Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Boy's Have Been Cracking Up Over These Short Movies

We have no clue what they are saying, but it's funny.

Mica is Certainly Creative!

He was getting ready to get dressed this morning and said, "Hey Mom look I'm an astronaut." Funny kid!

My Boy's Love Robots!

Robots are pretty cool! Mica and Isaak both like the movie Robots! They like anything with robots on it!

My Wee View is hosting a giveaway for $40 gift certificate to ecomom! They have some cute robot things on their site.

ecomom COUPON CODE: “SBBL104″ for 15% off all orders.

Check out some of their robot things:

This would have to be for Isaak. It only comes in a 4T, so cute.

Great for the car! This is a flip book to make different robots!

Robot cupcake liners! Fun!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's! ;)

  • Young college students are easy to play tricks on! 
  • My April Fools joke: I made up a handout that had instructions for the students to write a 4 to 5 page paper on children's book illustration.
  • One thing I know is that art students HATE to do anything different then art! Writing a paper is agony.
  •  I already had them write one paper {for real} and heard moans and groans! I kept cheering them on saying things like, "Hey you are in college folks." "This is such a great experience!" And "It a great way to learn how to critique and talk about your art." They really didn't want to hear any of it. Most all of the 2 to 3 page papers I made them write earlier, were exactly 2 pages. I think I only had 2 students that wrote onto the 3rd page. 
  • Back to today...April Fool's Day! I handed out their FAKE assignment. 
  • I had one student begin to protest. He said, "I don't really know that much about this topic. There is no way I can write 4 to 5 pages on it."
  • My assistant said, "Go to Boarders or Barnes and Noble to research!" 
  • I said, "Ya guys I had to write 15 page papers in grad school."
  • They all shut up. 
  • I proceeded to give the rest of lecture. 
  • At the end I said, "Oh, by the way...the paper assignment, well it's an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!" They all looked relieved, and some laughed. I made them promise to not tell the late comers about the APRIL FOOLS assignment. 
  • We had a few late comers and the whole class played along. ;)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I'm Thinking...

when Isaak turns 3 on May 19 to change this blogs name to Planet of the Apel's.

I'll have to change the top band then anyhow because it says he's two on it.
Our boy's love rockets, blasting off and I was thinking of Planet of the Ape's. 
Is the name "Planet of the Apel's" cool or lame? What do you think?


I bought some Dixi cups to try and teach both boys how to swish water around in their mouth, and to spit out their toothpaste.

We've always used non-fluoride toothpaste. But I'm ready for them to spit the yucky food particles down the drain.

I still catch them swallowing first, then swishing the water and spitting. We'll have to keep working on it. LOL

Mica was practicing the spitting this morning. Isaak said, "WOW that's a cool one Mica! You did a good job!" He liked Mica's ability to spit. Funny kid!

Once we have this down, maybe we can tackle getting them to blow their noses! Both boy's have refused to learn this task. Mica needs to learn how to tie shoes. Isaak needs to learn how to wipe his booty. There's always something!


Mica held up the remainder of his waffle this morning and said, "Hey look it's Nebraska!"

Daddy and I were amazed that he made the connection. Apparently he's been doing the puzzle of the United States in preschool. Smarty pants!

A Lot of Fun While Eating!

I bought these plates downtown this past weekend. Two boy ones, but they sell girl ones too! You can get them at one of my favorite stores online Uncommon Goods for $12. Kind of pricey for a plate, but well worth the fun!!!!!!

They are dishwasher and microwave safe! What I LOVE is that they are ceramic and not plastic. It's hard to find fun ceramic plates. I'd rather them not eat on plastic. I just don't know what chemicals are in the plastic. My kids are past the point of throwing their dishes, but young enough to eat on something fun. Lets face it, I have fun decorating them. The boy's tell me that it's Uncle Eric before he is decorated {he's bald}. LOL

This is what their dinner looked like last night. They ate everything and asked for seconds. I find myself saying, "Ok eat the hair before you can have more of the beard." Right now it works! Isaak doesn't usually prefer broccoli, but he ate it all!

You might be thinking, "What's on his head?" That's his hat, fried chicken. I ground up oatmeal and wheat crackers, mixed in some spices. Shoved the mixture it in a big Zip Lock bag, dipped the chicken in egg, I shake it in the mixture and cook it in Olive Oil. Olive Oil burns a little in the end, but it's so much more healthy then other oils. His hair is steamed broccoli and he has a black grape beard.

Play with your food! I dare you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off With His Door!

  • Many moons ago Mica kept slamming his bedroom door shut. He was trying to keep his little brother and cousin out of his room. I can understand him wanting privacy, but we will not put up with Mica slamming his door. Not only that, but we were worried Mica would hurt Isaak.
  • Sure enough it happened! A long time ago Mica slammed Isaak's fingers into the door. Isaak was crying. I went to pick him up, and Isaak's fingers were in Mica's door! Isaak's fingers were flattened like a pancake. I thought we might have to rush to the emergency room, but they seemed to pop back in place after 10 min. Then it took a long time for his fingernails to look normal. We had to let them grow out. Mica lost his door. Daddy took it off the hinges. Along with that, he lost his privacy. Mica had to put up with Isaak and cousin Elijah coming in his room. 
  • Mica got his bedroom door back on Christmas Eve. It was one of his presents from us. Then we knew he couldn't hear Santa come in through the fireplace. 
  • He was thankful. We talked to him about safety, and not slamming the door.
  • The past few weeks Mica started to slam his door again. He was warned two days ago that he'd loose his door if he slammed it.
  • Yesterday he slammed his door, and Daddy took it off the hinges again. Mica's bedroom door is now in our garage. Mica pleaded at the time for Daddy not to take it away. Now he seems ok with not having a door.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cousin Elijah's Birthday

  • We celebrated cousin Elijah's 3rd birthday this weekend. It's hard to believe Elijah and Isaak are that old already! Isaak will be 3 on May 19. 
  • We got Elijah a German Shorthaired Pointer thanks to CSN|Stores. I was really excited to get the Melissa and Doug Pooch out of our closet. ;) He was so big, that I couldn't find a box to fit him in. I used the shipping box at Christmas time to wrap something else in. I went to 2 stores to try and find a big gigantic birthday bag to wrap the dog in with no luck. I should have just tried Factory Card and Party Outlet right away; but I didn't think about it at all until the party was started. So the German Shorthaired Pointer got shoved into a black garbage bag. 
A big boy trike from Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs

A Big Pooch From Us

Elijah gave hugs to everyone!

Mica was sleepy! Can you tell?

Isaak was shy at first. He always is when more then one family is on the scene. At present opening time he warmed up to everyone. He even sat on cousin Elijah and Evan's Great Grandma's lap {from their other side}. At the end of the night he called her "Grandma," which she's not his Grandma, but that's ok. 

Isaak was curious! It's like he's thinking, "I wonder if I can play with this ginormous dog?"

Everybody got a chance to play with the toys {if they wanted to}. Even Uncle Tyson enjoyed playing with the dog!

The night ended with Evan playing in the bike box, and Great Grandma Kent wanting him out of the box, stories of snakes, boy's playing and laughter.

Aunt Terra said this morning, "Elijah has been sleeping with the dog every night - good thing he has a full size bed - it takes up half of it!!!!"


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