Tuesday, December 31, 2019

WW: What Have We Done? {Linky}

On Amazon Prime Days they had a Playstation 4 on a great sale. It came with a game, and a digital code for another game. I got it, and saved it for the boy's Santa gift.

Fast forward to Christmas:

The boys got it, and hugged us. Mica said, "I didn't think you'd ever buy us something like that." Truth - They've never had a game console.

Mica set it all up.

When he got to the digital code, well I had to look into that. I didn't even know Amazon had a spot for digital codes.

Then my brother-in-law made a comment, "I wish PS4 was just like PS3 - FREE." I had no idea what he was talking about. Don't you just get the games, and play them?

I took a Mica to a Game Stop. I won a $20 GC. They had buy 2 preowned games, get 2 free. I'm like, "Ok". We got to the counter. The guy working said, "You do understand that these are multiplayer games. You'll need subscription to play them to get their full features." Me, "I guess we'll get that."

Later my Brother-in-Law told Mica he would need en ethernet cord to make things upload faster. We got that too.

Let's just say, I'm not a gamer, and had no idea what I was getting into.

Here's the boys playing Playstation 4 with their cousins.

They sure do talk to the TV A LOT! The guy at the bank said, "Good job with holding out, for so long." 

I got an off brand 2nd controller, for them to use and for me to review. It's a company that takes forever to get things out. At least I don't have to pay for yet another thing. LOL!

Are you a gamer? I most certainly am not. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

I Hope You Christmas!

Christmas Eve morning rolled around, and we were all still in Christmas Festivities madness.

My sister Terra was getting over Influenza A. My nephew Emerson and Brother-in-law both just got Influenza. Mica was going to bed at 7:30, for a few nights because he didn't feel good. Isaak was feeling better, but had Strep Throat earlier in the week and the week before.

We decided Emerson would stay home with his Dad. Otherwise we were good. I many times questioned if Mica had Isaak's Strep Throat, or an ear infection, but he remained fever free through all of it, so he went to have Christmas Eve with everyone.

Here's the best photo I could get of us. Mica's lips were like that in just about every shot. The ceiling is going to have a light up there. That's where the chimney flue went from our fireplace that we sold. For now it looks like a graduation hat on Mica's head. Am I right?

We went to church. It's something we only do about once a year. Sorry, but I'm truthful, plus there's a story there. My older sister dropped the bomb that they don't want to do the church thing anymore. I want to mention that we are faithful; we just don't go to church. Before the service I texted to my older sister to pick up hand sanitizer because my Aunt was asking for it. She texted, "See that's why I stayed back to get things ready, and get things like that. ;)" I texted and said, "Well I thought about it, but decided since I'm a few years younger than you I need to put a few more years in to going." I was surprised that Isaak participated in the youth sermon, and sang. 

After church we went back to my Mom and Dad's to have a huge meal of soups, shrimp, cheeses, sausages, dips, veggies, crackers, and more. 

That's when my Mom started looking really bad. Feverish! 

Everyone liked their gifts. We all loved the sweet treats a little too much!

Here's one photo of my youngest nephew walking around with the Spider-Man blanket we gave him. I gave him that, and a Paw Patrol video. For his birthday my sister said he loved PJ Masks. What did I get him for party plates? Paw Patrol. He'd never seen Paw Patrol. I said, "Well I'm getting him a Paw Patrol DVD, so he knows what it is."

I hardly get good photos of people unwrapping gifts, and spending time with each other. It's always dark when we have Christmas with my family, and dark when the boys open their gifts in the morning.

Here's a photo on Christmas Day of the boys with their cousin's the same ages as they are. My nephew Evan wanted a hoodie. It's hard to find one under $50! I just didn't want to pay that! I found one on Amazon for $28. Then my nephew Elijah wanted one. Then Mica saw me ordering it, so he wanted one. Isaak liked it too. Aunt Terra got my boys hoodies as well.

My boys hate me a little because I told my Mom to get them these sets instead of Legos:


They are very complicated. Everything is paper! They each fit their personalities. Isaak's into plants. Mica's into books. I'm sick of Legos. Travis said, "Well you can put them together, and give them to your grandparents." Isaak said, "No way am I going to put that much work into something to have them put that out probably once a year." Ha! 

They got a lot of things they LOVE from their grandparents. No worries. I will do the paper sets with them. It may take a year, but we will get them done.

Christmas morning I got up at 7. Isaak was on the love seat at 6! Just waiting... until we all got up. This is the first year he hasn't believed in Santa. I'm glad he was still excited for Christmas! He doesn't look excited in this photo. He was just sick of waiting for us!

There were a few gifts I was pretty darn excited about giving...

Mica's Spacex Long Sleeve Shirt:

BUT Mica decided to slice the box with a scissors, and sliced his shirt. We had to pick on him because in preschool he took his shirt, and cut it with a safety scissors right in the middle. This time he sliced right in between the A. I ordered a new one, thinking the sliced one could be a night shirt. But I did decide to try and sew it. I didn't do too bad, so I canceled my order. The best option would be fabric tape, but I'm not a sewer, so I didn't have any. 

I was oddly excited about these steam punk glasses I got last minute. Isaak loved trying some on at The Mall of America. I don't know how much he'll really wear them, but they look crazy, and fun.


I gave both boys Cheez-it Boxer Briefs, in Cheez-it Cracker boxes. The crackers remained closed, and I slid the boxers in there. It was just a fun way to give their gifts.

I loved Code Piano, I got for Isaak to review. 

Travis and I didn't get each other too much. We got our new phones. That was a lot! 

He did pick out a saw, and a tortilla press. I got a Pizza Peel last minute, to review. He ended up loving it, and made pizza right away. It kind of looks like a spanking paddle. Ha!

I got a few shirts I picked out, and a new kitchen mat. I know not that exciting, but I really wanted a new mat! Our old one was peeling. Plus this one is red. Why not add more color into my already colorful kitchen?


I also got a Kamboocha Starter Kit, from my Mom. I asked for it, but I'm slightly nervous trying it out. All I have to do is follow the instructions, but I'm horrible with instructions. Only I could mess up Amish Friendship Bread, that was passed down to me. I have to get past this fear of screwing things up.  

Both boys hugged us when they got their first game station, PlayStation 4. I have a lot to learn. Who knew it only came with one controller? Not me. I didn't know you have to pay extra to play online with other people. It's all new to me. I told that to the Game Stop guy, when Mica went to pick out a few games.

What were some of your favorite gifts you got or gave? 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Code Piano Review - Teach Kids Coding, From @LetsStartCoding! #LetsStartCoding #Coding

This was the first year Isaak didn't believe in Santa. I should be thankful that he believed, for so long. He's in sixth grade, and I stopped believing in fourth grade. I wanted it to be a special Christmas for him. I kept reminding him that the spirit of Santa is still real. You can look up Saint Nicholas, and he was in fact a real, and giving person.

One of my favorite gifts that Isaak got, was Code Piano from Lets Start Coding
I was going to put it in his stocking, but decided I wanted to make it a bigger gift than that. I put it in a big box, filled with confetti, a note in there that he'd start actual Piano Lessons towards the end of January, and wrapped it. Code Piano is a perfect stocking stuffer size.

Learning how to play the piano has been therapy for Isaak. If he gets frustrated with his homework we tell him to go play his keyboard. It takes all frustrations away. It's the only thing I've found that works to calm him down, when he's really frustrated. I knew Code Piano would be up there on his list!

If you don't like to play the piano, that's ok. It's really mostly about coding. Lets Start Coding does have other sets!
  • Code Piano $44.99
  • Code Speaker $19.99
  • Code Rocket $44.99
  • Code Car $44.99
I have to admit I was apprehensive about Isaak starting to use Code Piano. I just kept thinking, What if we can't help him? The product was new to me as well. 

If there's one thing I disagree with, it's the age range 8-12. I think it's for ages 8 and up! It would be good, for a lot of adults to use.

Isaak kept saying, "I know how to code. Let's do this." So we did. The cards can seem like foreign language if you're not familiar with coding. They are helpful when you dive in to the project.

We read all the cards, and just decided to begin. They have everything you need to get started. It will work on my Macbook from work, but not my newer laptop I own. The newer one has no USB ports. There are adapters, but as is it won't work. 

Once it's plugged in, a download comes up, for the application. That was the one thing I wasn't sure where to put the coding in. It simply worked right after it was plugging it in.

From there are tips, videos, quizzes, and sample code to use.

If you code wrong, your code highlights in red. That way you know to fix it.

Isaak started out just like me, knowing what to do, but really knowing nothing. Ha! He got lots of code that was red, and not working. Thankfully they do have a refresh button.

We left him home alone, to do his thing. He called when we got a few blocks away. "Dad! I did something! Listen!" A few notes chimed in. He called a few more times after that. He was excited about his accomplishments!

I got home, and we did our video. He learned a lot in the few hours we were gone. He still needs to learn more. If he knew everything, Code Piano wouldn't be as fun. He'd have nothing to learn.

What I really loved, was that there was notes from Isaak all over my note page about the product. He said, "Mom I had to do some math to figure out some of the coding. You need math to code." I said, "Remember that when you tell me that you will never use math in the real world." 

I'd say Code Piano is a success! It's a toy, but also a learning device. 

Questions for you:

Do you know how to code well? Do you find it challenging? 

Out of all the sets they have, Which one would you choose: Code Piano, Code Rocket, Code Speaker, or Code Car?

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Friday, December 27, 2019

Random Tid Bits

I'm writing this on Mon. Way before Christmas. If you celebrate, I hope you had a great one!

  1. I got so far behind in things this year! Presents are usually wrapped soon after Thanksgiving. I just do that because, for me it's nice seeing packages under the tree. I didn't wrap them until this last weekend.

    Travis cracks me up because when we first got married he was annoyed when I'd go out to buy things without him knowing what I bought. Now if I tell him he's like, "So. Why are you telling me?"

  2. He had a huge paper similar to a thesis due the week before Christmas. They gave him corrections, and the extended deadline is now shortly after the first of the year. He's still working on that paper. I'm ready for it to be over with. I'm glad he's writing, but we all have to be quiet, while he works. This hush hush thing is getting more and more difficult.

  3. I use any Santa paper - Santa on the paper, for Santa gifts. Any other Christmas paper is used, for all other gifts. Somehow I ended up with a ton of Santa paper, and have hardly any other paper at all.

    If you have kids, do you use a certain paper for Santa gifts?

  4. I drug my family with probiotics when anyone of us get sick. I open those pills, and pop them in the blender. Lately I've been making one of two smoothies: Cran-Apple, and Mango-Peach. Cran-Apple because it's just that time of year. Mango-Peach because it's a good one to add Ginger, Turmeric, and a sprinkle of Cayenne Pepper. All great for inflammation. 

  5. My seniors are the best class I've ever had. They are all getting A's, minus two drops. I walked into a class where a teacher was talking to this same class about comments on his evaluations, not being too kind. I decided to read my own. Often times I just look at the numbers. Having a comment section anytime, is asking for people to complain. Rarely do they give alternative ideas to make things better. I teach a Design and Layout class, but it's their second one. They've had two Advertising classes and one Marketing class at this point as well. I try and cover designers and what they are doing NOW, type trends, what pros think of design that's been rebranded, design in spaces and more. Some comments were, "This class should be renamed, 'Design Art History'." They went on to say I should have more Type lectures. They had a whole Typography course as well. I can take the comments.

    Some students went to Administration to complain about my final exam. They mentioned that the content wasn't relevant to the industry. It was all questions off my review sheet, they got a week prior to the test to study the review sheet. The midterm exam was very similar to the final one, and none of them complained then. In fact no one has complained about this same exam or class, for about five years. All the students still have A's after taking it. What bothers me is that no one said anything about the test to me. I feel like we were on a level, where communication is up there. The Education Director has called in others to talk to them about issues, but no I got an email from him about it. He's a short hallway to my office.

    Everyone should also understand that I missed a whole week of class, due to Jury Duty. Everything I left to have the Director go over, wasn't given to the student the same way I would deliver it.

    I wanted to send all my students in that class this card:

    Do you have any perfectionists in your life?

Friday, December 20, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I know I skipped last week. It's finals time, so super busy.

  2. It didn't help finals time when Isaak got sick on Sunday. It started with just a cold - symptoms like it. Poof he got a fever on day Tuesday, and started throwing up. The sore throat persisted, so on Wednesday we took him in. That's when we got the positive results for Strep Throat. He's been really out of it. I thought it was best that I was home with him some. I took off on one of my final's days to be with him. I forced him to drink, eat, brush his teeth with a new toothbrush, and take his meds. This is one of his finer shots, and he still looks sad.

  3. I helped Isaak some with homework. It's hard when a boy doesn't feel good. He was so sleepy, couldn't talk clear, and I most certainly didn't want him touching anyone's keyboard. He talked, and I typed. Then I'd read aloud what I typed to see if he'd want me to change things.

    Along with a PowerPoint on Koalas, he found out in an email that he did a different assignment all wrong. Could of partly been from him not feeling so great. I made the mistake of sending him to school on Tuesday because I felt like he was in an upswing, and Travis was worried he'd get too behind. Boy was he sick when he returned! That's the night he spiked a fever and threw up a few times.

    I hope that the rest of us get skipped with this nasty thing. Because of having Asthma I'm naturally kind of stuffy/coughy. I swear I'm thinking every little cough, or clearing of the throat is Strep.

  4. I know we're not going to have a white Christmas. I was walking outside without a coat on today. 

  5. I was pretty annoyed on Wednesday when I got to class, and 5 students were gone in the morning. Hello! It's finals week! What's something that has annoyed you this week?

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

WW: 2019 Holiday Card {Linky}

I'm blaming my lateness with my holiday letter/photo on the fact that I got put on Jury Duty this year. It's not like it was that many days, it was actually shorter than a work day, BUT it disrupted my thoughts and my routine big time.

I thought about going with a card that was uber generic and writing that said, "I was tired this year!" Everyone always expects a lot from me in regards to to my Halloween costume and holiday card. Sometimes I am just tired. Another idea: I thought about a standard family photo, but adding some random kid from the internet to join us. I wouldn't say anything to anyone. Just let family and friends talk. Maybe I'll still use one of those ideas. By next year, you would have forgotten about this post altogether. Old ideas become fair game by then.

I moved away from postcards. Printing postcards I'd spend at least $50, if I didn't have a coupon code it would be more like $100. Photos that are the same size were $11, if I didn't have a coupon code more like $20. Then I just print a letter.

You are the first to see the holiday photo besides my coworkers and inner family that got handed one. 

What to put on a card when one child talks about space non stop, and the other one gets a Leopard Gecko: 

It took awhile to change all the blue trim in the astro suits to green. I replaced space patches to holiday patches. Sunny our Gecko is nocturnal, so I had to disrupt his sleep to get photos of him. He's slow moving in his tank, but quick moving outside his tank. I struggled to get good photos of him. 

All in all it's fun! 

Mica thinks it's stupid, BUT he thinks most of what I do is stupid. Teenagers! He asked me to print 7 photos out, for his teachers/friends. Once I got them he didn't want them. He hates mixing friends with family. They are like 2 different modes in his book. 

Isaak struggled to understand why there was nothing on the back of the photo. He's used to our postcards. Again they were way cheaper this way. 



It's hard to top yourself when you do a lot other years. Kids become less cute, and more handsome. If you are interested, check out my other holiday cards on my pinterest board here.

Question for you: When do you drop someone from your holiday card list? 

I understand some people don't make cards. There are some people I haven't seen, for years. One I hung out with in high school all the time. I miss her, but I've reached out to her several times. Every time she's in town I never hear from her. Crickets! At this point I don't know if she wants anything to do with me. She might even see me as a stalker? I hope not! I'm wondering if it's time to cut ties...

Chocolate Maraschino Cherry #cookies #holidaybaking

It's been awhile, since I've posted a recipe. I love holiday baking. I made a ton of cookies before I went on Jury Duty. They are in tins, that are tucked away in the deep freezer. Ready for my work, Travis' work, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am giving a tin of them, for my White Elephant gift at work.

I love cherries, and knew I wanted to incorporate some in with cookies! 

These cookies are very easy to make. No rolling dough, no cutting cookies out, and no decorating needed. They are pretty as is! 


1 cup softened butter    
1 teaspoon almond or vanilla extract
1 cup powdered sugar
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour  
2 to 3 tablespoons Maraschino Cherry juice
1/2 cup Maraschino Cherries chopped

1 cup dark chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 
2. Line a few cookie sheets with parchment paper.  
3. In a mixing bowl add the ingredients in the order listed.
4. Roll into 1" balls, or use a cookie scoop.
5. Bake for 15 minutes. 
6. Let cool for 5 minutes.  

I flattened mine with a meat tenderizer. I sprayed it with a flour spray first, so it wouldn't stick.

Then the boys begged for them. I let them each have a cookie as a taste test. After that they went in the deep freezer. The next day I found out Mica had his own little stash of them right by his bedside. Nope! Ha! In his defense he is growing like a weed!

Are you a fan of Maraschino Cherries?

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

WW: Sunny's House {Linky}

We decided to put Isaak's Eitech Teifoc House in our Gecko - Sunny's tank. It fit!

He loved it a lot! 

He'd eat, sleep, and smile in his new home.

The only problem, was that Sunny never wanted to leave his home. We couldn't get him to come out all week. He wouldn't even come out to get drinks of water. 

Sleeping away!

Even though it's supposed to stress Gecko's out to change their tank set-up, the house has now been removed. He has one of Travis' small sculptures in his new tank set-up. He's a bit more active in and around it.

Have you ever had a pet that took you awhile to figure out?

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Before I left for Jury Duty I got all the rest of the semester completed. I will have grading to do, but tests are written, lectures are prepared for, all that kind of work is done!

  2. I can't keep up with Mica's pant size. He came out looking so odd, with tight/short pants. Go figure he he was up a few sizes in length and width. I bought him a few pairs of Urban Outfitters, brought them home and Travis said they were the same size that he wears. It's a good thing they like different brands, so I can tell them apart.

    I took Mica to Tractor Supply to look and see if they have worms for Sunny, our Gecko. Turns out they don't have live worms, but they did have canvas pants that looked good on Mica, for $9.99. Do you have a Tractor Supply store where you live?

  3. Mica was looking for tortilla shells, for a taco. He came out in the living room and said, "I can't find any normal ones. All I can find is these small ones." We all three looked at him and said, "Mica those are pancakes." That kid cracks me up weekly.

  4. This meme cracked me up more than others I've seen lately:

  5. I feel like I have 100s of things to do, and zero time to do them. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Court Trial

I've only seen trials on TV. Showing up, and being part of one was new to me. 

It's lots of sitting, listening, not talking, and not sharing. 

I did find it funny when I went to the bathroom, and a lady was in there talking to herself. She came out of the stall, apologized for talking to herself. I said, "Hey we all talk to ourselves from time to time. No worries." She replied, "I'm just so worried about my urine. I'm in trial over a drug charge. They said I diluted my urine, but I didn't." I replied back with, "Oh well maybe you just drank a lot of water." She said, "No." I said, "I'm not sure." Thinking, You look a bit strung out to me. You sure you didn't dilute your pee?!

Now that my civil trial is over I can share.

They told us not to look anything up, while the trial was going on. Now that it's over, I can't even find anything about my trial online at all. Poof nothing!

First off I'm not about to spill the beans, and names too. I'm just spilling the beans only.

A man was shot (wrong place at the wrong time) in 1979. He remained a paraplegic. His wife was/is his primary caregiver. She was told by the VA to take a 30 day vacation. She sent her husband to stay at a healthcare center.

The VA checked him out, he was in good health. He had a history of urinary tract infections, but hadn't had one for 3 years that we knew of record wise. He needed a condom catheters, which is a catheter that goes on like a condom, and has a bag at the end to collect the urine. It's the least invasive catheters.

Condom catheters only have to be changed every 4 to 5 days. The healthcare center changed it every 2. He got a scratch on his penis, that changed into a bigger wound. They claimed he wanted a foley catheter. He said he never asked for that.

The order was called in to the VA doc to get him a foley catheter. He got a massive UTI, which turned sepsis. He had to go to a hospital, and it cost him $35,000.

He was suing the healthcare center for the medical bills, pain and suffering. He claimed it was the healthcare center that was at fault, for giving him the scratch, turned into a wound. He never wanted the foley catheter. It all lead to the UTI.

The healthcare center said his memory wasn't right. They were just following what he wanted, and what the doctor ordered.

In the deliberation room:

The healthcare center and VA had horrible records! The healthcare center said one day he had the condom catheter, the next day the folly and the next day he was back to the condom catheter. Say what?! The VA doctor didn't even have him on antibiotics. Say what!? With the scratch/wound in the penis + being at risk for UTIs I would have had him on those right away! He could have gotten a staph infection on that wound. Yes he was out of it memory wise, he was sick with a UTI that went sepsis!

There were errors with his care all around. BUT the nurses at the healthcare center were acting on orders from the doctor at the VA. He went to a different hospital, not under the VA because that's where the ambulance decided to take him.

He was suing the healthcare center, for the catheter they put in causing his infection. We as jurors couldn't find them guilty. They were only guilty for not seeing him enough, and taking crappy records.

A needy guy lost. It sucked. BUT it was what it was. Moral of the story, take good records! 

Court Jury Process

I've been on crazy mode trying to get things done. I have all my holiday decor up, all my cookies made (which is a lot!), presents wrapped for my nephews, and gifts bought for my children. I've been pushing Mica to nail out his Science Fair Project. Mica has been stubborn about that one. I just NEED to work on my holiday card in a big way.

I've been freaking out about Monday (Possible Jury Duty), for a good month. I just feared trying to find parking downtown. Crazy that I grew up here, and feared that. Maybe it's all the one way streets. I found out my Mom is the same way. Maybe I get it from her.

Travis was hoping I'd get Jury Duty. He wanted me to wear my big girl panties, and get my ass downtown. Well I called Sunday night, listened to the Juror numbers 3 times, and swore mine didn't need to show. Travis said, "Umm yes you need to show." Not only was I direction incompetent, but I was dyslexic with my numbers too. Nothing new there. Maybe directions and numbers go hand in hand.

Just so everyone knows, I tested positive for a learning disability in college. I never had a name attached to that disability. I've always found my way, somehow. Anxiety does happen from time to time, when things are weak in my mind. I get through.

Off I went downtown. Get this...it's mostly straight, but it feels like I turn and twist all over the place because the streets merge into other streets. Much of the way wasn't narrow straight, but I only turned twice and once was right by my house.

I never got lost, and parking wasn't so bad.

I pay attention to everything!

Except when it comes to directions. 

When I got there I had to go to the bathroom, so bad. I drink like crazy in the morning. Guess what? A couple was getting married in the hallway, right in front of the bathrooms. Who gets married at 8 in the morning right by the courthouse bathrooms? 

I was one of the first to check in. No one sat by each other, but the room was full of people. It was so odd. You could hear a pen drop in there.

They told us on our forms to dress business casual, but there were lots of people in ball caps and t shirts. 

One guy showed up with 2 very small children.

My Odds:

There were 2 trials going on. They only needed 12 x 2 = 24 Jurors. There was well over 200 people there. Everyone was divided into 2 groups. Then between the 2 groups the selection process began. 

We entered the court room. Again I pay attention to everything. A guy was told to take his hat off. Two girls were not. Odd!

I'm thinking, There's a lot of people, maybe I won't get picked! They called off, "Alesa Apell", which I knew meant "Alissa Apel" rhymes with Melissa Maple. 

18 people were called up.

They asked a ton of questions. The one I had to explain the most was, "Do you know anyone that has had to advocate, for someone?" My nephew Emerson has to be advocated for all the time. I had to explain a lot about him. That was a big deal because the case was, for a guy that had to be advocated for.

They kicked off 6. 2 were nurses. The case involved nurses. 1 was a lawyer that defended cases like that. 1 worked for a law firm. 1 just had a surgery, and couldn't sit still. 1 was just trying to make his way back into the world after being homeless. I stayed.

Every time I was in the courtroom I thought about one of the Jurors getting the hiccups up there. Not able to control themselves. 


We were told to listen to the facts, not to talk to each other about the case, not to talk to outside sources about the case, and not to have empathy for each party. The empathy part was the hardest. Second hardest was I didn't know how much we could or couldn't talk to the other jurors. Apparently they didn't know either. The room typically got very quiet on our breaks. So much so, that the water bubbler was extremely loud when someone was getting a drink. You could hear when someone was peeing. When we had to buzz in that we were all there, ready to go back in after a break I swear it felt like we waited an eternity for them to show us into the courtroom. It felt like we were inside an escape room, and may not find our way out.


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