Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carousel Cake

  • It's hard to capture on a camera, but there are horses that go all the way around the cake.
  • We're having an early B-Day party for Isaak and Elijah with our friends.

Drool Master

  • Isaak looks a little drooly in these photos.
  • I swear he's not the kid who's covered in drool all the time.

Funky Arms

  • I decided to memick Isaak waving his arms up in the air like crazy. I had all the boy's (Mica, Isaak, Evan, Elijah and Travis) laughing.

Isaak Too Cute

  • Just some random photo's.
  • It's hard to believe, he's almost one!

Aunt Terra Reading Stories

  • Mica loves to be read to.

Sleeping Baby

  • I snuck in and got a few shots of Isaak sleeping.
  • He usually sleeps with his butt up in the air.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Your Nose is Growing

  • Now that Mica has seen Pinocchio we tell him everytime he lies (which isn't often) that his nose is growing.
  • The first time I told him this, he actually felt his nose to see if it was growing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite CD

We all like They Might Be Giants: Here Come the 123's. No! by the same band is also a great CD for kids and adults to enjoy to.

Favorite Book

Mica loves to read! I've been reading books to him since birth. Isaak on the other hand is restless during reading time. He'd rather sit on the book then read it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Isaak's New Tricks

  • Mica easily amuses Isaak. Isaak stops many tasks at hand just to look at Mica.
  • Isaak said, "Ought oh" when I dropped something this weekend. I got him to say it about 5 times. The next day he wouldn't say it.
  • Isaak's stood up on his own about 5 times, but only for a matter of seconds.
  • He had his first swing ride this weekend, and loved it.
  • Isaak kisses, but I'm always afraid he's going to bite my face off with those open mouth kisses.
  • He loves finger foods, and is almost out of baby food. I have to mix baby food with chunks of meat or veggies. Mica had baby food for a long time. With this kid I made too much!


  • I try to give Mica tasks to do. I call them "Assignments".
  • His favorite is to put the soap bubble in the dishwasher and run it.
  • He likes to put ingredients in the mixing bowl when I'm making things.
  • He loves running the recycle things downstairs. Although I do have to remind him to shut the door.
  • Mica is great about getting Isaak toys to play with.
  • He helps with laundry often. I'll throw clothes in a basket, and he'll load them into the dryer.
  • He has to take one thing up to the house from the car.
  • He likes to load food on the black belt at the grocery store check out area.
  • Mica dresses himself. But he does need instruction. Otherwise a clothing item is on backwards, and shoes are on the wrong feet. I think it's funny that kids want to put the picture on their underwear facing them. Underwear gets put on backwards all the time. You'd think they'd make it so that the picture would be on the front. It's the thought the counts.


  • The weekend was pretty uneventful. Mica was a rascal on Saturday, and great on Sunday. He gets protective of his toys and pushes Isaak around when he's about to grab a toy from Mica. It's pretty typical behavior with kids this age to be protective of their toys. Usually I get after Mica (not to push Isaak), I tell Mica that if he doesn't want Isaak to play with his toys, to go in his room to play, or to hand Isaak a different toy to play with. It works pretty well. Mica and Evan are playing a lot more in their rooms then before. Sometimes they do it on their own accord. They are really into building train tracks on their own. Mica wants us to go in and see it when he has one completed.
  • It's nice seeing that the big boys are becoming independent.


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