Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scary Daddy

  • Daddy kept chasing Mica with this mask on. He was scared.
  • Then a funny thing happened. Daddy took the mask off, and Mica wanted to try the mask on.

Pool Fight

  • Mica thought that when he went to the community Halloween Pool Party, that he would get to swim.
  • A little too cold for swimming.
  • He started arguing with Daddy about how he needs to go swimming.

Loved Trick or Treating!

  • Daddy said that Isaak knew what to do, just didn't know how to say the words, "Trick or Treat"!
  • He walked up the steps to a house, held out his bad and said, "Bye Bye" when he was done.


  • Now the boys were excited!
  • I had them get on their costumes early to get good pictures.
  • The people across the street were putting together a Halloween show outside. Mica couldn't wait to get out of the house. Isaak picked up on this anticipation as well.
  • Daddy made them wait until 7 pm. I always give Daddy the choice, stay in or go out? He chooses to take the boys out. This year and last they went in the wagon.
  • Mica wants to go to the neighborhood pool afterwards because they have a party for kids.
  • Isaak will stay with me then. Right now Isaak is out with the rest of the boy gang.

Both Boys

  • Both boys together in a shot. This is rare. They never hold still.
  • I wonder what getting a Christmas postcard together will be like this year? LOL

Early Halloween Frog Photo's

  • Isaak of course would not hold still.
  • He is a frog. Mica used this costume his second year of trick or treating.
  • I got it on clearance at the last minute. I figured a frog costume suited him well, since his nursery was decorated in frogs/as is Isaak's.

Early Halloween Dino Photo's

  • Mica decided to be the same thing he was last year, a dinosaur. We got one more year of use out of the costume. His head barely fit in it.
  • I was kind of glad he decided to be this because his fireman boots do not stay on very well because I bought them a size up. They only had that size, plus I know his fireman coat will fit next year.
  • He was excited to be a dinosaur yet another year.
  • Thank you Aunt Angela for the hami down costume. It is fun!

Oh How I Wish Houses Were Different!

  • So...I've ventured out into newer neighborhoods twice lately.
  • I'm not trying to knock newer homes, but man I wish the homes looked different!
  • For someone visual like me, the homes look all the same. It makes it so hard to spot the one I'm trying to find!
  • I wish they'd push variety, color and style of the homes in neighborhoods.
  • Model homes should have way more options then what they do. This is according to me, which maybe I'm way off base. I like variety.

Off to Bed!

  • The boys were pretty annoying this morning. It was just one of those crabby mornings.
  • I had high hopes of taking them to Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent's house in their costumes, going out for a bite to eat, then to Borders for a Halloween event there.
  • But they were grumpy, so all we did is go to the Grandparents, came home to eat and now they are both down for naps before 1 pm. They did not argue with me about going down at all.

Step2 LifeStyle Deluxe Kitchen *Giveaway*

  • Mommy Mandy is having a great giveaway. She hosting a giveaway for a Step 2 Lifestyle Delux Kitchen worth $219.99.
  • How fun that would be to win!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Too Cute

  • Isaak was playing Peek a Boo with us tonight. He was putting his tiny hands over his eyes, waiting for Mommy or Daddy to say, "Where is Isaak?"
  • Then he took his hands off of his eyes, and laughed.


  • Mica said to me at dinner, "Mommy watch me as I make this grape disapear"!
  • Then he said, "Abracadabra" and shoved the grape into his mouth.

Me as a Baby

  • I decided to go comfy and cute this year.
  • I went as a baby who happened to love Sock Puppets! I had Sock Puppet PJ's, slippers and the Sock Puppet stuffed animal.
  • It was pretty funny that I got all the way over to my parents house to drop off the kids before Mica said, "Mommy, you forgot to take off your pajamas and put on your clothes"! I explained to him that it was indeed my costume.

A Few of My Co-workers

  • My favorite was the Progressive Insurance lady.
  • I joked with the doctors everytime I past them that they were my pediatrician since I dressed up as a baby.

Some of My Students

Rug Rats
  • I have to admit I've never watched Rug Rats, but my student did pretty good with the look alike.
Alice from Alice and Wonderland and a Rag Doll
  • To Police the Area. LOL
  • Note how his head blends into the wall.
  • Since I work at an art school, a lot of the students dress up for Halloween. I didn't see any outlandish costumes this year. Regardless some were interesting.
  • I like costumes that really do not look like the person.

So Sleepy

  • I mentioned earlier that it is a busy week this week.
  • I'm so tired. Daddy was gone most of the night last night. He made some HUGE connections to sell some sculptures/jewelry.
  • I didn't sleep well! Mostly it is because the new neighbors that haven't moved in yet left a light that shines bright in their yard on. It lights up our bedroom big time. No one lives there yet. This is the second time this has happened with their moving limbo. Daddy called the real estate agent once, and someone took care of it. It happened again.
  • Before all of this I didn't even know the light existed.
  • They probably didn't even know they left it on because whom ever is moving in has only been there during the day and wouldn't see the light that shines up their yard at night.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crazy Night = Crazy Dreams!

  • I went home yesterday from work, and immediately sucked up leaves from our driveway because I knew it was going to rain.
  • Sure enough it rained hard last night.
  • Isaak woke up at 3:30 AM when the rain was pouring down.
  • Daddy had a dream about dogs. He had to take care of a bunch of them, and clean up their feces with his bare hands. He decided to let the dogs go, and then the owners were mad.
  • Mommy had a dream about laundry detergent. A lady was in labor, and she refused to breath and push after awhile. People in the room said, "It's probably the laundry detergent she's using"! Then someone said, "I thought she went organic"! I woke up before she had her baby.
  • It was a very odd night!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


  • Mica taught Isaak to not only stick his head in the water while taking a bath, but also how to blow bubbles.
  • Since Isaak knows how to blow bubbles in the bath, he thinks it's really fun to do it while out of the bath too. It comes out of his mouth more like he's spitting.
  • I've told him, "Don't do that"! Then I smack my lips into a kiss, and tell him to do that instead. He then copies me with that.
  • I've gotten sort of spit on, but at least I get follow up kisses and a smile.

I Love You

  • Isaak now says, "I love you". He says it kind of funny and cute!
  • He sort of rolls his tongue to say it. It is kind of like, "I" rolling of his tongue "you".
  • Mica used to say, "I yove you". Now of course he says it normal.

Hexbug Nano

This is a great stocking stuffer idea for Mica's age.

Another Toy Giveaway

  • A Giveaway Addicted Mommy is giving away a Babalu toy from of their choice from FletTales or WJ Fantasy lines.
  • I'm a sucker for interesting toys, so naturally I want to win, but I want you to sign up to get a chance to win as well.
  • I love the the felt boards, and the stacking blocks are great too!
  • Enter the giveaway by clicking on "giveaway".

Isaak Did Great!

  • As it turns out Isaak was an angel last night.
  • He seems to do better when one parent is out of the house. Maybe he knows he can't get our attention as readily, or maybe it's because there is less commotion, whatever it is, he is better. I do not want one of us gone different nights, but I've just noticed this.
  • In the month of November I have to stay late at work twice for Career Explorers. I have to fuel the minds of high school student's.
  • This time of year gets busy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Wonder How He Will Do?

  • I leave work at 5 pm, and leave home to get back to work at 6:30 pm and work until about 9 pm for a Program Advisory Board Meeting.
  • I'm sure I'll be exhausted when tomorrow night rolls around. I had to teach today (I listened to presentations 1/2 the day), teach tomorrow and will be here most of tonight.
  • I actually don't mind these meetings too much. I like hearing from the pros as to what they think we should do to change, or stay the same in classes.
  • It's a little too structured in conversation for my taste. Sometimes I feel like I want to chime in, but I know most people want to go home.
  • Anyhow...back onto the subject...I wonder how Isaak will do without his mommy for bedtime?
  • I'm sure he'll do fine, but he usually has me there. I'm his comfort person.
  • He's been having a lot of teething pain! It even hurts him when we brush his teeth.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growth Spurt

  • Mica's going through a growth spurt right now. He ate a full plate for all his meals, and wanted snacks all day. He even asked for a second helping at lunch time.
  • It was like we couldn't fill him up.

Little Jack Horner

  • Mica in his Little Jack Horner costume.
  • This is not his Halloween costume, but they have to go dressed up as a nursery rhyme character for preschool.
  • He's going to class with a pie for a class treat.

Isaak and His Little Chair

911 Call

  • Mica has been learning about the emergency 911 call at preschool.
  • We taught him this number before he learned about it at school.
  • In preschool they made a fake cell phone. One of his teacher's was laughing because she pretended to call 911 on one of the fake cell phones, and the kids looked at her eyes wide open asking, "Was that a real call?"
  • Mica called 911 on his fake cell phone this morning and said, "I'm calling for an emergency! Daddy and Mommy fell down the steps!"
  • We were both cracking up a little over that.


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