Sunday, August 29, 2021

Colorful Resin

My husband has a birthday tomorrow. A great gift for any artist is art supplies. I know, not the typical gift for a guy. My dad always liked garden stuff for his birthday. That too isn’t typical. 

Travis has been working with nature, and recently made a sculpture with pieces of charcoal in bedded in resin. 

I know he will love to add translucent colors to his art.

It could also be used to make jewelry, coasters, and other small things.

I am really happy to gift him this set of translucent colors to add to resin. 

This set comes with 28 bottles, 24 colors. They put more bottles of white and black in the set. I’m assuming because those values get used the most. 


Lots of colors to choose from!

A few browns. One is like burnt umber, while the other is more like burnt sienna. 

5 in the red family. I do think they will all be fairly pink because they are translucent. 

A few purples. 

Four different greens. One is a blue-green. 

Three yellows and two oranges. 

Four blues. 

I know liquids are easier to blend than powdered pigment is. 

They all fit well in the box. 

I could see that if one comes out because it gets used up, that they no longer fit all snug. It would be great if they had crossing cardboard pieces to help hold them up. I just thought about this because they are liquid, and could leak if a lid isn’t screwed on tightly. I've had that happen with other art supplies.

Cost is reasonable. 

This set is $25.99, but on sale for $18.59 + a 5% clip coupon. That is for 28x10 ml. If I went up a to 28x30 ml the cost would go up to $39.99, but they do have a clip $3.00 coupon.

If you got into art, what art supply would you want to buy?


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