Sunday, June 13, 2021

Red Shoes | Cool Shoes

I totally dig the color red. It makes me feel like I stand out.

Colors that this shoe has: 



-Purple - Second choice

-Red - First choice


I liked both red and purple. They are two colors I wear a lot. I just don’t see those colors in shoes a whole lot  


These shoes are really breathable and light weight. They actually feel a bit like wearing Crocks, which I always thought were comfortable. They come in five different color options. I like the colors. I think they make great walking shoes. 


I feel a bit like the lace holes aren’t sturdy enough. Like if I pull to tighten the laces, they could rip. The front tip of the shoe could be bigger and wrap around more. There isn’t a ton of traction. I think hiking is pretty much out of the question with these shoes on. The brand isn’t one I’ve heard much of. It’s Damyuan. 

Where to get these shoes:

You can get them on Amazon for $30.99. They shipped fast!

I haven’t gotten anything new, since before the Covid hit. Now I feel like getting a few new things. Did you shop during Covid, or put a hault to shopping all together? 

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