Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scooter Fun

  • The boys and I were using Grandma's scooter for fun, not what it's supposed to be used for.
  • We rode it around the house, and we were pretending it was a train. I said, "All Aboard" Isaak repeated "All Board". We all said, "Toot Toot" too.

Melissa & Doug Lemonade Stand & Accessories

  • My Wee View is giving away a Melissa and Doug Lemonade Stand and Accessories from the company GUMMYLUMP. It's a $140 value.
  • GUMMYLUMP has 20% off all Melissa and Doug toys right now!

Number 2 Once Again

  • I'd say more times then not Isaak's gone number 2 on the pot this week in the morning.
  • He went again today! We're so proud of him!

New Words

  • I try to put new words on here when Isaak says them, but it's hard to remember all of them now.
  • He copied his cousin Elijah and said, "What". He said, "Pizza" although he's not a huge fan like the rest of us. He's been saying, "Peas" and "Nack" for snack.

Beep Beep

  • Whenever I beep the horn on the Civic or Pilot, Isaak says, "Beep Beep".
  • He tries to find my purse sitting around, sneaks my keys out to "Beep Beep" the car.

Asleep on the Couch

  • This is typical of me. I just pass out on the couch while watching TV. I really don't mean to.
  • I awoke last night, or should I say morning 2:30 AM. The TV was still on.
  • On TV was a skiing show. The place was called Heli Ski Mica in Canada. I just thought it was strange because right when I woke up the word, "MICA" was really big on the screen.
  • This morning when I woke up...I wanted to make sure I wasn't dreaming of what I remembered, so I looked it up. There really is a skiing resort with Mica in it's name.
  • They said on the show that this place is unquestionably the best ski terrain on the planet! It has deep, dry snow that's perfect for skiing. Sounds dangerous to me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


  • Jolly Mom is giving away 2 books and a children's blanket (winner's choice of blue or pink) from Planet Meno.
  • The illustration style is so fun!

Someone in This House Really Likes Cheesy Potato Soup

  • Cheesy Potato Soup is not something we have often. It's comfort food that isn't the best for you. It does taste good.
  • Isaak wanted a second bowl full.
Cheesy Potato Soup
  • Cook all the stuff below until tender:
  1. 4 cups diced potatoes
  2. 1 cup chopped celery
  3. 1 cup chopped carrot
  4. 6 tablespoons onion
  5. 2 cups water
  • Whisk and cook:
  1. 1/2 cup butter - melt in pan, don't burn
  2. 1/2 cup flour - whisk in flour
  3. 4 cups milk - slowly whisk in milk
  4. 4 cups chicken broth - whisk in
  5. 1 pound Velvetta cheese - add until melted
  • 1 cup chopped cooked ham
  • Add everything together.
  • Optional: Add chopped chives and/or bacon bits on top of servings. We didn't add this, but it sure sounds good!

Boxing Match

  • Cousin Evan couldn't stop laughing, and Mica was extra serious.

Train Fun

  • Mommy stayed home with the boys today. Cousin's Elijah and Evan came over to play.
  • We built a big Thomas train track in the living room for everyone to play with.
  • We had a few conflicts among the toddlers and preschoolers, but over all it went well.
  • We try and get the preschooler's to play in Mica's room and the toddler's out in the living room. It doesn't work. They intermix.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Li'l DaVinci Store and Display Art Cabinet Giveaway

Cracker Barrel

  • I love this place, and haven't been there in awhile. I not only like their food, but also their store!
  • I like their Cracker Jack's. They look vintage. I actually proposed to Daddy by putting a typed little slip of paper that said, "Will you marry me?", sipped it around a plastic ring, put it in a Cracker Jack's box and sealed it back up. This cheap Cracker Jack's box brings back memories.
  • Who made the rule that a guy has to ask the girl to marry him first?
  • Later that night he proposed to me, with a real ring that he made. He makes jewelry from start to finish.

Holy Poop!

  • Daddy set Isaak on the potty again this morning, when he went to go get him, there was a brown surprise in there.
  • We didn't even hear it happen. We praised him! Good job Isaak!

An Odd Habit

  • Mica has a new odd habit! He pinches the fabric on his shirt where his nipples are.
  • We've gotten after him for it. It just looks kind of tacky seeing a kid walking around, pinching his nipples!
  • After talking with him about it and explaining why it doesn't look right and how it's not good on the fabric of his shirts, he continued to do it 3 more times.
  • I sent him to the time out chair 3 times over it.


  • Grandma Spiehs got her staples removed towards the end of the day yesterday. I asked her, "Did it tickle to get them out?" She said, "No, it hurt!"
  • I remember how they said it would tickle when I got my staples out of my c-section spot.
  • Poor Grandma!
  • She had to get another pink cast put on. She said that they'll probably have to put a couple more casts on before her leg is free, and she wears the special boot.

Skippy Jon Jones

  • Lately Mica really likes this book read to him at bedtime.
  • The book goes from English to Spanish. You can imagine that it is hard to read for someone like me that failed Spanish in high school. I do my best, and Mica still likes it.
  • He cracks up with all the, "Funny words", as he calls them are read.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

General Lee Transformer

  • Mica would LOVE this General Lee Transformer. It's too bad it's custom made, not mass made.

Peek Boo

Isaak played, "Peek a Boo" a lot tonight. He covers his eyes and says, "Peek Boo". He smiles really big when he says, "Peek Boo".


  • Isaak's cut is so little, but it was deep. He got 2 stitches.
  • He got a teddy bear from the hospital. Guess what we named him? "Stitches" of course.

Hair Cut

  • Daddy cuts his own hair, plus our boy's hair. I kind of like Mica's hair short because he has awkward cowlicks. We're trying to grow Isaak's hair out to be a little longer. Isaak's hair is in the in-between stage.
  • One Jolly Mom reader will win the Kid's Clipper from Philips Norelco!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Stitch or Two

  • I just got a call at work that Isaak has to go to the ER to get a stitch or two in his forehead.
  • It's about 1/4" long, 1/8" deep and 1/8" wide.
  • Daddy had to go pick him up because we carpooled today.
  • He would of just gone to the doctor if it were above the hairline, but it's below it.
  • I told Daddy to bring up his curved feet again, because Aunt Terra said that it seems like he tripped on one of them. One is worse then the other.
  • This might turn into stitches on his forehead and braces on his legs at night. :(
  • Update: Isaak got two stitches. We have to wake him up every hour to check on him. We can only give him Tylenol for pain and not Motrin for teething due to the nature of this incident.
  • Daddy said that Isaak did not like being strapped down!

Buddy Tops

More Cake Bites, Only This Time For Work

  • I made another batch of cake bites over the weekend for our work's. When I had them laid out, it didn't seem like very much, so I took them for my work and Daddy will take some to his work next week...when I get a chance to make more.
  • I snuck two just to get pictures of them. Of course I had to eat them to get good shots of them. So cute...and so yummy! I really haven't had any to myself.
  • I was thinking the pink ones would be cute with x's and o's on them for this time of year. I need to get an edible black marker.
  • If you want to know how to make them here is the recipe.

Move Out of the Way Old Lady

  • Daddy came to a stop at a light this morning on the way to drop the kids off at Aunt Terra's.
  • From the backseat we heard a tiny voice say, "Move out of the way old lady. We don't have time for this!" I hid my laughing with my hands and held it in as much as I could.
  • Daddy told Mica that we couldn't go anywhere because we were at a stop light.
  • I think Mica got this one from his father.
  • He makes car remarks a lot of the time.

Screaming Crying

  • Isaak woke up screaming crying again last night twice.
  • We gave him Motrin and teething drops the first time.
  • Daddy asked him if his teeth hurt, and he started crying louder and harder.
  • Poor toddler, he still has more cutting to do. :(

Spanish Radio

  • I decided to play the Spanish channel on the radio all weekend when I drove the boys around.
  • Mica said, "Mommy what is this!?!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Think Geek

  • My Wee View is giving away a $24.99 Jet Bib at Think Geek.
  • They have many products. My favorite part of the site is the science section.

Snow Again

  • It snowed once again last night. I was thinking of going out and shoveling, but they said on TV that the snow was blowing everywhere from the wind.
  • This fall one of the weather men here said that we weren't going to have a bad winter. It turns out that we have!
  • At least we can get out of our back door now.

Annal Train Player

  • Mica is so annal when it comes to his trains. He has to have the little conductors that came with the trains that were bought together, stay together. If this is messed up by anyone, he gets upset.
  • He gets this from both of us. I was so like this with Barbie's. Each person that was playing had to have the same number of Barbie's, Ken's and kids. Daddy likes things done his way too.
  • Isaak goes in and wants to ride trains along the tracks, and totally messes up Mica's system.
  • Much of the time Mica plays with his cousin Evan or one of us, and his door is shut, but there are times that Isaak plays in there. Mica gets all bent out of shape because Isaak's moving the train backwards, not stopping off at a station to remove cargo, walking on the track and putting the wrong conductor in the train.
  • Like any little brother, they like their older brother. They love to imitate and do what they do.

Potty Training a Bear

  • Isaak was role playing at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs'.
  • He had a stuffed animal bear, and first wanted it in the high chair. I played along, and put a bib on him.
  • I helped him put a diaper on the bear after that.
  • Next he was going in the back bedroom to put the bear asleep. I went back to make sure he was ok. He was up on the bed and covering the bear up with a blanket. It was more like he was smothering him. The blanket was covering the bear.
  • I left him be.
  • He next came out with the bear and handed it to Grandpa Spiehs. It was all wet. Go to find out he was trying to put the bear on the toilet to potty train him! LOL I asked Isaak if his bear was trying to go potty? Isaak shook his head yes, he sort of bobs his whole body up and down when saying yes. We went to the bathroom and there was a trail of toilet water. I wish I could of captured it for the blog, but I knew it would be hard to see the water.

Sweet Ride

  • Here is Grandma Spiehs' sweet ride. The boys had fun yesterday getting rides around their house on this scooter.
  • She has a walker too, but prefers the scooter.


  • A lot of people signed Grandma Spiehs' pink cast. The chicken scratch handwriting is Mica's and Isaak's. Isaak got mad when I took the marker away.
  • I still think it's funny that she picked bright pink for her cast.
  • She goes on Tuesday to get this cast off, her staples will be removed and another cast will be put on in it's place.
  • She thinks she's going to pick a pink cast once again.


  • I went over to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house and made the recipe: Banana Chocolate Chip Waffles from Go Graham Go. Besides the chocolate chips, they are pretty healthy. I thought it would be something different for my parents.
  • It turned out that I almost couldn't make them because Grandma had no idea where her waffle maker was. That's how long ago it was used. It's not like she could look for it either.
  • We found it above the refrigerator.
  • I also made scrambled egg's and we had grape fruit. Grape fruit was a new things for the boys. I just never buy them because Daddy doesn't like them.


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