Friday, March 22, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I had to go back on my every day inhaler when the flooding happened. I just was wheezing too much. I try not take it if I don't have to. The side effects suck. I'm tired, my skin feels itchy, my hands feel tingly, and my mouth is so dry. It hard to go off of it. It's a Steroid. My body wants to keep taking it. If I don't take it, I go back into a wheezing fit. 

  2. Isaak got into the crappiest middle school, for the district. Omaha Public Schools is way different from the school district I went to. I had 1 middle school in District 66. Omaha Public Schools has 12! They have you fill out 3 choices, and a computer picks your choice. It happens a lot where it skips your choices all together, and picks the school closest to your home. In our case, the one closest to our home is pretty crappy. They've been in the news showcasing all their fights. Oh joy! We knew this could happen. We also know, for our empathetic son that it's not a good fit!

    We filled out transfer papers, for him to get into the school district I went to. Chances are that he won't get into that district. They are already full. We won't find out until the middle of next month to know if he gets in, or not.

    Today Travis took Isaak, and toured a school that's still in Omaha Public Schools, yet is out of our bussing range. We have to fill out transfer papers in April to have him go to the middle school of our choice. I think he'll get in, BUT it will suck because there's no bussing. Beveridge Middle School was remodeled 3 or so years ago. It's an art and theater magnet school. Why they need focus areas in middle school is beyond me. The school seems like Isaak's personality to a T. I wish I could have found a better shot of the building. There are 3D abstract people dancing around in the front.

  3. Mica's already talking about how the school Isaak wants to get in is his rival school. I said, "They can't be rivals when they are in the same school district."

    Mica's school fits him to a T. He's such a science nerd. He goes to a science magnet school.

  4. I think this is pretty cool - residents that don't have flooding problems, but their neighbor's do have signs on their mailboxes saying, "Water" and "Laundry". When the signs are up, people know it's a safe zone to get help with those things. I love how in times of need, people step it up. 

  5. I had a student that's Mother passed away last semester. She had a clot in her brain. Now her family's home could possibly be one that's flooded. They live on a hill, so fingers crossed that it's ok. They haven't been able to go home to assess any damage that may have occurred. 

  6. Isaak got something new that's common apparently. A tonsil stone AKA Tonsilloliths. They usually don't remove them. The best thing to do: Gargle with salt water or apple cider vinegar and water. It must have helped because it went away after a few days of gargling. It's food particles that collect after having a cold. Have you ever had a tonsil stone?

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

WW: Owl {Linky}

Isaak brought home an owl pellet to dissect. I was thinking a pellet was a poop. Nope it's more like a fur ball they cough up. It's more matted, and the kids break it up.

He found a lot of bones, and 4 little animal skulls.

Call it gross if you want, but I thought it was pretty darn cool.

Did you ever dissect anything when you were younger? 


I don't know what I'm going to do when Isaak gets to be the same age as Mica. He's only 10, almost 11. His middle name should have been "Drama". All the people that told me that girls are more dramatic than boys, talked more, and cuddled less were wrong when it comes to Isaak.

For Valentines Day they had a dance at school. With Mica's teacher she sent home a letter saying that kids couldn't ask for dates. Isaak's teacher is new, and didn't get that memo. So he asked a girl on the first day.

That girl said, "Yes", then "No" the next day, then "Yes" after Isaak got his friend to help him write her a letter, and lastly "No" the day before the dance.

He went to school looking nice even though his date was no longer his date.

His date said, "Yes" to a new kid that kept calling Isaak names. He wasn't happy. He was all worked up.

When the dance happened he walked around in circles in the gym by himself. A few people told him he should apologize to the girl. Well he didn't do anything wrong. Why should he have apologized?

We heard about it everyday until the first part of March. That's when the girl wrote him an "I'm Sorry Letter".

She said:

It's been a long time since we talked. Well first of all I'm sorry! I didn't choose to go with _____. It was _____ who told me to. This is because I didn't know what to do there was so much going on in my mind that I just said "yes" to everything she said. They were all dares. Can we be friends again? I want it to be just like the old days. I'm sorry!

Thankfully Isaak's mostly drama free now. Although he is annoyed with the girl that tampered with things. He wants to fire her from his friendship club. I guess the drama isn't really free just yet.

Menstrual Cup Set Review

This post is for females, so if you're a male move on. Ha! 

I've heard of some friends saying that female supplies should be free, much like toilet paper is free when you go to a public restroom. If you feel that way, there are products out there that are fairly inexpensive, and can be used again and again. Because there are alternative products out there, I'm against women's time of the month products being publicly free.

Try a Menstrual Cup:

I know...I was weary at first. I think I had my first menstrual cup for 4 months before I was finally willing to try it out. Human's are so interesting when it comes to change. We want change for the better, but if it's new to us we're either excited about it, or stand offish.

My sister said, "Do you want to try a menstrual cup? I can get you one." I'm like, "I already have one. I just need to try it." I watched a few videos on YouTube where a girl from the UK talked about putting them in, and taking them out before I was comfortable to try mine. In the UK they are much more open, and willing to try new things.

What the Set Comes With:

It comes with 3 cups. You have the choice of small or large. I do wish the set had an option of one cup being small (for light days), one cup being medium (for mid cycle), and one cup being large (for heavy days). They are all different colors, so it would be easy to have them small, medium and large, and to know the difference. Instead I'll have one at home, one in my purse, and one at work.

It comes with a small fabric bag. The bag will stay in my purse.

Then there's an instruction manual. It shows how to use the cup.

Where to Get the Set:

You can get it on Amazon, for $16.99 for a set of 3 small, or 3 large. The sets are on Prime. The cost is great considering you can reuse these over and over again.

Most women spends $120 a year on menstrual products a year. The cup lasts for up to 10 years.

Is it Gross?

The quick answer is no. Not anymore gross than tampons, pads or diapers. If you think differently than the quick no answer, than you haven't tried them. You are being judgmental like I was before I tried them.

There's no tampon string you pee on, and remove. Yuck! There's no bleach you are inserting into your body. Double yuck!

There's nothing clogging up the toilet. I remember when I was a teen, my parents had a plumber out to fix the toilet my sister and I used. Tampons messed it up! I was mortified!

There's a student worker that dumps the trash. She said, "It's so gross that people do not wrap their pads with tissue before dumping them. I agree. No one wants to see that! At the same time it is what it is. I don't like waisting toilet paper when it's only serving the purpose of covering something up. With the cup I use pads way less!

The clean up isn't gross. You take it out, and dump it in the toilet. At home I wash it in the sink before putting it back in. At work I wipe it with toilet paper before putting it back in.

Another great thing, the duration of when you need to change a cup vs. when you need to change a tampon is way higher.

There are no worries about Toxic Shock Syndrome; that tampons can cause. You can leave a cup in for up to 24 hours! I change mine more often during heavier times.

How to Use a Cup:

Step 1 - Boil them in water. You can do this between cycles.

Step 2 - Wash your hands.

Step 3 - It's a medical grade silicone, so they bend easily. Twist it up in your hand like so...

Step 4 - Insert it. Put it up until silicone end is left to grab. It will pop out on the inside.



Step 5 - I have mine in all morning long on heavy days, and most of the day on light days. When it's to be removed. I was scared to take it out the first few times. You just pull the "nub" is what I call it. It comes out just enough to push on the body of it to make the suction go away. It comes out easily after that. 

I dump it, and wash it if possible. 

Simple! Less money! Less waist! Less toxic issues! 

Discloser: I got this product for free to help with this review. The company did not tell me what to write, or say.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Groove Life - Edge Silicone Rings Review

My husband makes most of my jewelry. He designs it, can cast it, and sets the stones. 

He hardly wears his own wedding ring. With his trade he uses his hands all the time. They get dried out from plaster. 

My Dad rarely wore his wedding ring either. His knuckles were so big. He had trouble getting his ring up and over his knuckle. Once it was on it was loose.

I'm happy to introduce you to Groove Life - Edge Silicone Rings:

 The ring came in a cool masculine tin box. It was easy to open.

The Great Thing About Silicone Rings:

-They are not expensive! The one they sent me is $29.95, which is way cheaper than the standard wedding ring.

-There is a lot of different looks: 91 on their website for men right now. 88 on their website for women right now.

-They have ones for men and women.

-They have different sizes to choose from. Men's run from 8-14. Women's run from 4-11.

-They stretch a big, so they'll go over big knuckles. They'll also come off when it's hot outside, and a finger swells.

-There are made with a medical grade silicone, so there aren't metal allergies to worry about.

- Because it's a medical grade silicone your finger won't get as hot as a traditional wedding ring will make it.

Where to Get This Ring:

Get it on their website:

They do let you trade out sizes, if the size doesn't work. They also have a great warranty. If it breaks, they let you exchange it.

Like I said above this ring is $29.95. The cost does very due to the style of the ring. They do have shipping options. I got mine fairly fast! If you want it delivered within 6-7 days it's only $1.99, if you want it delivered within 3-5 days it's only $2.99, and if you want it delivered really fast within 1-2 days it's $29. That still makes it cheaper than any traditional ring.

The Only Downfalls:

There is no stone selection. That's known upfront of course. 

I love the options on their site! Would you ever think to go with a silicone ring?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for this review that was written by me. The company did not influence me in any way on what to say. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Make the Flooding Stop

Just an update... I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm ok, but all around me is not.

Fremont, Nebraska has no direct route in or out. Some have had to evacuate their home. Many of the people that live there work in Omaha. I work with someone that lives in Fremont. His wife was stuck in Omaha, while he was in Fremont. She did make it home by driving on a street that was closed soon after she drove on it. They've had to work together to make sandbags. Many took each other in. Fremont has never had a flood problem like this, so many didn't have flood insurance.

HyVee (a grocery store) drove 5 huge trucks of food on back roads to Fremont to donate food. Good things do happen in bad situations.


Waterloo and anyone by the Platte River is also under water.

This street is supposed to keep going:


Offutt Air Force Base is now partly underwater.


It happened so fast! That's why people didn't get out. We had a ton of snow on the ground still, so with getting a ton of rain, there wasn't anywhere for the rain to go.

When the rescue missions were occurring families had to leave live stock behind. Horses can swim, but they are finding some animals dead.

Shelters have actually not been used a lot. They attribute that to good friends and family that have taken them in.

We have not been out to see any damage. They said for people to stay away, so workers can do what they can. Plus it's just dangerous.

Here's all the roads that are closed:

It would be hard to travel just about anywhere in Nebraska and Iowa right now. Anywhere there was a river or creek there's flooding that happened.

We did drop off a ton of water at a shelter spot. One area has contaminated water, and others that don't have a home needs many things.

I worry about the people, their homes, them having to rebuild, livestock gone, and food prices going way up from farmers not having a farm.

We're safe and sound being in the middle of Omaha.


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