll get to. The top perk that it came with is a sprayer. 

The Full Set Included:

  • 50 foot expandable garden hose
  • 10 pattern metal garden hose nozzle with pro-style thumb control for easy use
  • Nylon carry/storage bag
  • Washer hanger
  • Extra set of washers - I couldn't find in my set
Everything in the Set Fit in This Nylon Bag: 

I like how everything could be condensed down, but it was hard to get it all back in the bag by myself. My Dad had to help me. One had to hold the bag open, while the other stuffed it full.

The hose is light weight. I like that because my Dad has heart problems, and he tires easily. I don't want him over doing it.


The cost for everything is $34.95, which I consider a great price. 


The sprayer is my Dad's favorite feature. It has different settings, and can be turned off. The sprayer fits on any hose, which is super nice. The front of the sprayer changes the setting, and the icon that looks like an arrow controls how heavy the spray is.


This is really the only thing we don't think my Dad will use. He has a hose hanger that he likes better.

What We Think:

We've read a lot about these hoses. We've read that they don't last as long as other hoses. On Amazon they call the hose, "Long Lasting" and "Very Durable", so I guess we'll have to see. If they get stepped on they can damage easily. 

The hose can't be left out in the sun, which by the house, most of the time it's sunny. It's a pain to take it to put in the shade all the time.

We do love that the hose is light weight! It's neat that it expands, and is kink free. 

We heart the sprayer big time! It has so many spray options. 

Do you have an expandable hose, or have you tried one?

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

Disclaimer: I received this Expandable Garden Hose Set for a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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