Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cousin's on Mommy's Side

Cousin Kailey, Isaak, Mica, Cousin Evan, Cousin Elijah, Cousin Ethan

Hanging With Grandma Spiehs

Hanging With Daddy


  • Daddy saw it happening before it happened, but just couldn't act quick enough. Little Isaak got stung in the nose by a Paper Wasp tonight.
  • I felt so bad for him!
  • It was when my whole family was gathered to take pictures.
  • I was wishing that we had what I saw a mom had blogged about: Coolkidz Reusable Cold Pack!
  • Walgreens had nothing like this, a little ice pack for kids.
Mica's been watching: They Might Be Giants Here Comes Science CD. He loves it. I happen to like the illustration style in their song Electric Cars.

Marble Racers


  • I'm ironing for the first time in like a year I think.
  • Grandma Spiehs would not be proud! She irons her sheets before putting them on her bed! Strange I sleep in them to make them wrinkled. She always said to me, "Oh, but they feel so good laying down for the first time after ironing them".
  • I'm sure she thinks it's strange for me to iron once a year!
  • I have a technique where I put the clothing on, spray it with water, and pat it down. Wrinkles out! ;) It's the slacker way!
  • I like the way the iron sounds and steams up after I've sprayed water down. I hate when I iron wrinkles right back into the clothing!

Watch Dis

  • Isaak this morning says over and over again, "Mica watch dis"! "Dis" is "this".
  • He then does something he thinks is really impressive that's not all that exciting.

Question of the Day

  • He was doing so well this week.
  • I'll take the saying from Elmo's Potty Time: "Accidents happen and that's ok".
  • It's a good thing we have wood floors!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Water Park

  • Aunt Terra and Uncle Tyson took their boy's along with ours to a local water park.
  • Terra said that Isaak really got into the water!
  • Mica played at first, and then he sat the rest of the time saying it was too cold to play.
Isaak, Cousin Elijah and Aunt Terra
Cousin Elijah and Isaak
Cousin Elijah and Isaak
Mica and Cousin Evan's Butt. They are waiting for the water to shoot up.
Cousin Evan
Mica said that he was too cold to continue.
Cousin Elijah, Isaak and Cousin Evan


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Marble Maze

  • One reader from Crazy House has a chance to win their very own set of 3 Marble Maze Balance Bases from Guidecraft!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orange Tie

  • We went to Kohl's tonight to get a few things for our big family pictures (on my side) this weekend, and Daddy got something to wear for his one man art show that's in one month.
  • Mica saw an outfit in his section that he wanted to try on. It was a vest, tie and well the whole nine yards.
  • I let him try it on since I had to go try on something anyhow. He was pouting because he wanted the tie out of the vest. Can you tell that this kid has only ever worn a tie once? He wore one for my cousin Stacy's wedding when he was 3 years old.
  • He cleans up good!
  • Mica wanted what he tried on. The trouble was is that the pants that went with the set were huge! I told him, "No. We're not buying that".
  • Tears filled up his eyes and he started to cry. It's been awhile since I've seen Mica that way. I've never seen him cry over not getting a clothing item.
  • I told him that he could get a shirt and tie, just not that set. Then that way he could wear it to Daddy's show.
  • We found a blue button down shirt and an orange tie. I'm so glad because orange is his favorite color! His tears dried up, and a new smile formed on his face.

Pudding Snack Cups

  • Isaak's pretty messy after his pudding snack.
  • He loved his snack by the way!

He Got Kicked Out!

  • Earlier this week Mica and our nephew Evan tried pushing Isaak out of Evan's room.
  • The crazy thing that that Mica and Evan let our nephew Elijah into Evan's room. It's just Isaak that they wanted out.
  • Mica already got his bedroom door taken away from slamming Isaak's fingers in it. We still haven't given it back. That happened a few months ago.
  • Aunt Terra asked Evan, "Why do you and Mica let Elijah into your room and not Isaak"?
  • Evan answers, "Because Isaak's a baby, and Elijah's a big boy".
  • Terra says, "Evan...Elijah and Isaak are the same age".
  • Evan says, "Oh"????? I'm sure he was thinking, "But Mica says he's a baby".
  • I feel sorry for Isaak. Isaak plays like he's 2. Elijah thinks he's one of the big kids and plays like one.
  • Mica does play with Isaak some, but he wants him to play like Mica himself plays.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peeing Standing Up

  • Isaak's been dry most of a week now when he is awake that is.
  • Today he tried going pee standing up three or four times.
  • Daddy said that when he first tried just a little tinkle came, but early this evening he made his first official bathroom call standing up with success.
  • Isaak just turned two May 19, so I think he's doing really well with potty training.

Who's That Sleeping in My Bed?

  • Definitely not Goldilocks!
  • Isaak woke up twice last night with a scream cry. It almost seemed like he had a bad dream.
  • The time I went in to get him...he was sitting up in his crib crying and waving his arms about.
  • I wonder when they start getting night terrors?

Wordless Wednesday - Watching TV

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Discovering Paint Chips and a Fire Hydrant


  • Here's our Mica. He's 4, will be 5 in August. He's so tall! We're waiting a year to send him to kindergarten. He's going to look like a giant compared to the other kids next year!
  • Mica always runs ahead on walks and...
  • Isaak's always behind. He has to look and touch everything.
  • Daddy said that Isaak's a lot like Grandpa Spiehs is on walks, and Mica's like he is.
  • Both boys are not afraid to climb! Mica climbed this himself, and Isaak tried to.
  • Isaak wanted no help!
  • He got mad when Daddy pulled him off.
  • They kept going down the slides.
  • Mica on the Zip Line.
  • At the end of our trip to the park Isaak kept trying to go back. Even after we got a 1/2 a block away he was trying to go back.

Stacking and Knocking Them Down

  • And knocks them down again and again.



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