Friday, April 3, 2009

Going Loco

This is Isaak's second train ride. Cousin Elijah is the engineer. You can barely hear Mica and Evan in background noise.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Isaak Hanging Out

Looking at the Sky

  • Here is Mica and cousin Evan looking up at the sky.
  • They learned about weather at preschool, so Mica keeps telling me when it's cloudy, sunny, dark, etc...
  • Of course they like to watch birds flying by too.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


  • We had parent teacher conferences last night. Things went well.
  • He's above average on knowing his numbers, letters (and sounds of letters), shapes and colors.
  • He needs to work on being in groups. I'm thinking maybe we'll try a reading group at Borders again. They told us that in the middle of a group activity, Mica got up and started singing "I like to move it move it" from Madagascar. Silly boy.
  • He has to work on cutting. They said that it's like he can't cut. His muscles in his hand aren't developed enough. So I brought up having him play with a sponge or sponge ball in a bucket, and ringing it out. This sounds silly, but I think it might help to develop those muscles.
  • They told us that he's a perfectionist. He doesn't like art because when he creates something he gets frustrated if it doesn't look perfect.
  • He's above average with puzzles. They were shocked that he could figure out a puzzle of the United States with small pieces.
  • They told us that him and Evan (his cousin close in age) do not hang out together at preschool. They act more like brothers, so I'm sure they get sick of one another.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pee Party

  • At Elijah's birthday party we had a fun time. I was cracking up over one incident. It had nothing to do with Elijah.
  • I told Mica to go potty. Kids forget when there is lots going on. Anyway, he opened the bathroom door, Travis just saw my grandma in there washing her hands, and Mica shut the bathroom door with my Grandma and him in there together. They were in there for a little while. Long enough for Mica to go to the bathroom anyhow. I'm sure Mica just went in there, hopped up on the stool, and went pee right in front of her. My grandma is pretty forgetful, so we didn't know what was going on in there. We didn't think anything bad; we just found it funny. My grandma usually calls the boys, "girls". I was wondering what she was thinking when she saw Mica peeing standing up. Probably deep down inside she knows he's a boy. Mica has no modesty. I'm still laughing about it.

Happy Birthday

  • Our nephew Elijah turned one.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


  • Thomas is loved at our house. We have this Thomas the push-ride toy, and a dump truck that the boys push around. I thought Isaak and Elijah (cousin's 2 months apart) could start using them. The big boys always take them before the little ones can get to them. They run around in circles in our house.

Elmo Chair

  • Isaak is starting to sit in Mica's Elmo chair.
  • After I posted this, it sort of looks like Isaak is pulling a Michael Jackson (holding his crotch), but I swear to you he is not.


  • Isaak got stuck in mid crawl on a chair rung. Being little is tough. Especially when Mommy doesn't rescue the little tike right away. I had to grab the camera.

Mica's New Shirt's

  • I got these fun shirt's for Mica. He's being a goof ball in the picture with Isaak.

Tent Fun

  • Mica loves the pop-up tent. I put it up one day. Isaak was cracking up because Mica kept playing peek-a-boo with him; by popping his head up the top.


  • We went to the zoo awhile ago, but here is finally some pictures.
  • Isaak loved the stroller ride, and Mica loved to run ahead. My dad kept having to chase him; since I had the Zeek man.


  • Isaak has this new lovely habbit of grinding his new top teeth with his bottom teeth. Hopefully this wears off when he gets used to these new teeth.
  • The sound drives Travis up the wall. "It's like nails on a chalk board", he says.
  • Mica went through this as well. It only lasted a couple weeks.


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