Tuesday, October 20, 2020

WW: Special Origami {Linky}

My last day at work I handed this kid (probably 7 or 8 years old) a bunch of stickers. Might as well of, the store was closing. He was so excited he handed me a homemade origami piece he made. I looked at his mom, and asked if it was really ok that I was taking his creation in? She said he had a whole box full of ones just like this at home.  

What's great is that it moves!

I felt so sentimental about this origami piece. It made me think of my own son Isaak when he was little. He used to make me paper things all the time! He two had a box filled with his creations. 

Plus it was the last day that the store was open. I kept looking around at blank shelves, where things used to be. Somehow this small act of kindness, a kid handing me a carefully folded paper made it all ok, in a good way. 

What's something that made you feel sentimental in the past?

Random Tid Bits

It's been awhile, since I've done a "Random Tid Bits" post. What can I say? I've been busy applying for jobs. Fingers crossed I get the one I have a 2nd interview with tomorrow. 

  1. My 1st grader nephew Edison wants to marry his sister Margaret. He got a bit annoyed when my sister told him that he has to marry someone he's not related to. 

    I finally got to meet Miss Margaret, and actually took the photo above. I called her Miss. Margareet, and Edison corrected me right away. I'm a huge fan of nicknames. It's better than what Mica called her...Maggot.

  2. Isaak and my conversation:

    Me: PMS is so annoying! 
    Isaak: What's that?
    Me: Premenstrual Syndrome.
    Issak: Who that that?
    Me: I do.
    Isaak: Really?! I didn't know you were sick with something serious. What is it? *Insert a concerned look on his face. 
    Me: A period.
    Isaak: Oh...silence! 

  3. Mica just started in person high school this week. They are only taking 1/2 students at a time, and it's on a system where they go 2 days, then remote 3, then go 3 days, then remote 2... The boy did his hair 4 times over again on the first day.

    How's school going where you live? Does it seem smooth, or rough all around?
  4. It took Mica awhile to come home by bus.

    Me: What took so long, for you to get home? 
    Mica: They combined two busses, so my bus went all the way out to Western Omaha. You know where all the houses look alike. 
    Me: It's usually referred to West Omaha. I get you. 

  5. Isaak didn't know who Steve Jobs is. 

    Mica: Isaak you don't know who Steve Jobs is! You need to use the dictionary more! 
    Travis: Because Steve Jobs is in the dictionary. What does one look up, "Steve" or "Jobs"? 
    We all laughed! 


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