Friday, October 18, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. A company made a comment on instagram that I'd be a great person to review some of their products. I responded. They sent me a code, and said that I would have to pay for shipping. Not unheard of. I went to pick out my 3 things, only to find out that some of their stuff was out of stock, they had horrible reviews, and their shipping was $15!

    I messaged them saying those things, and that I wasn't interested.

  2. Even though Isaak struggled at the beginning of the school year with homework, he has the best personality when he's not stressed out. He's a goof, he's so willing to try new things (even if he's the odd one out), he's creative, he's personable, and more.

  3. Has anyone else noticed this fashion trend? Lots of chains! I don’t want to feel locked up in my clothes!

  4. I get to hang out with a friend tonight I've had since preschool. Isaak and her son Joey are the same age, and are so similar. They both played basketball, they both played violin, they both are emotional, they both have been made fun of about their hair. Joey has a light streak in the front - kind of like a birthmark. I wish they lived here!

    We're going to Panera, then to the trampoline park in the picture below. It was that, or Spielbound - Board Game Cafe. All other things I get rolled eyes from the boys. Travis wants us out of the house because he has a 10 page paper due at the end of the month.

  5. I took Isaak and a "friend" to a trampoline park a few weeks ago. I'm really hoping they can be friends. He's in most of his classes. The Problem: The kid is friends with the punk that's been making fun of Isaak's hair. I told Isaak, "That punk kid may not have made fun of your friend. Maybe he hangs with him because his other friends hang with him." The kid he hung out with lives only 6 minutes from our house. I snooped to check out the Mom's FB page. She has 6 of the same friends I do. *Fingers Crossed it works!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

WW: Huipils {Linky}

We had fun going to El Museo Latino, to look at their latest collection. It was a bunch of Huipils from San Martín Jilotepeque.

I love their patterns and colors!

 Afterwards we did a craft together. It was a weaving. I had fun!

Do you like fiber art? Have you ever made a weaving, or anything close to it?

Monday, October 14, 2019

House of Conundrum

Disclaimer: I did not get any compensation for this post.

Mica is part of a Health Care Academy at school. He kind of wishes he did Zoo Academy because most of his friends are in it. BUT he wasn't going to sign up for either. It took a little push from me to get him to apply.

I think it's been good. He wanted to be a Pediatrician, for a few years. Why not use these free resources to figure out if he likes this field, or not? 

During the summer he did a week long camp at a hospital, where they learned about different medical professions everyday. In school he has a lot of medical things he does. He just got done getting CPR trained, phobias, and trauma situations. Next semester he'll be working with patients that have MS and Dementia.

I'm hoping it builds his empathy! Mica's very technical. He rattles off facts.

I am happy that he's been talking to a girl on the phone that's had some problems with friends. Shrink Mica talked her through her problems.

On the other hand when we went to get flu shots Isaak was freaking out. He's always gone to the doctor, for a flu shot. When we showed up at Walmart he said, "They are going to butcher me!" Mica started talking to him about his phobia with needles, and the process of a flu shot. It was freaking Isaak out all the more! Finally I leaned into Mica and said, "Shut up please. You're making it worse." So he needs to work on his bedside manner!

Recently his Health Care Academy had a grant to go to House of Conundrum.

It has nothing to do with heath. Just a time, for all the kid's families to hang out.

Mica picked The Final Frontier. I so would have picked the Abe Lincoln room, but it was Mica's night.

With the help of another family we got through it. The guy said at the end we hit a wormhole, which gave us extra time. He knew we were close to solving it! I only helped with one thing. Ha!

It was Isaak's first time being home alone. It didn't go the best. He got scared with night time noises, and literally forgot to eat because he had soccer practice, then a shower, then homework. BUT he's alive and well. I texted him a few times. 

Have you ever done an escape room? Did you get through?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I survived yet another busy midterm week: Grades are in, projects are accounted for, everyone earned their grades, they are all passing, except one that's dropping.

    I do have a non motivated student in my Design and Layout class. I kind of chewed him out when he presented. I told him that it's his job to get motivated. He can do that by working in what he likes to do. He sketches fun images a lot. I said, "Work those into your projects!" The other students backed me up. It was overall positive.

    I have a group of 3 students in first year that clown around too much. Sometimes I wish I could say, "Ok you sit here, and you over there." It's not elementary, so what shall I do? No one that's serious wants to hear them horsing around. They are spending way too much on their education to piss it away. I'm torn on how to handle this - always.

    I do have to hang a big project, and will hopefully do that on Monday. 

  2. Our window sills are totally full of tomatoes. It got cold enough that it snowed in Omaha today. Nothing stuck. Travis pulled off all the tomatoes last night. Otherwise they'd be useless, with a freeze. It's like we skipped fall all together.

    I called in for pizza last night. It's been awhile, since I've had off from cooking something. I didn't escape the work. Tomatoes were waiting to be processed. I made a mess in the process, so I had to scrub the floor afterwards.

  3. Things are about to get super hectic! This weekend my one and only niece Kailey is getting married, Isaak has two soccer games (one is a makeup game). Travis goes out of town to pick up some sculptures and his Mom is having surgery Monday and Tuesday. I have a Program Advisory Meeting on Tuesday after work. I leave work early on Wednesday to go to Mica's conferences across town. Thursday Isaak gets braces, we have Isaak's conferences, and I'm getting allergy shots. All the rest of this month is nuts like that. 

  4. I had to confront the boss man with a not so nice email. I was going to confront him face to face, but the meeting we were supposed to have never happened. He wanted me to teach 4 classes next semester. The class he wanted me to take on is Web. Not something I feel like I'm qualified to teach. He wanted my co-worker to help me. I was supposed to be quiet, and not tell my co-worker. He doesn't take change well. He sits right by me. I brought up many points. The biggest one was that I dislike how employees are put against each other. I mentioned that we all have our assets. Without me things wouldn't be as creative as they are, without my co-worker things wouldn't work as well as they do, and so on. I still have the busy schedule of three classes, but that's much better than four! My college teachers always taught only one course. They'd teach it a few times, but it was a repeat. 

  5. Isaak's gecko Sunny is always wiggly when he’s first held, but two nights ago he calmed down. I fed him when Isaak was doing his homework. He did seem to know food was coming his way. He got off his rock, and walked towards the front of his tank. His food just sat there. Isaak came in a few hours later, picked up his worms with a tweezer, and he ate it right up. Maybe he just knows I’m not his master. Isaak’s a good father to his gecko Sunny.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall Cookies

Travis was supposed to have an artist help him haul his designed chair home. It weighs a ton. The artist that was supposed to help him, had a funeral to go to.

His work let him borrow an employee, and their truck to haul it.

In return Travis made them pizza, and I made them fall cookies.

I only allowed myself two cookies, to go with coffee.

My weakness: Sweets! Especially chocolate! 

What's your weakness?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

WW: Art of the Seating {Linky}

In the summer I went to Art of the Seating: 200 Years of American Design. It was pretty inspiring considering that my husband was making a chair, for a different show. 

It's odd going to a chair show, and not being able to sit in any of them.

My favorite:

What chair design was your favorite? Do you like modern, or classic better?

My husband's chair is out of its exhibition, and is now in our living room. It's both good and bad. It looks good, but every time one of the kids walks by it he's like, "Be careful!"

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Soccer Games

Isaak played soccer in the spring, and now in the fall. He really is enjoying soccer. His coach really lets him work the field.

They had a double game last week. They won their first game, played hard on the second, but didn't win.

Crazy thing: 

Isaak has a whole drawer full of workout clothes. What does he wear? 
The same thing every time.

The best are nice on his team!

The basketball team he was on was just not his fit. It has been that way, for awhile. He loves the sport, but not the team he was on. There was a kid that wouldn't give the other team high fives when they lost, he'd slam the floor when he the other team was making free throws, he'd push up against players, and more. Things like that just make Isaak pissed, and nothing was being done about it.

We found out when Isaak played at school, he was one of the top players. As opposed to his select team he wasn't even passed the ball. He doesn't need that negativity in his life.

He's not the BEST player at either soccer or basketball, but he's a good asset to both sports.

We signed him up, for basketball at the Y next to keep his skills in check.

At school he has intramural sports. Right now it's volleyball. Isaak and his carpool didn't really have the interest. When basketball starts they plan to play.

Travis makes Mica go to all Isaak's games. I don't even know why. Mica sits there and reads or listens to the music. He never knows the score. Travis says he has to go to be supportive. He's not supportive at all. Just like Isaak's not supportive to Mica's Quiz Bowl. He has no interest in that either.

Last week I was tickling Mica, and Mica was poking me in the arm. Being on Aspirin, all those pokes turn into bruises.

Travis said, "Let's trade spots. I'm getting sick of you two." We traded.

Then the two boys battled with empty Gatorade bottles. Mica's chair was knocked to the ground. Travis wonders why our "cheap" chairs break. Humm...I wonder.

When you were a kid, did you go to your bother or sister's sporting events, concerts and so on for support? 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. A little update on Isaak: He's done homework all this week with no meltdowns. YAY! I think he's going to be ok.

    We do need to work on speeding up with everything. How does one do this? Going to a Therapist will take away from his classes, and homework time. He could use someone to talk to, but doesn't need to be taken away from his responsibilities when he's slow with his work already. He's just a slow moving kid with eating, testing, homework, and getting dressed. He's fast with his brain skills, and sports. He catches his own mistakes in Math. He doesn't always follow directions. Last night he did two pages of math that took all night. Towards the end he said, "I think I was just supposed to do even problems." I'd love to say he learned his lesson, but he did this last year too. I wanted to hug him for his efforts, and shake him for not knowing this.

  2. I did read this article 5 Reasons to Let Your Sensitive Boy Remain Sensitive. It totally is Isaak.

  3. Isaak's Drawing:

  4. I'm so worried about a student we have! I think I'm the only one worried about her. In first year she was a firecracker. Full of energy, fun, outgoing, but never held still.

    She's now in third year. She's stand-offish with everyone, hasn't posted on social media at all when she usually does, doesn't show up to her classes, and there's talk that she's hanging out with really sketchy people doing drugs and drinking. I've told all the higher ups. I haven't heard anything back from them. I did do my last ditch effort to contact her. I messaged her on FB, and she did message me back. I know she's at least alive. Maybe not well, but alive. I told her that we have resources to help her, and that if she needs someone to listen I have a good ear. That's really all I can do.
  5. We have a busy weekend planned. I won tickets to go to Rocky Horror Picture Show Live from a FB entry with my ENT's office of all places. Travis and I are doing that on Sunday.

  6. Travis' boss gave him two tickets to see Kansas. I had to ask, "The band, or somewhere in Kansas?" I thought the band was nonexistent now. Travis assured me the band. They only have two tickets, so I asked if it's ok that he take Mica. Mica's never been to a concert - ever.

    Then I'll take Isaak and a friend somewhere.


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Freezing Moo Shame

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.

We have a new ice cream place in Omaha. It's called Freezing Moo. Maybe you have one too.

We decided to go there early August, for Travis' birthday.

They had a deal where if you liked them on FB, showed them, you could get one free ice cream. I was up with Isaak. Travis drove separate, and was back further with Mica. I got my one free ice cream, and paid for the other. I didn't leave a tip. It was an automatic one, on a pad I signed for. I'm sorry, but I like to try my drink or food before tipping, and I hate this new trend where places tell you how much you have to tip. Really I wish they'd just pay people more, so the tip is included in the service. How do I know if what I got is good, or not? I knew we wouldn't have a seat, or a table for them to clean up. Isaak piped up, "MOM you didn't leave a tip!" I got called out by my eleven year old! In my oh so quiet pissed off tone I was like, "Isaak shut up please!" There's my story of shame! I knew Travis was behind me, and would leave one. He did. 

My bill rang up to be $10 something. For 1 ice cream! Travis' was $5 something. I think I didn't get the deal. Boom there's their tip.

We went through the line, and got our ice cream, stood outside and ate it.

Was it good: Yes, but I felt like I had a super rush of sugar, went home, and had an Asthma Attack. An inhaler stopped it. A great sign that I should lay off on the sugar.

What is a shameful story that you've had lately?

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

WW: Meet Sunny {Linky}

Isaak has been begging to get a pet. The trouble is...we are always busy, I'm allergic to anything furry or feathery. I was told to never get a dog or cat. There really isn't such a thing as a hyper allergenic dog or cat. There are some breeds that are better with allergies than others. Sadly I have allergies and asthma, so dogs and cats are out.

I have a student that was trying to get rid of her Leopard Gecko. She has a few other animals that require attention, she goes to school and work.

I took in Mr. Leopard Gecko. That same night I told Travis to call in for pizza. Isaak's sent me a meme to bring home pizza, but the night he did that we had something in the slow cooker.

When I got home I said, "Isaak I have a surprise for you." I pulled out the pizza.

To his surprise I next pulled out a tank with a Leopard Gecko in it. I call him a Therapy Gecko. Isaak kept getting worked up that he didn't ever have a pet. Now he has one.

Isaak said he was going to name him a color he is. The Gecko is speckled all over. His name is "Sunny".

Sunny is not as cuddly as a cat or dog, but we love him.

Even I have held Sunny.

Sunny is nocturnal, so he's the most active at night. He loves hanging out on his new petrified rock - lepidodendron stigmaria. 

I think he loves what we've done to his tank. He did have blue sand. I read that sand isn't great for little lizards. They lick it, and it gets into their digestive track.

Mens Hiking Snow Boots

I saw my first hint of fall yesterday. It still acts like summer, but the temperature is supposed to go from the 90s to the 60s all in one week.

Nebraska has some trees that turn red, some that turn yellow, but a lot turn brown and just fall down. It goes from a long summer to a short fall to a long winter. Winter will be here really soon. Sometimes it snows on Halloween here. 

We are ready for the snow Mother Nature! I just got Mica some Hiking Snow Boots. They'll be great for hiking, but also all those walks to the bus stop. 

His New Hiking Boots:

I'll rarely pass up reviewing boots or shoes. The boys grow so fast!

About the Boots:

They are easy to put on. The laces are easy to loosen and tighten.

They keep your feet toasty warm. They are lined inside.

They keep water out. I may buy a weather spray to be extra cautious.

My husband is always picky about the soles of shoes and boots. Some just don't have big enough treads. Getting these to review I did think about that. Lucky for Mica they are great!

Colors the Boots Come in:

Leather Black
Leather Blue
Leather Brown
Black Casual
Brown Casual
Grey Casual
D-Dark Brown

I picked the D-Camel for Mica. I so wish I could pick a Leather Black for Isaak! That would really fit his personality, and a coat he has.

Sizes the Boots Come in:

6.5 to 12.5

Cost for the Boots:

$25.99 to $39.99

The cost depends on the type of shoe that's picked out.

Where to Get the Boots:

You can get them on Amazon Prime. I like this because they shipped fast, and they have a policy if they don't fit there are free returns.

Do you like hiking in the snow?

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