Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Night

  • We met up with some family for pizza, pool and fun. 
  • I skipped the pizza and brought something more healthy for me to eat.
  • The boys had fun. 
  • Mica couldn't wait to go swimming. He did bite his tongue and lost a lens from his goggles while in the pool. He was in tears over the lens. Later Aunt Terra found the lens.
  • Isaak was fussy! He liked swimming. He did decide to jump up and down on the shallow 0 foot end, fell and banged his head on the concrete. It wasn't too hard (sigh of relief!)
  • He spent most of the time out of the water playing on the play ground equipment that was indoors. He was pretty interested in what other kids were playing.
  • I saw what I thought was ice on the floor. It never would melt. Isaak was jumping up and down, and I realized what I thought was ice was the insides of his diaper hitting the ground.
  • I took both boys to the bathroom right away! Mica was standing behind the door. I asked him to move, and bam a lady opened it up right into his nose. She felt so bad. I told her it was a life lesson for him.

Lost and Found Cell Phone

  • The boys and I went for a long walk this morning to the park. Mica walked, and Isaak got a stroller ride.
  • We got home, took my keys out of the stroller console.
  • It didn't faze me right away that I didn't have my cell phone. 
  • I went downstairs to check out where my cell phone was at after lunch. I couldn't find it anywhere.
  • I kept calling my cell phone from my land line, and heard nothing.
  • The boys were already down for a nap, so it's not like I could drive back to the park to go get my phone. I didn't even know if it would be at the park. It could of been anywhere on our journey.
  • I called Daddy at work. He drove to the park, called my phone and found it.
  • Daddy's my hero!

Friday Night

  • We went to a friend's apartment Friday night to hang out. We played instruments and went swimming.
  • The boys had a blast!
Both boy's loved playing with the accordion! Mica looks crazy in the first one.
Drumming Time

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Picnic Table

Naturally Playful Countryside Cottage Giveaway

  • My Wee View is giving away a Step 2 - Naturally Playful Countryside Cottage.
  • Detailed interior features stone fireplace and kitchenette with sink, swivel faucet, burner, and clicking knob
  • Large windows
  • Working dutch door, built-in planter for flowers, and mail slot
  • Durable, poly construction
  • Electronic features: Doorbell and play phone (requires 4 "AAA" batteries, not included)

Fasting, Fasting, Fasting

  • Once again I'm fasting for a glucose testing. I had to fast for 12 hours. No breakfast for me today. This lab stuff will take two hours.
  • Having this done in the morning is no big deal. Right now I'm drinking my orange drink. It brings back memories of being pregnant with my two boys.
  • Only this time I'm just fat, not pregnant.

  • On Monday I fasted all day, came in to get my lab work at 3:45, and they told me it was too late in the day to do anything.
  • The nurse said as long as it was before 5. Not so.
  • This is my second time coming in.
  • At least I have a computer to type on! ;)
  • It's too bad they don't have an exercise room right here. :( But we are going swimming tonight, tomorrow night and on Sunday. ;)

A few additonal things that have gone on:
  • Mica had a playdate last night. He was so excited, but crazy hyper when the little boy came to play! So much so that he got two to three timeouts! This is rare for Mica to get this many timeouts in one time frame.
  • Daddy went to start the Piolet this morning only to find that it needed a jump start. It turns out that one of the boys probably hit a light on one of the side doors when we were cleaning the inside of it out two nights ago. We haven't driven it since. His co-worker Raul came to give him a jump start. I had already left to come to this appointment. Thank you Raul!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Giveaways Ending Tomorrow at Midnight!

  • I have two giveaways going on that end tomorrow! 
  • They are both for csn | stores ($40 gift certificate) and can be found here and here.

Washing Cars

  • I saw the summer idea of getting your kid to wash their own car on the Jolly Mom blog.
  • Both boys had fun. Although we did have to watch them closely. 
  • Isaak kept wanting to put the dirty rag in his mouth.
  • Mica was Mica's usual self, a total boy. He was flinging the rag everywhere!

  • We started off by spraying them. 
  • Mica loved being sprayed, and kept asking to be sprayed more.
  • Isaak asked to be sprayed, and would cry for Mommy once he was sprayed. 
        • Then it became time to wash cars. Man they were messy!

            Ever Changing Owie

            • Mica said in the car ride this morning, "Awe Daddy my owie moved from my leg to my arm!"
            • I'm not so sure owie's work that way Mica.

            Wednesday, July 28, 2010

            New Blog

            • I teamed up with friend in the blogger world Jessie to make a new blog. This time it's to record healthy recipes, exercises we do and thoughts we have about losing weight. 
            • We made a pact that we will check in once a week to record what we are doing to better our lives.
            • Check out our new blog: Finding Me Again!
            • There's only a handful of posts because it's new, but we've started!

            Tuesday, July 27, 2010

            CSN | Stores Product Review Coming Soon

            • I keep thinking about all kinds of home projects since Daddy put in a new bathroom facet. It looks so nice by the way! 
            • The boy's love it because they can finally turn the knobs themselves to wash their hands. The other facet was stubborn.

            • csn | stores contacted me with great news. They consider me a preferred blogger. Thank you csn | stores!!!!!!! 
            • I'm going to do another product review for them. 
            • csn | stores has so much to look at with their 200 stores. Their selection is HUGE! They have a stylish bedroom vanity, Daddy was interested in their air compressors, I like their selection of kitchen food scales and of course Mica and Isaak love looking through their Toys and Games
            • You've got to check out csn | stores if you haven't already! There is really something for everybody.
            • I'll be posting a full product review soon.

            Fasting Was Not a Success!

            • I fasted all day yesterday only to be light headed, sleepy and hungry.
            • I got to the doctors office and they said that they couldn't do the testing that they needed to do. 
            • It was too late in the day. 
            • I took off of work for nothing.
            • The nurse that called me asked when I wanted to do this test? I said Friday morning. Then I called her back and said Monday at 3:45, because I just wanted to get the test going; move this whole process along.
            • She said, "You do understand that you need to fast for 12 hours!" I said, "I know." 
            • She told me that as long as I got there before 5, I was fine. 
            • I have summer school that ends Thursday. Class gets out at 3:30. This is my hold up.
            • Now on Friday I need to fast all over again. This time the appointment is in the morning, so it will be much easier on my system.

            Monday, July 26, 2010

            Fasting, Fasting, Fasting

            • We had company all weekend, and yesterday I made yummy feta cheese burgers with chopped up tomatoes, chopped green onion, worcestershire sauce and oat meal in them. Oh and sides of salad, cheesy potatoes and watermelon. 
            • My supper consisted of couscous, tofu, plain lettuce and watermelon.
            • Last week I learned that I have high cholesterol and my blood sugar is elevated.
            • I have to go in today to get more blood work done. 
            • Summer school is going on until the end of the week, so I wanted to get this lab testing rolling. My appointment isn't until 3:45 today-after class. I had to fast for 12 hours. Most people test in the morning.
            • I stayed up late last night, and had an additional meal of couscous, tofu, plain cucumber and grapes. This might be my new life because I need to start taking better care of myself. 
            • My cholesterol isn't too incredibly high. It's 206. I have a family history of high cholesterol, over weight family members and diabetes. I told my doctor that I want to lose weight, so that is the path I'm on.
            • I have to say that I've never been too bad with food. I could be better. I make great baked things in the kitchen that I, or Daddy take to work. I don't devour them myself. 
            • At this present moment in time I could eat a horse, and it's lunch time for most everyone, but me.
            • I'm walking more during lunch time at work. It's a start, but I need to exercise more, a lot more.

            • I just weaned Isaak all the way from nursing. He's a boob man. He turned 2 in May. I wanted him to self wean, but I'd get him down to one a day. Somehow we'd go backwards, and he'd be nursing all the time again.
            • I had to cut him off. He was horrible the first few days, crying and asking for it. He hasn't asked for it all weekend! I cried the first few days too, just not as bad as him. :( My emotions were crazy finding out all this medical stuff, and weaning at the same time. I read that if you wean cold turkey it's worse then weaning slow emotion wise. This is so true. If only I could of gotten Isaak to wean slow!

            • Daddy found a mole that has changed on his leg. It's a red one, and has spider like pattern spreading from it. A hard core under it. 
            • This too is scary, and he's getting it look at. He's supposed to call today to make an appointment.

            Hanging Out With Friends

            • Isaak was stand offish towards our company at first. Mica's always been our more outgoing child, and Isaak's always been more shy.
            • We all had fun!
            Niko reminded Isaak that he too can sit in a toy box.
            Isaak and Niko playing. Isaak has his hands in a spot where they shouldn't be. Boys will be boys.
            Our friend Mark was great with the kids! He knew exactly how to handle Mica! I told him to drop Mica in the trash can. He almost did. Isaak thought Mark was funny.
            Niko didn't want to leave Mica's truck behind.
            Isaak gave everyone a hug, but wouldn't hug Niko. Little punk! Niko gave Isaak a hug anyhow.

            Zoo Time

            • We went to the zoo on Saturday with our company.
            • It was fun minus a few events. Isaak and Mica were tired in the car before we even got there because they stayed up way too late the night before, and got up at their usual time. They were more irritable then usual.
            Here Isaak is ready to go at the zoo. 
            The line was really long, and the parking lot was full.
            Isaak talking to a goat. He seemed to like them, except when a goat bumped into him. He didn't like that too much.
            Ahh...the Madagascar exhibit. This is when Mica had a melt down! He was so disappointed that the characters from Disney's Madagascar movie were not in this exhibit!  Mica told me, "Mommy we have to find a zoo person to ask where Melman (the giraffe in the movie) is at!" We made sure we saw some giraffe's after the exhibit.
            A lemur standing on a turtle.
            Pretty fish.

            The sky lift. I was with Mica. He said, "Don't be scared Mommy." I do not like to be up high! He's much braver then I.

            Daddy and Isaak. Behind them is part of our company.

            Our company. Kim, Neil and their son Niko. They are friends from college. Their son is so cute!

            Some animals we saw.

            This is what my whole family needed, a nap! We had fun, but we were also very sleepy!

            Sunday, July 25, 2010

            Busy Weekend!

            • I think every weekend is busy! We had friends that came to see us from Kansas City.  
            • We had 4 adults and a toddler that came to hang out with us. :)
            • Mica was watching out the window for our guests to get here. 
            • Isaak threw a HUGE crying episode once our company came in. I'm not sure what his problem was. He would not sit next to (almost 2 year old) Niko at the kid table to eat. 
            • Niko threw a crying episode when it was time to leave, and he couldn't take Mica's truck with him. 
            • Silly kids!

            Digging for Potatoes


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