Friday, May 29, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I didn't even know today was Friday. That's how out of the loop I am.

  2. I've been applying to all kinds of different jobs. Trying to keep an open mind. Travis is like, "What are you doing?! You don't want to do that." 

  3. I found this at says during a recession to apply to all different things.

  4. My sister has been helping me with my resume. I like the wording changes she's made, but hate the layout. She had someone look at it that hires people. She wanted me to break everything up into bullet points. It's just bullet crazy now. If you're good with looking over a resume, and want to weigh in on what you think, let me know.
  5. I went to pick up everything at work. I had a trunk full! I did demos, so lots of art supplies! I had a lot of art books. It was all very overwhelming. An end to an 18 year chapter is hard.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Closure and Depression :(

Many of you know I've been looking for jobs off and on, for a few years. I had opportunities that were close to happening. I had opportunities I had to pass up because I was under a contract.

I only had a few months to look for work during the summer time. Even then, the school I work for had me sign that contract, for the fall almost as soon as the summertime hit.

It was really hard to move in any direction, but straight.

We were told that we could work from home late March. Online classes were hard. I think I could get used to them, but it was different from what I developed before. I stayed up until 10 almost every night during finals time; working on tests.

Yesterday we had a staff meeting. It was just a few of us. My boss said that enrollment was already low, and got impossible when COVID-19 hit. They decided to close the school down, for this incoming class. Along with that went the full time instructors.

Was I surprised? Not really.

Was I sad? Yes. I mean I've been there, since 2002. Before I even had kids.

Was I panicked? Certainly! I had a bite of a job before COVID-19 hit. Well I emailed them again, and they picked someone else. I felt so good about that interview. To be honest I was more mad at them, than getting laid off. I really wanted that job. The person that interviewed me said she'd let me know as soon as a decision was made. They majorly dragged their feet in deciding. Now I'm stabbing at anything trying to get something. During a pandemic it's not really the time to be picky.

I just paid a $1,000 bill for Travis' endoscopy, Travis needs a crown, and I paid our mortgage bill.

I have tons of stuff on my work computer, because I've had it for ages. I don't have any of the Adobe Suit on my home laptop. Scrabble time!

Even though I'm sad, I'm most concerned about Isaak. There's days now where he just wants to lay in bed. Granted he's been going to bed late, but he seems depressed. I don't know what to do. It's not like I can drop everything to spend time with him. I'm applying to places.

If you don't see me much, it's because I'm on the hunt. The job hunt. Who knows maybe I will have to let off steam, and blog. Then you have to listen to me rant. Ha! Please be safe! Our hospitals here are filling up fast, since things have opened up. I love my blogger friends. I don't want to kiss you, but I love your comments, and friendship!

Peace and Love 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

WW: Double Take {Linky}

Isaak came to me all excited to try something new. He wanted to have me take a pan photo, but he'd or I would quickly move to get more than one of us.

Here's the results. They aren't perfect, but certainly a fun idea!

An interesting concept anyhow. 

Have you ever tried camera effects?

Wooden #Puzzles for Toddlers

Not too long ago, I was told I'm going to be an aunt again. My nieces and nephew's call me Aunt Lissy. I'm excited to have a niece after many years. I have only one other niece, and she's around the age of 26. I start to loose track, once a person goes past the age of 10. She was born when I was in college, so I think I have her age right. Margaret will be born late August. She'll have 4 brothers. Help her! Ha!

Along with the excitement of having a new girl in the family, I have new products to review. One, is a puzzle set for Miss Margaret. I hope she finds it to build her fine motor skills well.

Age Range:

It says for ages 3 and up. 

Mica got into puzzles well before age 3. It probably depends on the child. 

What the Set Comes With:

Four wooden puzzles + a storage bag

My favorite:

Olivia the Owl is my favorite. They aren't named, but I named them. 

Second Favorite:

I love bees because they are cute, and if you leave them alone they aren't a threat. I called his one Bella Bee. 

Third Favorite:

I like this one, although I think the fish could pop out more - contrast wise. A lot of yellow in the background, and a lot of yellow in the fish. I called his one Fishy Faith.

Fourth Favorite:

I like this one just about as much as the fish, but I have to be honest here - the background totally peeled up. It's like it wasn't even glued down. If a 3 year old kid got ahold of that, it would be a goner. It's cute, but give me a held up product! I will probably paint Elmer's glue on it, and place it myself. I called his one Lizzy Lady.

The Bag:

The bag isn't a quality bag, but it's handy. What little kid doesn't like to carry stuff around, and pretend to go on a nowhere trip? I can't think of one. Isaak always packed to go nowhere. All the puzzles fit inside. 

Which puzzle is your favorite?

You to can pick up this product on Amazon: for $19.99 on sale for $13.87.

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own. 


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