Friday, June 19, 2009

"It's Obama"!

  • We went to the Olive Garden for my birthday. Since I share it with Father's day this year, we already have other family plans. We have a tradition of going out to eat when it's someone's birthday.
  • Afterward we went to Target to get random stuff we needed. Mica sped through the store per usual. Travis was after him; I'm so used to it. I just speed up, or yell out, "Red light Mica". I don't let him get out of my sight. If he goes too far, his punishment is to go in the cart.
  • We passed the greeting cards. Mica picked one up and said really loud, "It's Obama Mommy! It's Obama! It's Barack Obama!" Totally making a scene. We don't even talk about the president too much, so I know Mica gets it from the media. I even saw a children's book being sold that was all about Barack Obama. Kind of crazy if you ask me. I understand historical presidents, someone that's really done something, but Obama's just started.
  • Evan, my nephew thought Barack Obama was our first president. The media kept talking about him being our first African American president. To a little kid, that means he's indeed our first president.
  • It's funny how kids think.

...And the Isaak Ran Away with the Spoon

  • Isaak's doing a great job of feeding himself with a spoon! We load yogurt up, hand him the spoon, and he feeds himself. He can scoop it up himself, but it can get a little messy. At least he gets the idea.

Train Craft

  • Guess what? I got Mica to sit down last night to help me with a craft. He first helped me make little trains out of wrapped candy. The most frustrating part of this craft was finding Life Savor roll's that are the body of the train's.
  • Life Savor roll's are hard to find! I finally found them in a vending machine at work, out of all the places! They only sell them wrapped individually at stores, not in roll's.
  • We drew trains on notecards from a train cookie cutter. Then Mica started setting the candy down on the cards.
  • I hot glued the candy wrappers down. They are favors for his birthday party. He can't wait to give them out! The parent's may have to chew the gum, but they looked pretty silly not having the gum in there.
  • While I was gluing, I had a stack of junk mail Mica cut up with scissors! He always wants to hold the scissors with both hands, so I had to correct him. He helped me by cutting the junk into tiny pieces all over the floor. Good job Mica! I mean that in a positive way!
  • Then Daddy got the job of sweeping it all up before Isaak put the pieces of paper in his mouth. Good job Daddy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

1976 Versus Now

I always get this birthday update from my finical adviser. It has a lot on the form, but I'm only going to go over a few things. 1976 Versus Now:
  • Gallon of Milk then $1.42 now $3.87
  • Loaf of Bread then $.30 now $1.40
  • New Auto then $4,100 now $24,125
  • Gallon of Gas then $.59 now $1.86
  • Average new Home then $54,750 now $183,300
  • Average Income then $7,463 now $34,327
  • I share my birthday with Prince William, artist Rockwell Kent (he did all the illustration's for Moby Dick), and artist Al Hirschfeld (he did illustration's for TV guide for years).
  • Best movie of that year was: Rocky
  • Best actor's were Peter Finch and Faye Dunaway in Network (I've never seen it).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


  • I've been kind of worried lately. Mica refuses to cut with scissors, he's not too into coloring, and he's never wanted to do craft like things at preschool.
  • His teacher said that all he wants to do is puzzles. He likes to put train tracks together as well (another puzzle like activity).
  • You'd think with two parents that get into two types of art; he would be interested too.
  • I put scissors in his hand over the weekends, and he doesn't even understand how to use them. He has little to no coordination in this area. I know he's only going to be 4, but I've read that kids can start to use scissors at age 3.
  • He's ahead in his verbal, vocabulary, and picks up the knowledge part of many things very easily.
  • I just wish I could get the boy to use scissors!
  • I know I should count my blessings that he isn't slow like I was in the picking up of knowledge. I got through grad school, but I struggled when I was younger. I went to all those chapter 1 classes and failed standardized tests.
  • I'm really happy that Mica doesn't struggle with talking! Being born with a tongue thick on one side, and skinny on the other made me worry a lot for nothing.
  • I just think as a mom, you worry about anything that your child is having problems succeeding at.

Mica's Cuddly, Isaak's a Kisser and a Hugger

  • Mica always loved to cuddle. He'll lay down with me to watch TV or read books. Isaak, not so much. He is very wiggly. Isaak likes to be held, but won't lay down with me just to cuddle.
  • Isaak loves kisses and hugs. He kisses and hugs everyone in the house including his stuffed animals. Mica, not so much. He hugs, but a lot of the time he doesn't want kisses. I've heard Mica say, "Oh gross" when I've tried to kiss him.

Teething Again

  • Isaak's been going to sleep at 8 pm. It used to be that he wouldn't go down until 9 pm. He just showed no signs of being tired until then. Mica will go down at 8 pm, if I tell him to. It's much eaiser to get him up in the morning if he goes down then.
  • Isaak did wake up two times in the middle of the night. He hasn't done this for a month. I think more teeth are coming. He had that hurt cry. In went the teething med. and Motrin. I always feel bad for babies when they cut teeth. This is one of the biggest reason's I'm glad Isaak still nurses. Although I've began weaning, it's so soothing to him.
  • I remember when my wisdom teeth were trying to cut through. It hurt! They didn't even come all the way through.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Flashback Father's Day

  • Flash back on Father's Day photo's. These are of Mica. Super cute!
  • This year my birthday falls on Father's Day.


  • We had a mishap this weekend. Mica locked the bathroom door and shut it!
  • Luckily he didn't shut himself in there. Plus no one had to go to the bathroom really bad.
  • We have no idea where the key is for those doors.
  • Travis had to come home from work to pick the lock. He ended up having to take our bedroom door handle off to figure out how to rig something up to pick it.
  • Positive news, now we have a key thanks to Travis. Mica knows not to do that again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Words This Weekend

  • Isaak said, "Buh" for "Book".
  • He said, a long "A" sound for "Hat".
  • "Fur" for "Frog".
  • We know what he's trying to say because he says these things constantly and points when he says them.

Ditzy Mica

  • I asked Mica to take off his shoes today.
  • What does he do? He comes out of his room completely naked.
  • Later on Travis asked Mica to put his pj's on.
  • What does he do? He tries to put his pj's over his clothing.
  • I really don't think he's acting this way to be silly. He's just a ditz.

So Cute

  • Isaak started giving me his stuffed animals to hug and kiss.
  • He then hugs and kisses them himself.
  • I just think it is really sweet.
  • His favorites are his Glow Worm that Aunt Terra got him and a Frog family that Grandma and Gradpa Apel gave us to go with the nursery set. He points up at the frogs and says, "Fur, Fur, Fur" until I pick them up for the kissing and hugging session to begin.

Isaak Walking to Get a Ball

Isaak sort of looks like a drunk ET to me. He is getting more brave every day with walking.

Morning Time

  • We woke up this morning to Isaak crying at 5 something in the morning. I put him in bed with us. He was extreemly wiggly!
  • Then Mica plopped in to lay next to me. It took me a few min. before I realized he had a pee accident, and he neglected to tell me. It's been a long time since he's had an accident.
  • Then Isaak pooped, so Travis had to change a smeary diaper.
  • It was one of those mornings where we wanted to sleep in.


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