Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday Sort Of

Since I taught Friday, caught 3 students cheating on one of my assignments, Isaak had to go to the emergency room last Friday night and we have plans to see dinosaurs today I didn't get together a band or singer for you to listen to. But...I do have a video! A few actually. They are cool. A must watch. I already knew about this video, so it's easy to post.

I researched it to show my students along with the newish Dove Real Beauty Campaign. Dove created this campaign to love people even with what we consider flaws. Did you know that most people are unhappy with the way they look?

This video was part of campaign called Go Beyond the Cover for Dermablend Professional. How do you judge a book? I won't give away what the company is about. You have to watch the video to find out.

By the way the guy in the video looks so serious. I think he was told to look that way. He is so down to earth really. He smiles, he smiles a lot.

Here's an interview with Rico Zombie {sorry you have to scroll down}:

Friday, February 1, 2013

Tonight We Went to the Emergancy Room

This afternoon Grandpa helped Isaak up off the couch and pop went Isaak's arm. He cried for 20 minutes. My parents had a hard time understanding what happened to his arm.

When I picked him up and they told me what happened; I thought I knew what it was. I read about Nursemade Elbow before. Plus one of my friend's sons had it twice before. I just couldn't remember the name of it for some reason. My friend's son got it from someone helping him up just like Isaak. Then he got it from just taking his coat off. Crazy, right?

Off to pick up dinner and go to the ER. I knew Mica would never hold out for dinner! I should mention that Mica's in an All About Me stage. Mica was excited to get a Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby's. He was even more excited to go to the ER to see their big screen TV and they have toy things that hang from the ceiling. Never mind that his brother was in pain. I had to get after him.

Here's Isaak when he got his vitals done:

We had to go back in the waiting room for a bit.

When we went into a room the doctor knew right away what happened. She asked us other questions just to be sure. What I didn't know is that he had a slight temp when they took his temperature. Well it dawned on me that he had his hat on. His robot head just overheated him. Sure enough she took his temp again and he didn't have one.

Isaak had Nursemade Elbow and popped Isaak's arm back. She said that kids do not like using their arm after they pop it back because they are scared it will still hurt.

What they did to get him to use his arm, was give a Popsicle. The rule was is that she'd give it to him as long as he'd eat it with his previously hurt arm to eat it. He was back to himself.

Grandpa felt guilty. There's no need to feel that way. The lady that checked him out has 4 kids. She said one of her kids had that happen 4 times. Then there's my friend's son that had it happen just from taking his coat off. Heck we box in our living room. If Isaak were to get hurt, you'd think it would be from something like that!

I'm glad he doesn't need a cast or sling!

With Nursemade Elbow they grow out of it after 5 years. Well Isaak will be 5 in May. I hope he doesn't have it happen again.

My Nephew Got Clark Kent Glasses

The boy's Cousin Emerson got Clark Kent Glasses.

Mica said, "Now all he needs is a cape Mom!"

Emerson can now see. I guess he's been looking all over today. :)

I loved seeing little Emerson in this sweater! It used to be Isaak's. See:

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Car Talk

This story happened a few weeks ago. I was thinking about not posting it. It's bashing on Grandma, but she laughed when I told her the story.

We were in the car and Isaak said, "I wonder why Grandma doesn't drive?" 

Mica said, "I think it's because she's lazy." 

I was doing my best to not crack up! She does do a lot of Solitaire playing. Grandpa teases her all the time about it.

Isaak said, "Maybe it's because of her foot."

Mica said, "Ya her foot is pretty messed up!" 

To clarify Grandma had Polio and had to get her ankle fused a few years back.

Isaak said, "Maybe she doesn't drive because she's so old!" 

By this time Daddy and I were both really was cracking up.

I said, "Boys, Grandma does drive."

They both said, "No she doesn't Grandpa does."

When I told Grandma and Grandpa the boy's conversation they both laughed. Grandpa teased her about being too lazy to drive for a few days after. Then I called Aunt Terra and told her their conversation and we both couldn't stop laughing. Some things are just so funny. I love how they got all this out of Grandma not driving their little beings around. By the way she does drive. It's just when Grandpa and her are in the same vehicle he takes the wheel. That probably happens because she's just too lazy to drive. ;)


Isaak has been remembering his dreams lately. He had a dream that he we were in a car crash. He flew out the window and was falling to the ground, but super hero Mommy jumped out of the car to catch him.

Isaak also had a dream about a week ago that he was on the toilet and had to go pee. It was his first potty accident since August I think. I know it's been months. It was partly my fault because that night before bed I gave him water to drink. He was so thirsty after Family Gym at the Y. I even thought in my head, it's been forever since he's had an accident.

He's not the only one that's been dreaming like crazy. When I was sick a few weeks ago Daddy said I kept talking in my sleep. Not only talking, but walking to. One night I got out of bed, walked across the room and Daddy said it seemed like I was calling a puppy to come over to me. I was crouching down and in a high pitched voice I said, "Come here! Come here!" over and over again. I was mumbling words in my sleep other nights to. There's no denying that I'm a scary sleeper. I grind my teeth, I make funny noises, I snore, I've walked and I've talked in my sleep. All these nightly habits are worse when it's allergy season, or I'm sick. Luckily Daddy works at a dental lab; I get all the mouth guards I need to help protect my teeth.

Do you do anything funny in your sleep?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WW: Boxing in the Living Room {Linky}

Isaak wanted to put on a show, a boxing show that is. He laid boxes out for everyone that wasn't boxing to sit in. The moment I sat in mine the whole side ripped off. Needless to say we all ended up on the couches; when we weren't boxing.

This is my favorite shot of the night! It looks as though Daddy's getting beat up. I assure you he wasn't. He just kept blocking himself, and letting the boys punch.

I got another shot, which looked like Isaak nailed Daddy.

 Daddy didn't get very good shots of me. Here's a blurry, action shot for ya.

Somehow, all the sudden I had to fight off both Hulk Mica and Super Hero Isaak.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Night Our Downtown Was on Fire

Daddy wasn't too far from this:

I'd give credit to the photo, but I don't know who took it. It's floating around on FB.

There was an electrical fire under our manholes. It almost sounds untrue. Even Daddy didn't believe me when I told him. All the power went out downtown. There was plenty of fog, which added to the creepiness. Over 2,000 people were without power. This morning only 100s were without power. They had to repair a major circuit, but were cautious because they didn't know what if it was safe for their workers under ground. 

Experts think the fire started because it's been so dry. We've had moister lately. They thought that moister got into the cable or tape. 

Could you imagine driving down the street and witnessing manholes popping up with a blast of fire?

Isaak's Homemade Bow and Arrow

Grandpa handed off a few random Tinker Toys to Isaak last week.

Last night Isaak comes running out to the living room. He had a child's hanger and Tinker Toys. He made his own bow and arrow.

He was so focused and wanted to shoot out his, "bow".

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Mica has been reading Captain Underpants.

He got through the series of Captain Underpants books I ordered through Scholastic. I decided to venture out to Target to get a few Magic Tree House books I've been hearing about. They did a segment on Nightline about how much kids love them. We settled on a series of 4. Then I got Isaak a Superman book.

Through some of our Target trip Mica read Isaak the Superman book.

It was hard pushing the cart. I'm certainly NOT complaining. I was happy that they were interested in reading.

In the car Mica started reading the first Magic Tree House books. He got through that pretty fast, too fast. Now it's 3:30 and he finished all 4 of them. They are chapter books. My little first grader is a book worm!

Now if only we could get him this excited and into math. Subtraction isn't his forte.


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