Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Questions

This morning Isaak was so chatty on the way to pick up his cousin Elijah.

He was talking about the moon. He was wondering if it is bigger than any dinosaur that existed? I told him that I thought the moon was bigger.

I asked him, "I wonder what it would be like if there was a trampoline on the moon?" He thought that was a cool idea!

I asked him, "Isaak do you think cows jump over the moon?" He laughed and said, "No because I've never seen them jump at all."

I asked him if Little Jack Horner existed? He said, "No because he needs a plate to eat pie. In the nursery rhyme they don't talk about him having a plate at all."

I asked him if Humpty Dumpty is a real character? He said, "No, he's a cool character Mom, but there's no way an egg could be a person."

Rotten Apples

I took my nephew Elijah and Isaak over to Lakeshore to build an apple tree craft.

They were both really into decorating right away. Then I noticed that Elijah and all the other kids were coloring their apples a pretty red. Isaak on the other hand barely colored his. They had a black stripe and a little red around that.

He handed me his apple tree and said, "Here mom this is for you. It's a rotten apple tree." I said, "Thanks!" In a sarcastic way. Then I said, "Way to think outside the box son."

Then he freaked out when his rotten apples were taken by the wind outside. I ran after them to save them; even though they are rotten. ;)

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

My Step-Grandma is from the Philippines. She's the only Grandma I knew on my Dad's side. She's really old now and lives in California. I grew up with her living right here in Omaha, Nebraska. Things I remember about her:

  • The cool candy she gave to us that was covered in rice paper. My older sister and I loved that we could eat the wrapper!
  • The egg rolls she made. They were good.
  • Listening to her talk on the phone in her native language Tagalog.  I was always amazed because it seemed like she talked so fast!
  • Their dances and parties. Once someone was trying to teach me to play music with my nose. You heard that right. You hum out of your nose, plug your nose and unplug your nose. You hum to get different notes, and pluck you nose like a guitar is plucked. It's so odd, but kind of fun when it's not allergy season. LOL
I looked for a band from the Philippines.

I ran into a band called Kadangyan. It starts off slow and then gets faster.

Here's a video where they talk about the insterments they use. 

Check out their website.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Unintentionally Piss Off a Five Year Old

This all happened on Mica's birthday. I'm a little late posting it.

I found a penny on the ground and told Mica, "Hey it's your birthday! Go grab that penny on the ground and put it in your pocket. Just don't rub it in to your brother." Mica kept opening up his mouth. Isaak was in tears. I reminded Isaak that he got the penny I spotted last time. Mica wouldn't shut up! Guess who got the penny? I did. Then both boys were mad at me. Why is a penny equal to gold to kids?

Off we went to the fish store. Mica's been asking for a Beta fish for quite some time now. Isaak asked for frogs. Well we got tadpoles for free during the summer time for Isaak. For the record we started with 7 tadpoles and now we have 2 or 3. We've only seen a few dead bodies. I think the rest are hoping out of the tank. Oh well.

Isaak said, "Mom I decided I want a fish!" I said, "Nope it's not your birthday. The only fish we are getting is one for Mica for his birthday today." Tears flooded his eyes! He was so mad at me.

Isaak said, "But Mom Mica gets everything! He got the butterflies and now the fish!"

I said, "Isaak the butterflies were Daddies project. They were for the whole family to watch. We no longer HAVE them. They weren't Mica's."

Mica was going to name his fish, "Penny". I don't know if it had anything to do with me finding a penny, or not. Then he found out it is a boy. We have a Betta fish named "Leo". He's named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle "Leonardo", but Mica always calls him, "Lee-toe-nart-o".

So...School Started

Isaak said to me the night before Kindergarten started, "Mom I'm not too excited for school to start, but maybe I should wear a tie, or something nice since it is the first day."

I helped him lay out a nice shirt, which later we found out it had something on the front, so we picked out a fun shirt.

Isaak made his own lunch (mostly). The only thing I did was help him get things out, and cut things up for him. Mica decided to risk not knowing what they were having, and went with hot lunch. He eats just about anything!

Bath time happened. It took Mica until he was 7 years old to fully take a bath on his own. Isaak said, "I'm going to do this on my own." He did! He washed up, rinsed off, dried off, put lotion on and hung up his towel all without being asked!

The morning of school Isaak said, "Maybe I should try tying my own shoes. I am going to be in Kindergarten." Little man is growing up.

Mica was excited for the first day of class. He picked out his own shirt. I have a new unwritten policy with him. He picks out his shirt, shows it to me, and I tell him what shorts or pants that go with it. If he picks out everything he's miss-matched. I don't want to be laying out his clothes all the time though.

We now have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener in the house.

They have the exact same backpack. What Mica wants, Isaak wants. I picked up 2 iron on fabric patches. Mica's backpack has a Superman symbol, and Isaak's has a Spider-Man on it. Then I ironed them on, and sewed them on.

Did they like school?


Isaak said he had a horrible day. He said it with a smile on his face. He didn't really. He was fixated on the fact that he dropped a few of his chocolate covered berries on the floor (his dessert). He also found a coin at recess and proceeded to roll it around on the ground. It fell in a crack, so he couldn't retrieve it again. Isaak's the dramatic one in the group. If anything good that's little happens he's high on life, one little bad thing makes his whole day bad, and he doesn't know the difference between a joke and a lie. He'll fib about something with a smile on his face and say, "I was just kidding." He's just trying to test the humor waters.

Really Isaak had fun. He liked that they had technology class. There was a computer he could use; he played a matching game with upper and lower case letters.


Mica seems to like his teacher. He has a handful of new kids in his class. His teacher last year told us that Mica would be great with either teacher. I do wish more kids were in his class. I keep reminding him that it's good to make new friends to. He sees all his friends at recess. In the classroom it's all about learning anyhow. Mica's excited for the time where Isaak is comfortable enough to have Mica drop Isaak off to his classroom instead of Dad doing it.

Mica got to take birthday treats today. He thought some other kid may be taking treats. I just told him, "Then you can leave the box of treats there, and pass them out tomorrow." He took his birthday invites. It is a little challenging since most of his friends are in the other class. His best friend moved away, and his other good friend has parents that are divorced. I'm never sure where her invite ends up. We made two. I hope they get to her parents ok. His friend party is on the 24th and it's a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one. He is invited to a skate party this weekend. Mica's never been skating before. It should be interesting. Dad is taking him. I'm getting the gift. I'm thinking hair things would be fun, since we don't know what toys she has. I may resort to a board game.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WW: Captain Underpants Birthday Party {Linky}

We had Mica's 8th birthday family party this weekend. He wanted a Captain Underpants party. Capes were made, and underwear went over tan shorts for Mica, Isaak and their Cousins Evan and Elijah.

Here's the cake:

It's not perfect, but I was happy with it. I printed out his invite backwards.

Tape the image with wax paper on top of it to a cutting board. Just put the details on with frosting, freeze. Frost the rest, freeze. I put a white coat of frosting over that, freeze. Then flip it over carefully to put on the cake, freeze. Then SLOWLY peel off the wax paper. I was so unsure if this whole process would work, or not work. It did! YAY! It wasn't perfect, but hey it looked like Mica and Captain Underpants. I'm pretty sure I froze it too many times, but I like working over frozen frosting much more than melted.

Somehow more and more kept being added to Mica's Captain Underpants costume. Super hero cape, tan shorts, underwear, water gun, baseball helmet, and an Indiana Jones Satchel.

Here's Grandma and Isaak. Isaak has her wrapped around his little fingers.

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I  have a giveaway up to win an 8"x10" Easy Canvas.

Monday, August 12, 2013

School is Starting!

Everyone starts school at different times. This is the crazy week for us to start. I may, or may not be able to blog a lot this week. I do have somethings planned ahead. There is always the first things to grade. I begin with my art students early. I expect references and tiny sketches called thumbnails right away. In one of my first year classes they are doing a project out of only white or clear paper and materials. This is for me to grade them on craft. Then we dive into logos for a manual for my third year class. My other first year class they begin painting black and white paintings and add color washes to that. In that class it's an exercise to study values. It's a busy, yet fun week.

The boys start school on Wednesday. Isaak wishes he was 4, so he could go to preschool again. I didn't tell him this, but I wish I was 4 again to. All their stuff is ready to go. I even bought treats for Mica to take to school for the second day of class; since his birthday was on August 10th.

I know I'll we'll be tired from over stimulation this week and next. Daddy won't understand why I'm grumpy when I get home. I'm generally like that they first week or two of school. I don't mean to be. It's just a lot of stimulation I'm not used to. He says I have, "Teacher Tone!"

If you are looking for cool back to school things, now's the time to shop. Actually wait a week or so. Everything will go on clearance. My Back-to-School Fashion Pinterest Board must of been sent out to gobs of people. I'm getting emails left and right that people like this or that. Many new followers. I just can't keep up with it. Usually I open each and every email to see what they like, if I should follow back and such. Now I'm just like great another liker! If you want to see my  Back-to-School Fashion Board go HERE.

Just a handful of my favorites from the board:

Homework Pencil Boxes from Stuck on You. I'm getting ready SOON to do a review and giveaway for them. I love these pencil boxes!

Making Self Portraits. This would be cute to have your kids do this once a year!

Do it yourself felt no sew pencil roll.

Paint with chalkboard paint on your kid's lunchbox. You can write them messages everyday. This of course only works with metal lunchboxes.

The Piggy Story is so fun! It's for littler kids. They have lunch boxes, aprons, artfolios, dishes and more. I bought 2 lunchboxes from them. They came with a dish set inside them and stories to!

I have a lot of teacher gift ideas on my Back-to-School Fashion Pinterest Board as well.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Morning Out

On Saturday I really wanted to take the boys out to do some things. We went to the Lowes Clinic. They were super excited to make planes!

Isaak really was off that day because his tummy hurt and leg hurt. I don't know what the deal was. He was limping. I believe that he really was in pain, but I didn't know what to do to help him. He didn't participate much in building his plane.

The boys got a new apron because they filled up their aprons two times ago. Instead of wearing just one, they wore one on the front as an apron, and the other on the back as a cape.

After that we went to Barnes and Noble. I had a coupon for Mica (the birthday boy) to get a fee cupcake, or cookies. Isaak wanted something to drink, so we got a Grapefruit Izzy to split. I just love bookstores. I know someday there won't be a bookstore, but I think they are great! We sat around, had our snack, read books and they played with the table train. Review

I love the look of of corsets. To me they are feminine, sexy and vintage looking. Even though I'm always liked the looks of corsets, I've never had one. That is until sent me one. They truly have the best selection of corsets.

They let me pick, which corset I wanted. That was a hard task. There are so many.

I love black, so that's what I went with.

The corset is slightly padded with under wires for support. I do like the under wire. I'm large breasted, so support is nice. It's snug, but that's a corsets job. I am certainly happy with how it looks.

They also sent a matching panties. 

I'm not a big fan of panties with no full back. I've just never liked how they feel. I do like how they are adjustable.

What I love about is that the prices are super! There are many corsets that are under $30! They have free shipping when you spend over $80.

I can't see myself wearing a corset every day. I know some people that do. I do need assistance in getting it on. It's something special to wear once and a while. This could be a great gift for a bridal shower or wedding gift!

The sizing is different than what I was used to. They have size chart to help with your purchase.

The has other things besides corsets. Check out their site to see more.

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