Saturday, August 1, 2009

Clean Up Crew

  • Here Daddy is cleaning up, while we're all standing around talking.
  • Earlier I did most of the dishes, made the sides and cleaned most of the house. Travis made the main dish and twice baked potatoes, which were yummy!
  • Was it worth all the work? I think so!

Nephew Elijah Just Being Cute


  • Mica kept moving when it was time to sing Happy Birthday. I didn't get any good shots of him.

Grandpa Spiehs and Isaak

  • Isaak loves balloon's of course. In this shot, a balloon is what he's pointing at.
  • He kept pointing and saying "Ba", which is "Ball".

Remote Control Spider Part 2

  • Our guest Natalie was scared of the spider, unless she was playing with it herself.
  • She got it spinning in circles.
  • It's funny watching a little girl in a dress playing with a spider.
  • After I posted this, Natalie's mom (Jodie seen in the photo) called me to tell me that Natalie woke up 3 times last night scared that a spider was going to attack her. It was her mom's idea to get it out after I told her how Isaak acted. LOL

Remote Control Spider

  • Isaak was terrified of this spider when we got it out last night. It's been awhile since we got it out to play with. He was trying to crawl up our legs, and was crying a terrified cry.
  • I tried to capture it on video, but it was too late.
  • Tonight he was pretty calm about the spider. He was studying it more then anything.

Train Sets

  • Aunt Becky, Grandpa Spiehs, Grandma Spiehs and cousin Ethan worked on setting up one, while Travis worked on the other.
  • I think the adults had just as much fun watching the kids play as the kids had fun playing.
  • Whenever Mica played really intensely he sticks his tongue out. Just something I noticed a lot tonight.
  • So...I had some games set up to play for the party, but getting the train sets, set up and played with occupied them so well. No games this year.
  • I'll hold onto the winner ribbons for some other year. :)
  • I was going to have the boys play drop the clothes pin in the jar. They stand on a step ladder, and try and drop it in. We played this when we were kids at our parties.
  • They had so much fun!


  • I think Mica asked me, "Is it time for my birthday yet?" about 50 times before the party.
  • He could not wait for the presents.
  • He got some puzzles, games, Team Geotrax sets, a Thomas engine, a Berenstain Bears watch too Much TV book and flash cards.
  • Notice that he has on his Burger King crown. I bought him a conductor hat for the occasion, and he kept his crown on all evening long.
  • For his actual birthday on the 10th we'll give him Grandma and Grandpa Apel's present, a Thomas car from Isaak and we got him a frisbee to open up. We'll go out to dinner too.

Pre Party

  • Pre party: 6 pounds of chicken, 1 dozen eggs and 3 packages of chopped mushrooms.
  • We had a Polish dish called, "Chicken Bitki". It's one of Mica's fav's.
  • It's kind of like good for you, fancy chicken nuggets.
  • We also had watermelon, twice baked potatoes and fresh green beans.
  • To drink we had Root Beer I got from Costco (the best I've ever had!), lemon-aid and lime-ade.

Funny Face

  • Mica made this funny face at breakfast this morning.

Friday, July 31, 2009


  • I got a watermelon at the store today for the party. It's setting on the floor for now.
  • Isaak got mad because he couldn't pick it up.
  • He kept calling it a, "Ba", which is "Ball".

Homemade Party Favors

  • We have other party favors, but these are the one's we made.

Successful Train Cakes

  • These are for the party tommorw.
  • The top one has jelly beans and other candy on it. The smoke stack is 1/2 an ice cream cone.
  • The bottom one has black sprinkles that my sister Terra bought me for my birthday. It also has crumbles of the failed cake on it. I thought, why not utilize the mistake?
  • We had raspberry, lemon and orange sherbet as choices to go with the cake. Mica loves sherbet! I'm a pretty big fan as well!
  • It is funny how I craved sherbet when I was pregnant with him, and right after I had him. Maybe Mica as a baby was trying to tell me something.

Broken Cake

  • Another mishap today. I went to dump the train cake out of the pan, and it broke into pieces.
  • Bummer!
  • It reminded me of that time when my mom dropped the cake I won from a cake walk. Red frosting all over the floor!

Broken Shift Key

  • We had a little mishap today.
  • Isaak flicked off my Shift key on my computer. The bad thing is that it isn't my computer, it's my work computer!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peeing or Just Water Fun?

  • Ok, so it sort of looks like they are peeing in some of these photo's, but really it's just water fun.
  • By the looks of it, they had a blast!

3's a Crowd

  • Aunt Terra cram packing 3 boys into a double stroller.

Pedestrian Bridge

  • Grandpa Spiehs and Aunt Terra took Mica, Nephew's Evan and Elijah to the fairly new Pedestrian Bridge here in Omaha.
  • Grandpa took pictures for us.
  • Isaak stayed at home with Grandma Spiehs. I was very glad to hear he was staying home because he's been waking up with teething pain in the middle of the night. A good morning nap is what he needed.


  • At our house we don't eat cereal too much.
  • Most mornings it's toast, yogurt and fruit. Travis prefers cottage cheese. Sometimes we have banana bread.
  • Mica likes oatmeal (my fav) and Wheaties (Daddies fav).
  • Seeing how Michael Jordan sponsored Wheaties, I can see why Travis got so into the cereal.
  • As a kid I remember eating a lot of Life Cereal and Frosted Mini-Wheats.
  • Mikey liked Life Cereal, and so did I.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Booger Seeds

  • Mica is a nose picker. I've blogged about this before.
  • He's been picking his nose, and then every once in awhile he gets a bloody nose.
  • I got after him about not picking boogers, and that he needs to get a tissue. He's been saying, "Mommy I'm not picking boogers! I'm picking out booger seeds!"
  • Crazy the things they come up with!

Zoo Again

  • Travis took the boys to the zoo again yesterday, while I worked.
  • They went to see the aviary. Mica's fav animal is the peacock, and we've never taken him into the aviary. We've just seen random peacock's walking around. I guess he really liked the flamingo's. They did see lots of peacock's outside the aviary with peacock babies (how cute)!
  • They went into the petting zoo. Isaak pet some goats, but soon wanted to pull on their fur.
  • They also went into the new Butterfly exhibit.
  • Later they met up with some more of my family.
  • Grandma Spiehs paid for them to go on the new sky lift. Thank you Grandma! I'm glad it was Travis and not me taking them on the ride. I just don't like the idea of holding Isaak on rides! I'm a wimp! Isaak fell asleep in Daddy's arms one way. On the way back around Mica talked about taking off his shoes, so Isaak was trying to remove his shoes. Stinkers!
  • I'm so glad we have a great zoo right here in Omaha. We do have an admission fee. If we didn't, I'm sure we'd be paying for it in our taxes. It was so worth it to get a zoo pass for the year!

He Wants to Walk the Walk!

  • Isaak wants to walk most of the time now. In parking lots, he tries to throw himself out of my arms when I pick him up to carry him.
  • He's slow, so when cars are coming I want to pick him up, otherwise I don't care if he walks. Luckily his walk is getting faster, but he still has tiny legs that don't move as fast as mine.
  • I'm so glad he is good about holding my hand (right now anyhow).
  • I remember when Mica went through a phase where he didn't want to hold my hand. He didn't have a choice!
  • Isaak does want to be picked up right away when I come home from work. He also pulls at me when I'm busy in the kitchen. I'm thinking it's because he missed me and wants Mommy time. Dinner won't serve it's self. Once dinner is done, Isaak get lots of Mommy time.

Swimming Lesson

  • Mica had his first swimming lesson with my niece Kailey last night.
  • She's planning to be a life guard next year, and is a great swimmer! I told her to try one session out with him first to see if she'd even want to do it again. She does. So...we'll pay her what we would for him to go to regular swimming lessons. I'll have to call around to see how much they cost.
  • She said he did really well! He kicked, put his face in the water twice, and she got him to go off the diving board twice.
  • The diving board took awhile. Then he wouldn't jump off to show his Aunt Angela when she got there. That totally didn't surprise me. He went down the slides at the Gene Leahy Mall twice by himself, then wouldn't go again.
  • While Mica was at swim lessons we took Isaak shopping for Mica's birthday. We got a coupon from ToysRUs for a free Thomas wooden railway train under $12.99. We got Sir Topham Hat in his car. It was hard choosing. We also saw an orange train, and Mica fav color is orange. I thought Isaak could give this to Mica on his birthday.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


  • I had to hang up student name tags at work today, so I was up and down on desks. I banged one of my legs pretty good!
  • I actually had to get a Band-aid, which I rarely use. Then I banged my leg in the same spot one other time.
  • Later in the day I was caring a stack of artwork up to the front of the school, and didn't see the chairs in the lobby. I didn't drop anything, but a chair arm went right into my private area. I knock the chairs all over too. Even though it hurt I was laughing at myself.


  • We had peanut butter on homemade bannana bread this morning.
  • Mica said, "I love peanuts!" But it sounded like he said something else!
  • We had to ask him again what he said? That time it sounded like "Peanuts".

Monday, July 27, 2009


  • Isaak usually throws the ball with his left hand.
  • He has a grandpa on both sides that are left handed.
  • So...he may be left handed.
  • Mica's clearly right handed.

Lastest Winnings

  • I won a set of 6 Thank You cards from: Anna Tillett Designs called Think, Thank, Thunk
  • Site:
  • I won a Itzbeen (Baby Care Monitor). I'm handing this over to my friend Rae that's going to have a new little one in Aug. This would have been great when my boys were sick! It monitors everything (feedings, diaper changes and more).
  • Site:
  • I won a pair of socks of my color choice. I chose brown seeing that I ware mine out every year.
  • Site:
  • So...Thank You giveaways! Thank You companies that gave away!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Forget the Spoon!

  • It's Isaak after he's finished his main dish of Sloppy Joe and peas.
  • He threw his plate down on the floor, and made a HUGE mess!
  • I wanted to say a quote from that old commercial, "Calgon take me away!" It's one of the first commercial's I remember watching as a kid.
  • In the flick Isaak is trying to finish eating some apple sauce. He's been getting obsessive about holding the spoon himself.
  • I remember as a kid I thought this commercial was cool. A bathtub in a bubble!
  • Now I look at it, and it's cheesy!


Shark's and Sting Ray's
Gobs of Fish
  • The toddler's I'm sure liked the aquarium the most!
  • Isaak was pretty tired at this time. It was our second to last stop.

Ape-l Relative's

Monkey Time
  • This kind of monkey kept wanting to join us on our walk through the Rain Forest! He was so close you could touch him or her.
  • I think this is the animal my sister Angela looks most like. It's the fur color. Angela has strawberry blond hair and has a small frame.
  • The Golden Lion Tamarin monkey is one of the most endangered mammals in the world. This monkey is nearly extinct because of its magnificent mane. Poachers desire this monkey's hide as they can sell for as much as twenty thousand dollars on the black market!
Mica Being a Monkey
  • I joked with Mica that monkeys are closely related to us because we are Ape-l's, Ape's.
  • I got this from my sister-in-law Laura.
Mica on Another Relative of Ours


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