Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Embarrassing Brontosaurus

  • Has your kids every truly embarrassed you?
  • Well Mica embarrassed me tonight in a big way!
  • I have to start from the beginning. Daddy went out to dinner with a guy that likes his artwork a week or so ago. One of his artsy friends was having a get together, so we went. We really didn't know anyone, but felt somehow comfortable. 
  • The kids were running around and talking to people. Isaak loved their dog and cat. 
  • Towards the end of the night Mica said to a really large gentleman, "You're really big." I was biting my tongue. I was thinking, "Stop there, don't say anymore Mica!" Mica continued, "You're really as big as a Brontosaurus." I was a little distance from them, so I pretended not to notice. But quickly said, "Hey Mica come over and sit with Mommy." I said it very calm, but was thinking, "Hey Mica come over and sit with Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!" 
  • Daddy of course didn't hear a thing. It was just me that heard what my 5 year old said.
  • I didn't know whether to apologize to this man for what my son said, or to pretend that I didn't hear?!? Bringing attention to it could have made the situation worse for this man, and Mica might have said more.
  • I don't know if I handled the situation right or not. I kept my mouth shut until the car ride home. I said, "Mica you shouldn't tell people that they are big, fat, and especially that they are as big as a Brontosaurus! That could really hurt someone's feelings." Mica said, "Ok Mommy I won't call anyone something like that again."
  • I do have to give the kid some points for creativity. He didn't mean to hurt the guy's feelings. 
  • He just really thought he looked like a cool, big dinosaur.
  • It totally reminded me of a time when cousin Kailey, who is now almost 16 years old said that a guy was fat in a Laundromat. Aunt Angela couldn't exactly leave. Kailey kept saying it over and over again. Angela kept telling her to be quiet! Finally Kailey said, "But Mommy I love my grandma and she's fat." Poor Grandma! Sorry Grandma!
  • Now Kailey is on the news for doing good by starting a cheerleading squad for special needs kids, so there is hope for Mica!

Jacket Help

  • These are not very good photo's. 
  • I still wanted to post them. 
  • Mica voluntarily helped Isaak with his jacket. He is really blossoming as big brother since school started. 
  • No offense to their cousin Evan, but I think Mica and Isaak have bonded more since Evan went to kindergarten. Most of the time Mica had Evan around to play with. Mica and Evan were around each other so much that they were more like brothers then cousins. Mica didn't pay much attention to Isaak until recently. Evan on the other hand paid a lot of attention to his younger brother. It's always been Mica, Evan and Elijah (Evan's younger brother) all together. Isaak was the one that was left out.
  • Isaak being left out is turning around. Sometimes Isaak doesn't know what to think of Mica's new affection.
  • Mica will try to pick up Isaak. He also gives him voluntary hugs! HUGE CHANGE.

Art Time

Mica Just Being Cute

  • Here's Mica in his new shirt from My Baby's Green. I finally got him to smile.
  • If you have a chance visit their blog. The owner has some really great giveaways.

Isaak Just Being Cute


  • It's times like these where 1/2 of me wishes I had girls, and the other 1/2 of me loves that I have boys!
  • Girl's in general listen and focus just a little more. Of course with girl's there is drama!
  • With boy's they keep you on your toes. Very hectic most of the time. They are fun. A lot less drama!

The Cannibal Cannonball

  • I was giving the boy's a bath and Mica said, "I'm a cannibal." 
  • I said, "You're a what?" 
  • He said, "I'm a cannibal Mommy."
  • I said, "What's a cannibal Mica?"
  • He said, "You know when someone rolls up into a ball and crashes into the water."
  • I said, "Oh! You're a cannonball not a cannibal!"

ATG Stores

  • The Crazy House is hosting a giveaway for $50 at ATG Stores.
  • ATG Stores has so many wonderful things at their stores. They have Melissa and Doug toys, tools, sinks, welders, bedding, outdoor furniture and the list truly goes on! 
  • I'd love to win this; and put it towards Christmas gifts. 
  • You too can enter to win!

Mica in His New Shirt

I kept trying to get one photo of Mica that was good last night. One where he was smiling. It didn't happen. This is as good as it got.

The company where he won his t-shirt, My Baby's Green was wondering if I'd put a picture up on their Facebook Page? I'm happy to put a picture up. I just want to get my little boys smiling! ;)  Mica was not cooperating with photo's this evening. This is the best photo of him that I got. I took probably 15 shots, and deleted most of them.

I'll try again on Saturday.

Isaak and His Cheesy Smile

What is it with kids? They go through this phase where they want to smile while biting their lip.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What to Do With Pumpkin's?

  • We've made pumpkin soup. We've had pumpkin like squash. I've made low fat pumpkin bread. I'm about to make pumpkin cookies and pumpkin crisp for work. 
  • Any other pumpkin ideas? 
  • I really don't want to make pumpkin pie. Pumpkin crisp is so similar. 
  • I want recipes that are good for you. Most pumpkin recipes are loaded with sugar.

The whole Family has PMS - Not Really

    • I get grumpy whenever my allergies flair up. I'm more grumpy then when I get PMS I swear. 
    • I'll be happier once it freezes
    • 9 pm has been my bedtime lately. I've just been so tired. My patients is so thin.
    • I really do not try to be this way. 
    • I've noticed that I've gotten this way ever since grad school. Allergy season would start, and I'd get PMS like symptoms. It's HORRIBLE. I want it to stop.
    Mica in his new shirt. "All you need is love" by the Beatles. He was so sleepy and sweaty when we went to go pick him up after work.

    • It doesn't help that I have a preschooler that acts like a bear when he doesn't take a nap. He's growing out of them, it's about time, but he's naughty when he doesn't take one.
    • Like today at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house, Mica decided to pee in the front yard like it was no big deal. Grandpa got after him. Mica said, "Daddy tells me it fertilizes the bushes. It helps them to grow." GREAT! Good one Daddy! I know it's hard tackling 4 boy's with going to the bathroom when they are all outside in the backyard. Later on Mica's new pants where on the low side. Grandpa asked him to pull them up, and Mica pulled them down, all the way down, outside again, in the front yard! 
    • There you have it; I have a grumpy, stripper preschooler!
    • Not my usual Mica. 
    Isaak with his Beatles shirt on. He had messy hair from just waking up from his nap.

    • I have a grumpy toddler too! Isaak's cutting top molars. He's been moody for two weeks now. 
    • He can not decide what he wants and doesn't want.
    • He wants help, but you go to help him and BAM he says, "I do it myself Mommy!"
    • "Whine" should be his middle name instead of "Jaxon."

    • Daddy isn't so moody.  I called on the way home from work last night to see if he needed anything at the grocery store? He said, "I want to be BY MYSELF tonight. I don't want to deal with any kids!" 
    • He's moody too.
    • We had rain that came into our basement last night. He has to move a whole bunch of things in the basement, so people can come do a service check on our furnace. He has to get ready to teach a sculpture class to high school students (his first). I think the pressure is on!

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Crabby Pants

    • Isaak's been a real bare because he's cutting his top molars. 
    • He wants Mommy, he doesn't want Mommy. He's the king of wanting to do everything himself. Of course since he's grouchy he does not have the coordination to do somethings himself.
    • Most everything is a struggle with Isaak right now.

    Wordless Wednesday - Happy Constitution Week!

    Mica a few years ago at 3 1/2 years old saying the Preamble.

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Motorcyclist's Please!

    • I was driving yesterday about 5 miles over the speed limit. Another car is driving right besides me at the same speed. Down the center of the two lanes a motorcyclist drives really fast between our car and the other car.
    • It really scared me! It scared Mica too! 
    • I kept thinking, "What would of happened if the guy in the other car or I scooted over towards the center more; not realizing that this crazy motorcyclist was going to drive between us?"

    • Today I was walking my typical 5 to 6 laps around the college, Golds Gym and a church during my lunch break. 
    • I follow the sidewalk. As I turn the corner to the sidewalk in font of Golds Gym there's a motorcycle in my path. I almost ran into it. It was parked right on the sidewalk as I turned the corner. 
    • I go a couple more laps, and bam the motorcycle that was there before was gone; it was replaced by another one. 
    • The curb is obviously painted red. That probably just means that they can't park at the street there. It makes it ok for them to park on the sidewalk where people walk?!?

    • I've been seeing a lot of commercials lately about how cars need to look, and look again for motorcycle's. 
    • I'm not talking about all motorcyclist's, but geez watch what you are doing too! I don't want to hit someone's bike with my car or my body. 
    • Many drivers are safe. I have a brother in law that drives a motorcycle, and he's really a safe driver. 
    • I'm talking about the careless drivers. 
    • Motorcyclist's should be extra cautious because they have little protection.


    • Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway for a company I've never heard of called Zoolu! They are giving $50 gift certificate. 
    • At first I thought they were only going to sell baby items. Boy was I wrong! They have so much to choose from! The required entry was to make a comment about what you'd want to spend the gift certificate on if you won? I had a hard time choosing!
    Football Ice Pack. I could of used one of these when Isaak got stung in the nose by a wasp this summer during family pictures. The picture to the left is ice cubes! How fun! The only down fall is that they are sold out of them. Probably because everyone like them as much as I do. These would be a great stocking stuffer's!

    Two other items I like! A Puzzle of the USA for Mica and a Joey Magnetic Doll for Isaak. Things to keep them BUSY!

    I love this Guitar Apron! A lot of apron's out there are girly. Truth be told, my boy's like helping me in the kitchen. In fact they fight over who is going to pour the ingredients into the mixer or bowl.
    And last, but certainly not least is a Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles! When Isaak gets crabby sometimes all we need to do is plop a Beatles CD in, and peace is in the car!
    This is only part of what I like. They have a lot of other things I was looking at.

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Two More Teeth

    • Isaak's been a bear all weekend! 
    • Why? Well we looked in his mouth a few times and saw nothing. Finally we see that he's getting some new top molars.
    • This explains his wacky sleeping schedule, accidents on the floor and needy behavior. He's especially needy for Mommy!!!!!!! 
    • I just wish he'd tell us his mouth hurts. 
    • He's old enough to tell us that something hurts. 
    • I even asked him a few times before we saw a tooth coming in. He said nothing.


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