Saturday, August 14, 2010

CSN | Stores - Giveaway!

  • I just love CSN | Stores! They have most everything you can think of!
  • I'd totally get Isaak one of these Melissa and Doug Dogs for Christmas.

CSN | Stores - Giveaway!

  • I just love CSN | Stores! They have most everything you can think of!
  • Isaak loved these Melissa and Doug full sized dogs at the Children's Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giveaway on Melissa and Doug's Blog

  • Melissa and Doug are giving away an Deluxe Floor Easel $69.99 and an Easel Companion Set $34.99 on their blog!
  • I love their products!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mica!

  • Today is Mica's birthday! He woke up, and we started singing to him. He said, "No, no stop singing. You have to only sing when we have the robot cake!" We kept singing anyhow. 
  • He'll get his presents from us tonight. Then he has a family party this weekend and a friend party the weekend after. I'm hoping more of his friends RSVP because none of his preschool friends from last year have. Mica so wanted them to come over to our house. 
  • Here's a letter to Mica,
Dear Mica,

You're already half a decade old! I remember very well the day you were born. You were breech, and would not turn. I tried everything from lying on an elevated ironing board upside down to having the doctor's try and turn you from the outside. Nothing worked! I went in for a c-section. You came out mooning the doctors!

I love watching you play! You have a very good imagination. Right now your favorite things are: Anything Toy Story, building anything from train tracks to Lego towers. You still love to have books read to you, you're starting to read little words on your own!

Mica I'm very excited how independent you've become in the last year. I have to admit I do like it when you need help from time to time. You're a good big brother and son!

I love you!



  • I've began reducing my serving sizes at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  • My vegetable serving's went up in size. 
  • For breakfast I started using one of the kid's cups for juice, and one of their bowls for cereal (if that is one of the things we are having). Their bowls and cups are more the size of what I should be eating and drinking. 
  • Isaak points at my cup and bowl (which are really both Mica and his) and says, "That's not hyour's (your's) that's mine!" He shakes his head and smiles while he's saying it. ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two New Teeth

  • Isaak's been a real Mommy's boy lately!!!!!!!!!! Like the last 3 weeks!!!!!
  • I was actually getting somewhat bothered by him. Don't get me wrong, I love him. My back just got sick of picking him up, and I was tired of him fussing for me when I'd walk away. 
  • I thought it was just some stranger anxiety faze he was going through. We've been around a lot of people lately.
  • Today we found out that he has 2 new back molars that just barely popped through. 
  • This explains the crabby behavior and messy diapers!
  • Now I feel bad for being annoyed with him. I remember getting wisdom teeth, and it hurt! 
  • Those teeth on me didn't even come through all the way. I can only imagine the kind of pain little one's go through with cutting teeth. 

T-Rex Cafe

  • We only walked through T-Rex Cafe
  • We loved the scenery!
  • The boy's got to choose one thing to take home. Isaak chose a triceratops stuffed animal. He kept chewing on the horns. We offered to make Mica Build a Dinosaur, woolly mammoth. He declined. He wanted a $5 little binocular like thing. He's never been a stuffed animal kid.

Great Wolf Lodge

  •  Everything about the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City the kids LOVED! 
  • I take that back; Isaak didn't like the bigger water slides. I should of never listened to the life guard when she told me that he'll love it, and that kids younger then him go on it all the time. He might of been ok if he could go with a parent. Daddy pushed him, and Mommy caught him. He scream cried the whole way down. I felt soooo bad!
  • Their was a little girl that kept going down the kiddy slides with Isaak. She'd hold his hand and walk him up, and they'd go down the slides together. This repeated for about an hour. Her dad said, "Alyssa, you can't go down the same slide." I said, "Her name is Alyssa? My name is Alissa." Too funny!
  • Mica had no fear. He'd go down anything.
  • I wanted to get pictures of the kids on some rides, but I didn't know what to do with my camera. I didn't want to mess up the camera around all that water, or get it stollen.
    Isaak with a  look like he's thinking, "What is this life jacket thing?" Mica with a look like he's thinking, "Mom hurry up and take the picture! I want to get into the water!" 
    We loved this part of the water park! Especially when water tipped over on us.
    There is a spot close to the lobby where story time is at. We missed story time, but did get to see the animals talking and singing. Isaak was dancing. Both boy's were in tune to what the characters were saying.
    At the end of the day they were toast!

    Sleeping in the Car

    • Our boy's hardly sleep in the car! We really have to wear them out to sleep!
    • I hear stories about other kids sleeping the whole way on vacation, and it just doesn't happen for us until we've really worn them out!
    • We drove an hour to Lincoln; no sleep. We drove 3 hours to Kansas City; no sleep. We drove 20 minutes to see some friends; sleep. We had to wake them up soon after they fell asleep.
    • We couldn't help, but laugh when Mica's head kept bouncing around like a ping pong ball. 
    • We felt bad, but it was also funny. 
    • It sort of reminds me of my college students during lecture time. Not that I'm boring. A few just do that with just about every teacher.

    Children's Museum - Lincoln, Nebraska

    • The boy's were very excited to visit the children's museum in Lincoln, Nebraska!
    • Mica was literally jumping up and down with a smile on his face!
    • This is were we got a lot of pictures.
    The Boy's Posing Outside the Museum with Statues
    The boy's in Their Fire Truck

    The Boy's in a Police Motorcycle

     The Boy's in a Plane

     Mica in a Tractor
    Daddy was Happy to Play Dress Up!
    Mommy and Isaak in Big Chairs

    Daddy and Isaak Hanging Out on the Street
    Mica Playing in the Water Section
    • This is only half of what they had. The boy's were all over the place! It was hard getting photo's of them that were not blurry!
    • One of Mica's favorites was what I called "The Mole Holes." They were holes and hills that kids could climb in and come out somewhere else. I thought it looked like fun, but I hated that Mica would go in and disappear. It made me think of a kid being kidnapped, and a parent not knowing. Isaak got kicked by an older kid, so we just had to watch them all over.
    • Isaak liked the BIG Melissa and Doug full sized dogs that were in the vet.
    • They had all kinds of play stations including a pizza parlor, vet, doctor's office, grocery store, 911, farm and more!

    Morrill Hall - Lincoln, Nebraska

    • We traveled an hour away to visit a few museums. The first stop was Morrill Hall in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
    • Daddy loves this museum because he loves fossils of pretty much anything. He also helped dig up a plesiosaur with some of the paleontologist's in Lincoln.


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