Monday, August 2, 2021

Random Tid Bits

I’ve been feeling down lately. I have many reasons to look up, but hey it life goes up and down. 

1. Someone dear to me had a miscarriage. 

2. Covid and its awful, never ending game. In fact one person we’ve known for years has it. Their blood is being recycled, they’ve been on a vent, and have a hole in their lung. Things aren’t looking great for them. They have 2 kids a year older than our boys. It’s really sad that their family won’t admit it’s covid. 

3. I had a student that posted how she adopted a cute little boy after they’ve fostered for a few years on the 20th. The Saturday after her husband got in a motorcycle accident and died. So sad! 

4. I’ve had trouble getting info for a proposal I’ve been working on. I don’t know what they want in it. I’m past the stage where I’m new, but am still new enough where I don’t know shit. 

5. I was excited to do freelance work for AIM, my old work. It was with a program I love. I was supposed to work with just that team. Well…their HR person retired, so I had to share with my old boss what I’ve done. She issuing the check. 

They’ve had a bit of a program name war going on. Upward Bound is known all throughout the US. AIM decided to call them Youth Academies. It’s a bit like Girl Scouts in one area going by Girl Academies. No one would know what they are. I’ve managed to be in the middle again. Middle should be my middle name, 

6. I found out that my kid’s friend AKA my husband’s boss’ kid dove into the pool, heard a snap. He broke his neck. Thank goodness he’s ok. But he has to wear a brace, for a long while. 

What has you down and out these days? 

Des Moines State Capitol

We went on our one and only full family trip this summer. Sadly it was only a day. 

Travis took the boys to New Mexico to see their grandparents on his side. Because I got a new job again I didn’t have vacation time saved up. Off they flew. In a sense I had a vacation without them. 

We went to Des Moines, Iowa. I always want to say it wrong just for the fun of it. 

It’s only 2 hours from Omaha, and has quite a bit to do there. 

I would have loved to of shopped around downtown, but the boys weren’t interested. 

We went to their State Capitol. 

The outside was pretty. At first we thought we weren’t getting in. The main doors were locked. Oddly a small door located on the side of the building was open. They checked our stuff even though one can bring a fully loaded gun in. I have nothing to hide, but thought that was odd. 


Mica and I were mixed about the tour guide. Mica thought he was great. I thought he was hard to hear and said odd things from time to time. 

A family was from India. A few times they were slow. They were the only ones with small kids, anyhow the tour guide looked and said, “Oh of course it’s them.” I wanted to say, “Oh of course you’d judge them like that.” But refrained. 

Later he said school children used have to wind down the chandeliers if they got in trouble at school. He said, “They got something that doesn’t happen now a days called, ‘discipline’.” I wanted to say, “Ya living in a pandemic, hearing people fight about politics, and having more single parents raise their kids isn’t enough now a days.” Again I refrained from saying all that. He is right we do lack respect, but hey that’s on adults just as much as kids. 

Enough from my soap box. He did tell us some interesting stories. This floor below was replaced on the first level with 50s style tile. What a shame. 

There were 2 girls below that used to face each other. Now they look straight ahead. That happened when they put in electricity. 

He swore the paintings move. It’s just odd perspective. I was more fascinated by the tile detail of the art. 

The best room was the library. It had super old books that went up 3 levels. This would be Mica’s dream house I think. 

Onward to where important decisions were/are made. Here we learned that the capitol was once on fire. The electrician accidentally bumped into his lantern. The same guy that saved the capitol fell to his death a few days later. He fell off a scaffolding. 

We did get to go up to the ceiling, but not up to the roof. Insert Grover’s near and far act. 

Just a few random shots I like:


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