Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talent Show

  • Mica wouldn't preform last night. He pouted up on stage (lip and all). He wouldn't even take a maraca (part of the act).
  • I think he was tired, but he wouldn't tell me that. He's been waking up early telling me that his tummy feels rumbly. The boy has been such a slow eater at dinner; not wanting to eat. I think by morning he's really hungry.


  • Isaak's been doing this thing where he's not screaming, but making really loud noises. It's in the middle of a grunt and a scream. Sounds like, "Uhhh", but really loud.
  • He's not unhappy.
  • It's seems like he found his voice once again.
  • Of course if I tell him to be quiet; his eyebrows slant. He looks as if he's going to cry.

Monday, February 23, 2009


  • We started brushing Isaak's two teeth and gums this weekend. Prior to now we were just using a wet baby washcloth to clean his mouth.
  • He loves it! He actually gets mad when I take the tooth brush away! I think from teething; it feels good to chew on the toothbrush.

Art Shows

  • Travis has two art shows this week. Lots of stress for him. He's been getting very little sleep each night leading up to this.
  • He spent lots of nights in the cold garage grinding, welding, putting patina's on, etc...
  • Mica woke up at 4:30 AM this morning; then followed Isaak. They were both rearing to go. This didn't help with the lack of sleep.
  • Art and Soup is one of the shows Travis' work will be in.


  • A note came home with Mica saying that they needed treats to be actioned off for a talent show that they are going to be in.
  • We made car and flower cookies (pictured above).
  • Mica helps me dump the ingredients into the mixer. For the first time, he helped put the M&M's in the frosting. I thought they turned out pretty cute.
  • Mica liked lineing them up on the wax paper. He acted as if it was a road.
  • Isaak was in the kitchen banging pots and pans on the floor. When he got board with that; I gave him a wooden spoon. Anything to make noise.

Dance Moves

  • Isaak just recently stated to dance. He just bobs up and down while he's sitting or standing. He sometimes claps his hands while he's doing it.

Feeling Better

  • Isaak did really well over the weekend. He has no fever now.
  • On the other hand he's starting to cut more teeth. He's chewing on everything. He's also very whiny.
  • I caught him with a little piece of plastic wrapping in his mouth. I practically had to gag him to get it out.
  • I got bit once on the leg, and another while he was eating. He doesn't like the word, "No". His little tip quivers when I say "No", and soon after is a major whale of a cry. Luckily his bites don't hurt, yet that is.


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