Friday, February 13, 2009

Anyone Can Make Comments

  • You don't have to sign up with e-blogger to make comments on here anymore. Anyone can make comments. So...share with me your thoughts.


  • If anyone knows why "undefined, undefined" is showing up above all my posts I'd love to hear from you. I'm not too good with coding, and for the life of me can't figure out why that is showing up.

Let it Snow!

  • We have a couple inches of snow in Omaha today. It's supposed to snow more (8" all together), so my students got to leave early. It actually makes my job harder because my lesson plans are thrown off a bit now. I had a major project due today, oh well. At least I have the afternoon to myself. I'm sure the boys are enjoying watching the snow with Travis today.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Standing How?

  • Isaak's been standing up in his crib; when he has his sleep sack on. For those of you who don't know what a sleep sack is, it's a sleeper with no leg holes to go over their PJ's. Mom's use them a lot now a days, because nothing is supposed to go in their crib, even blanket's. It's a SIDS thing. I wonder to myself, "How in the hell does he do that"? It seems like a challenging task to me to stand without the full movement of legs.
  • I wonder when I can start putting a blanket on him? That is one of my doctor questions for this Sat. I do cheat sometimes, and put a light weight blanket in there. I've read not to put blanket's or anything in a crib until they are past a year old. Seems like a long time to me.
  • Times change; I remember with Mica we swaddled him for sleepy time.

Valentines Party

  • Mica had his Valentines party at preschool yesterday. He was so excited to have a bag of candy! That boy has a major sugar tooth - just like me. We went through his Valentines and read them. It was hard reading all the signatures; we figured them out. Travis ended up holding Mica's arm to write the letters in his name. It's a start. He's right handed; I can tell that.
  • Poor Isaak has a doctor's appointment on Valentines Day. It's so nice they'll take my kids in on a Sat. No time off work. I'll have Mica give their doctor a Valentine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Robot Love

  • I made these Valentines for Mica. Now he just needs to sign all of them for his preschool class. Getting him to do that is harder then making the Valentines.

2 Teeth

  • I finally got a good shot of Isaak's two teeth. They've grown enough to see now. I got bit for the first time this weekend. I shouted out, "No bite Isaak", and took him off feeding. He got the pouty lip, and started crying. It didn't hurt too bad, but he has to know that, biting is bad.
  • Side note, his hair is lightening up.


  • I just shove the boys in the bathtub together. They both love when I dump water over their head's. I know most kids hate that, but mine love it. Mica says, "Do it again Mommy"! Isaak smiles. They both know how to splash. I'm lucky I have shower doors to shut, but still get after them not to splash so hard.

Locked Up Together

  • I had Mica in Isaak's crib this weekend. I was going through Isaak's clothes, and shoved the boy's in Isaak's crib together. Isaak was cracking up because Mica was putting his head in Isaak's mobile, and popping out saying, "Peek a Boo".

Toy Guitar's

  • The boys got these toy guitar's from Santa. I was surprised that Mica liked Isaak's more than his own. To me Isaak's guitar was lame compared to Mica's.

Valentines Brothers

  • Mica is much better about being there for Isaak. When Isaak needs help getting down while standing; Mica is right there helping him. Mica also tells me when I'm holding Isaak, "Mommy Isaak needs a toy to play with. I'll go get him one".
  • I have their Valentine shirts on. Mica's is "Captain Heartbreak" and Isaak's is "Robot Love" (I think). I wanted to get a better shot of Isaak's Valentine outfit, but he kept moving. I had robot Robeez shoes bought when Mica was Isaak's age; they work perfect with the outfit!

Captin Heartbreak

He Can Stand, but Can't Get Down

  • Isaak loves standing at the coffee table. The trouble is, he stays there until he A) Falls or B) I rescue him. In the upper image, he was enjoying looking at his reflection in the table.


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