Saturday, September 11, 2010

Isaak Peed on Mica's Homework!

  • I thought in my mind, Isaak's done really well with going potty lately!  He's been telling me when he has to go.
  • Today both boys wouldn't nap, which leads to naughty boys! Isaak was in his room for a long time just talking. Mica was grumpy, but wouldn't sleep. He is in the process of outgrowing naps. Daddy got home and took the boys outside to run. 
  • I went into the living room and stepped in a pile of pee. I looked down, and the paper I filled out with Mica for preschool was sitting in the puddle. I had it up on the coffee table, but somehow it ended up on the ground.
  • That should be interesting to ask the teachers for a new paper to fill out!
  • It will sound sort of like, "My dog ate my homework!" Only this excuse is, "My son peed on his brother's homework!" 
  • For the record I actually did have a student who showed me an art project that had bite marks in it from her dog! 
  • Her dog really did eat her homework.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Buzz Lightyear to the Resuce

  • Mica was excited to get his costume in the mail today! 
  • We had to order it online. Toys R Us said that we probably wouldn't see it in the stores at all because Buzz is the HOT costume of the year. 
  • It used to be that people fought in the lines at the stores for a Cabbage Patch Kid. Now the HOT items don't even get to the store to fight over.
  • Mica wanted his costume to stay on. I said, "No. Not while eating dinner." He said, "Everyone will be excited to see me Mom." Act excited to see him friends and relatives.
  • Here's Mica, or shall I say Buzz Lightyear:

Fashion Color's

  • I teach my students Color and Design Theory. 
  • Today we talked about the Pantone Matching System. Colors that are used internationally.
  • They just released the top Pantone colors of the year. You can see them here. I love looking through the fashion models. It's really neat seeing the colors that will soon be on the racks in the stores.
  • A side note: I always get giggles from my college male students when I talk about the Pantone Matching System. 
  • The abbreviation is PMS. 

My Niece Kailey Was On the News Again!

  • My boy's call their cousin a star! I think she's one too. 
  • She started The Sparklers, which is a cheerleading squad for special needs high school students. 
  • She's been on the news a handful times. Tonight she was on two different stations.
  • Way to go Kailey!!!!!
  • You can see her here.

I Won a T Shirt For Mica

  • I won something I'm pretty excited about. The site is called: My Baby's Green. I really like their site! They have a blog that has giveaways. 
  • I won a t shirt of my choice. Mica likes the Beatles, so I picked this shirt:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Show

  • Over the weekend I had Mica and Isaak try on their shirts. Mica's too small of shirts went in Isaak's dresser. Isaak's too small of shirts went downstairs in a bin. 
  • To get the boy's pumped for trying on clothes we tell them that we are going to have a fashion show.
  • Isaak eagerly tried on the first 5 shirts. The only problem was is that he wanted to keep them on. We had to show him the next shirt to make it fun for him. After awhile he lost interest totally, and tried running away from us.
  • Mica was a pretty good sport. He too lost interest after awhile.
  • I hate putting things in the bin downstairs. I want to put bricks on their heads to make them stay young for a little while longer. 
  • I do know that seeing them grow and change is exciting too. 
  •  My cousin came over to grab a few baby things from me. Mica's car seat is now 5 years old, so she took it to Toys R Us to get 20% off any baby item. Car seats just do not last long enough. It still looked like it was in good condition. They won't let you go home from the hospital if your car seat is over 5 years old though.
  • My cousin went through a few more things. I was glad to get rid of them, but sad too. The memories are there. The baby bathtub is gone now. I remember putting Mica in there, and he'd pee on me or himself almost every time. I didn't give up their clothing yet. My cousin doesn't know if she's having a girl or boy. 
  •  It's crazy because I want the baby stuff gone because it's taking up room. Then another part of me gets sad when I give it up. 
  • It's just because of the memories. Thinking about how cute this kid looked in this, or how that kid had so much fun with that. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mica Influenced His Brother in a Bad Way Today

  • Mica wanted a toy that was on the top of the TV. One that we put there because it needs supervision. 
  • Mica was trying to explain to Isaak how he could take a chair, bring it over to the TV stand, climb up to the top of the TV stand and get the toy off the top of the TV.
  • We over heard his little conversation to Isaak, while we were getting dinner ready. 
  • Daddy went in and broke the conversation up.
  • What are we in for?

Lil' Frankie

  • Isaak's going to be Lil' Frankie this year. A kid version of Frankenstein. 
  • Mica wore this a few years ago.

Friendly Fireman


  • We celebrated Daddy and Aunt Terra's birthday's yesterday. 
  • It was pretty fun!
  • I made a chocolate Lego cake, since Daddy likes to build Lego towers with the kids.
  • The raised areas are marshmallows cut in 1/2.

  • I got a photo of everyone there. I was going through the photo's and accidentally deleted the best one of one of the people there. The only other photo I have of this person was bad, he had his eye's closed. 
  • Instead of posting everyone at the event, I decided to post pictures of the kid's wrestling. When you have 5 young boy's in the family, wrestling is what you get!
Pile up of three of them.
Isaak climbing on his cousin Kailey.
    Some of the boys on Uncle Eric.
    Mica and Cousin Evan.
    They all ran around the house circle I don't know how many times.
    Winding down with story time. Compliments of Grandma Spiehs.
    I couldn't resist to posting a photo of Great Grandpa Kent. He looks so jolly.

    I Lost 20 Pounds so Far

    • I'm on a weight mission. I've done pretty good walking with ankle weights and hand weights during lunch at work. Then I've been trying to go somewhere during the weekend that requires walking. It can be hard with naps in the mix. 
    • I've been eating healthier too. 
    • I stepped on the scale yesterday, and I've lost 20 pounds since the tail end of the summer. It's hard for me to tell. I feel just the same. In fact I've felt kind of blah since allergy season started. I think I've just been losing it all over, and not just in one spot.
    • I've been keeping a blog about my process. I do need to update it, but you can see it here.

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Give Me a Book While I Go Potty

    • I went to sit down like girls do to go to the bathroom. 
    • Isaak walked in and handed me his Too Big for Diapers book.

    • I said, "Oh you want me to read you this book?" I picked up the book to show him the pages as I read. Isaak grabbed the book and said, "No." He turned the book around so that I would read it.
    • He wanted me to read a book like he does when sits on the pot.
    • When I was done Isaak said, "Poop?" I said, "No honey." I never even had to do that. 
    • Isaak must think that I have to do that a lot; if that's what he thinks I do every time I sit down on the potty. 
    • We've trained him to stand to pee; sit to poop.
    • It was very nice of him to think of me.


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