Thursday, November 13, 2008


  • Isaak still isn't sitting yet. We haven't been the best with practicing with him. This is when I wish we had carpet. Travis looked that up in Mica's baby calendar; he started sitting at this time 6 months. Every kid is different, but it helps to compare.

Slept Through the Night

  • Yes Isaak slept through the night! A big contrast from Sat. where he woke up so many time that I lost count. I was debating if he was teething, but poof now he acts like he's fine.
  • Travis looked in Mica's calendar to see when Mica cut his first teeth, it wasn't until he was 8 months old, Isaak is 6 months right now. I have late bloomers with cutting teeth. My sister Terra's boy is 8 months and he has 7 teeth already. It makes it a lot easier to feed them table foods when they cut teeth earlier. It took Mica awhile to eat real meat, he was way past a year because he didn't have his back teeth yet. I remember that being a huge issue because of his funky tongue, the doctors were worried he would have problems eating. He eats fine now. Worries for nothing.
  • One good thing about Isaak not having teeth yet, I don't have a biter on my hands.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stupid Health Insurance

  • My health insurance is going up again-25%! I get so sick of this! Travis and I don't have the greatest insurance due to working at small companies. I just wish it would get better. Just venting my frustrations.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Friends

  • Evan and Mica are such close cousins that they act more like brothers. Evan picks on Mica, Mica acts like a know it all and most the time they are fighting over toys.
  • Just today, I got a call from my sister Terra, telling me that when she laid them down for their nap; Evan said, "Mica you're my BEST friend". Mica responded back, "Evan you are my BEST friend too". It's pretty cute when they are like that.

This is When You Really Love Your Kids

  • I've been putting both boys on my bed in the morning to get dressed and Mica rolls around with Isaak. He hugs him, kisses him. I just love those moments. Too bad it's not always like that. Most of the time Mica really doesn't want anything to do with Isaak.

Bad Night

  • Saturday night was rough! My head cold was in full force. I put Isaak to bed 5 times before 2 am. Something was off with him, I hope not an ear infection, maybe teething? I still feel no bumps, but he has been drooling. Every time I laid him down he started to cry a pain cry. He had no fever. Travis got so irritated he went on the couch and covered his head with a pillow. He wasn't that much help that night.
  • My nephew that is in third grade spent the night (that's not why the night was rough). He woke up at 4 am, and Mica thought it was time to get up. He was all bright eyed. He said, "Mommy my tummy hurts, I'm hungry for cake". His tummy didn't hurt, he was just hungry. Both the older boys went back to sleep well.
  • Then Mica got up at 6 am. So much for sleeping in.
  • They say you gain an hour of sleep after fall day light savings time. I don't think so. Ever since day light savings time happened my boys are up at 5 or 6 am. No sleeping in.

Head Cold

  • I have my first head cold of the season. I don't think I need to worry about Isaak getting it. He is the one that gave it to me. He was all snotty a week ago.
  • Mica and I have not had stomach issues for a couple weeks. I'm hoping we're past that. I took cow's milk out of our diet, and replaced it with soy. I'm not sure if that was the source of the problem or not. He's drank cow's milk since he was one and has had no stomach problems until lately. Then I've had issues at the same time. I'm wondering if it was stress or a virus we kept passing back and forth? Not sure.


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