Friday, August 17, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. It turns out that the poor new guy at work barely has any hours, so he doesn't really have a lunch. That's why he eats at his desk. Here I thought he didn't like us. At least now I know. I was making up scenarios to text Travis like, "He must have to eat, while he watched YouTube videos." All falsehoods. 

  2. I'm back to school along with my boys. It's been busy. On top of what I typically do, I was trained to get the coding off the PCs, for the hand punch that the students clock in and out with. It's kind of a hassle, but good for financial aid to get the last date of attendance if they drop out. Otherwise I just take my own attendance. 

  3. I walked into the break room, and there was my sister's family starring at me from the front page of our newspaper. It was an article about Trisomy 18, and how kids with it are living longer. I'll connect a link to the online ver. once they have it. Right now you have to pay to read it.

  4. Nebraska had an execution a few days ago. I just always worry about someone being put to death that's innocent. This guy was guilty, he said so, but it was for a crime he committed in the early 80s. Our wonderful (note sarcasm) Governor got a cocktail of drugs for it. Together they had never been used. It took the guy longer than 20 minutes to die. That's been weighing on my mind. Mica wants to research anything he hears about. He was researching electric chairs on his last day off, while we were at work. I'd hate to know the bad things he was reading, but he's old enough to know when enough is enough. He understood my point about how some people may have been put to death that were guilty by the court of law, but innocent in reality. 

  5. Mica's also super into learning about wars. Every war that is brought up, he reads about. The latest is WWII. We went to the library to use one of the boy's summer reading coupons. They could get a used book for free. What did Mica pick out? A book on Nazis. Trust me he's against them. He's just interested in all things WWII. I didn't think about it, except for later... What did the librarian think when he used his coupon for a Nazi book? What war do you know the most about?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cabbage Roll Soup #recipe

This is the time of year where we become loaded with garden tomatoes. Some years we can them, other years I just take the skin off them, deseed them, bag and freeze them. The extra juice from the tomatoes goes into ice cube trays. We use the tomato juice in soups.

We all like Cabbage Roll Soup!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WW: Hummel Day Camp {Linky}

The boy's last camp was last week. It's an outdoor camp at Hummel Park. The kids get dirty, they cook over a fire, play outdoor games, hike, go on obstacle courses and much more.

Isaak went on the obstacle course and decided it would be a great idea to go under it. His whole group was cheering him on. He got so muddy he couldn't see. He rolled around in the dirt and sand. They nicknamed him, "Breaded Chicken". He had to be hosed off before they'd let him on the bus to go home. If he only knew that his brother got a huge rash from mud one year.

Isaak got the Muddiest Camper Award - Breaded Chicken

Isaak went on and on talking for 40 min. about his first day of camp. He told me every detail!

Mica complains about Hummel Camp before he goes there. He says he doesn't like the outdoors, and reminds me every year about the rash he got from the mud. Every year (minus getting the rash the one year) he's gone he enjoys it.

Mica wrote a camp lunch song to Led Zeppelin's Black Dog. He was really excited about it. Poof! His excitement was ran into the ground when he got to camp, and realized no one knew his song. :( He came home and said, "Mom people my age just need to be more cultured."

Neither of his camp councilors must have known the Black Dog by Led Zeppelin either because they game him the Beatles Award. LOL! 

Mica did however win what all camper's aim for, The Hummel Cup Award. It just means that you kept your campsite clean, followed rules, and aimed for camping success. They just get to run around the camp with a big trophy, and that's it. To them it's success. Here's my nephew Evan and Mica running around the camp following their Hummel Cup trophy.

Have you been hiking this summer?

Monday, August 13, 2018

#backtoschool With Wee Blessing

I was contacted in May to review some clothes from Wee Blessing. I am so excited to share them with you!

We went through many of Mica and Isaak's old clothes this weekend, and have filled up a big bag of hand me downs for my nephews. Boom! Wee Blessing set Isaak up with lots of new fun things to wear when he goes back to school on Wednesday!

Each Blessing comes with not 1, but 3 hand selected outfits.

Wee Blessing started us out with a survey to get to know who they are hand picking outfits out for. I think this is an excellent way to get to know their clients.

Isaak's favorite is his Just Hangin' Out Spider-Man shirt, and what he calls "Basketball Shorts". They can be worn for other things besides basketball. He just calls them that because they are easy to move around in.

Gymboree Gray Spider-Man Hangin' Out Tee $26 marked down to $12
Oshkosh Navy/White Drawstring Shorts $22 marked down to $10

Isaak also loves his basketball shirt! He's super into that sport. The tan shorts were already his own.

Children's Place Black All Net Tee $10.50 marked down to $5

Isaak did get a pair of pants there were a bit tight. No worries. Wee Blessing gives you 10 days to decide if you want to keep things, or not. They make it really easy to return. I happen to like the style of pants, so we're opting to keep them to give to my nephews.

Urband Pipeline Jogger Pants $40 marked down to $18

While the red shirt wasn't Isaak's favorite, it looks good on him. I like that it has a hood. It will be good for transitional weather. Especially if his jacket doesn't have a hood. The grey slate shorts will go well with a lot of different things. I'm really glad they sent them in the box.

Arizona Jean Co. Red Hooded Tee $22 marked down to $10
Free Planet Slate Gray Performance Shorts $40 marked down to $18

They had the Free Planet Slate Gray Performance Shorts set to go with the Children's Place Black All Net Tee, but we liked it with the shorts with the Arizona Jean Co. Red Hooded Tee better. Somethings are neutral enough that they can go with anything!


I really like that they showed the price break downs on everything in the box.

Thank You:

Wee Blessing sent a thank you card. I really liked that extra touch.

Connect With Wee Blessing:

Type in ANAPELADAY for 20% off your first order with Wee Blessing. They have hand picked clothes for women, men, kids, baby, and maternity. It's a win, win! 

Have you gotten any clothes for yourself or someone else this back to school season?

Disclaimer: The opinions on this post are my own. I got the products to help spread the word for Wee Blessing. 


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