Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. I used the nice, very expensive camera at work. I attached it to a tripod, and continued to show each student that turned in their work how to use the camera. I sat down after showing a student how to use it, and BAM the camera did a face plant into the floor. I tested it. It turned on. The black plastic on the lens towards the top was shattered. :(

    I'm on the last season of Dexter. The thought occurred to me to play dumb, and pretend to not know what happened to the camera. It could have fallen when I was out of the room. Reality slapped me in the face. What was I thinking? Tis' the season of giving, and here I am thinking of covering up something that wasn't my fault, but happened in my care. All weekend I stewed over the situation.

    On Monday I went right into the boss man's office to confess what had happened. He was ok about it. Then I felt awful about the thought that I was even thinking about covering up the camera's face plant. I told him that I was afraid of how he'd react, and that I should have told him right away. 

  2. A student that isn't even my student right now has been really disrespectful to me twice this week. (I'll call her non-student because she's not my student right now).

    She keeps coming in to talk to my students. That's not usually a big deal, but it's finals week.

    The non-student came in to talk to one girl that owed me 4 major projects, my current student always has people around her talking to her, and she is the type that can't say, "I have too work to do. Leave me alone right now." She's too nice. I would have liked to of said to the non-student, "The girl you are talking to owes me 4 projects. She can't focus when others talk to her. She's too nice to tell you that. Be a good friend, and leave her alone, so she can work." BUT that's none of my non-student's damn business! I asked my non-student politely to leave the room, so my students could study and get their artwork done. She flat out refused. When I was more stern in my request she said I was so rude to her. I don't get upset very easily. How she was talking to me made me shake inside. I said, "The first time you were in here I said nothing. This is the second time. I have students that need to get their work done. I would have never talked to my teachers like that. It's time for you to leave. Get out!" She mumbled, "I'm not disrespectful!" She stayed for another few minutes then left, came back 10 minutes later, saw me see her, and left again.

    That's the part of teaching I don't like. They are college students, so many think they know everything. They are "adults". Those same students think they are free to do anything.

    There's a reason why this one student was in my classroom, she's rubbed her own classmates the wrong way. I also found out from her teachers that she owed them a major project, but wanted to do the minimum on it.  

  3. I'm not a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I like it. When I was younger I'd beg for my mom to give me Princess Leia buns. I'm not the fan that collects all things Star Wars. Travis knows the boys want to see The Force Awakens. He secretly got tickets. The boys know nothing. It will be fun to surprise them tonight. 

  4. Are you going to see it?
  5. It most certainly feels like winter this week. Christmas most certainly crept up on us. When Mica shouts out how many days there are until Christmas every morning. I panic every time. I have most of my cookies done, but had to make more because my sisters, mom and I are decorating them this weekend. It's ok if I have too many. We're having a kid New Years party. In the deep freezer the cookies will be. I have wrapping to do as well.

  6. The boy's holiday program is today! I'm writing this on Thursday. It will be a hectic day for sure. Their program times are 10 and 1:30. I have to give my final at 1. 10:30 is the time I go. With it being the last day of the semester it's a crazy time to have to leave work to go to a concert. I do want to see it though!  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

'Elephant Stack' 24k Gold Plated Earrings Review

I really love NOVICA. They have some of the most unique, and artistic products out there. I have a drum from there. Whenever I wear from NOVICA, I get many compliments. 

Recently I received  'Elephant Stack' 24k Gold Plated Earrings, for review from NOVICA

The earrings are fairly lightweight. They dangle down a bit, but aren't heavy. They don't even get hooked on my clothing, or tangled up in my hair.

About The Earrings:
  • Sheets of gold vermeil receive a brushed texture, and three whimsical elephants are cut out by hand. 
  • They were made to celebrate Thailand's heritage in 24k gold plated sterling silver.
  • .925 Sterling silver 1.4" L x 0.5" W 
  • Hook earrings
  • Brushed-satin finish

About The Artist:
NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the world to produce stunning, keepsake treasures. NOVICA gives credit to the artists that make their products. Since I have an art background, an artist getting credit is super important to me. 

The earrings I got to review are designed by Jantana.

Many of the items I've gotten from NOVICA have come with a thank you card from the artist.

It also came with a tiny information card about the 'Elephant Stack'.


Novica has always impressed me with their packaging. The little bag that the earrings came in is special. It could even be used to send another gift to a friend or family member. 


The earrings are $108.95 and on sale for $49.99. I think that's a great price for something that is artist made!

Have you ever bought anything from NOVICA?

What the Product Means to Me:
  • I've taken a special interest in elephants lately. They stand for wisdom, loyalty, sensitivity, peace, determination and more.  
  • Considering that I'm getting ready to have a pretty invasive nose surgery, I need what elephant's offer in a symbol.
  • I plan on wearing these earrings every day, up until I have surgery. 

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for a discounted rate in exchange for a review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Model Molecular Organic Chemistry Student Set Review

I recently got Model Molecular Organic Chemistry Student Set to review.

Inside it's filled with pieces. 

Set Contents: 

• 1 - Storage Box with Four Compartments
• 22 - White Hydrogen Atoms 
• 14 - Black Carbon Atoms
• 6 - Red Oxygen Atoms 
• 4 - Blue Nitrogen Atoms
• 2 - Yellow Sulfur Atoms
• 4 - Green Halogen Atoms
• 1 - Purple Phosphorus Atom
• 1 - Gray Metal Atom
• 28 - White Small Connectors
• 30 - White Medium Connectors
• 12 - Gray Long Connectors 
• 1 - Molecular Tool (For Disassembly)

It has instructions on the inside of the case that explains the pieces that you need to make different molecular structures. The company also sends a PDF that shows pictures and instructions of things to make. Their website has models on it as well.

Product Highlights:

• The set contains 54 atoms to provide students a visual, hands-on experience for learning chemistry functional groups and molecular structures.

• The durable, high quality plastic atoms are color coded to universal standards.

• Instructions are included on the inside cover to easily identify all of the atoms and connectors included in the set.

• The box contains four compartments for simple storage and organization.

• Molecular tool included to quickly disassemble molecules and atom connectors. I read that some people had trouble getting the pieces apart, but we did not. They were snug, but not difficult to get apart.

Product Description:

The Model Molecular Student Set will bring to life concepts such as chirality, conformations and isomers to help you relate the physical and chemical properties of compounds to their molecular structures.

Get hands on experience with three dimensional topics covered in Organic and General Chemistry courses such as Lewis structures, Newman projections and wedge-dash diagrams. The versatile molecular set accelerates memorization by allowing you to visually create common functional groups such as ketones, aldehydes, alcohols, thiols, amines, aromatics and most other families of organic compounds.


$34.99, but on sale for $23.95.

What We Thought: 

My husband loves this! He asked, "Why can't you give this to me?" Then he thought that Isaak would enjoy this set along with him. Here I thought Mica would love it. Now I don't know who to give it to? It's a fight for this Christmas gift. They all would want it. If you're a regular reader you know my family, who would you give it to? Maybe Santa should just set it on the coffee table with no name. It could be a family gift.
  • It's a Chemistry Set
  • It's an Art Set
In my family we would totally use it to make little marquettes for little sculptures.

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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in exchange for a review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fun With an Extra Napkin

We went out to brunch this weekend. While we were waiting for our check Isaak had fun with an extra napkin at the table.

His out on a ranch look.

His smolder face.

There was a dust storm in the restaurant

A napkin bonnet.

This one isn't the best photo, but it cracks me up. I picture him saying, "I feel pretty. Oh so pretty!"

He had one as an exercise sweat band to, but the photo was horrible. This boy loves to move!

An accident happened while we were there. A server dropped a whole coffee pot. It sort of exploded on the ground. All the workers were laughing. All I could think of was, "Geez I'm glad she didn't get burnt!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WW: Mulhall's {Linky}

We went to see the live reindeer at Mulhall's Landscaping and Nursery in Omaha.

Santa was there to. My boys are getting too big for his lap! Isaak still 1/2 way believes, so we still go to see Santa.

Isaak was happy he got a candy cane!

Cuddle Time

I never knew there were so many varieties of Poinsettia!

Do you have a large nursery where you live?

Don't forget to enter my world wide giveaway for a NuNaturals prize pack (4 winners).

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