Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monsters in DC

Our power just flickered twice last night.

Mica looked like he seriously just saw a ghost! His lips turned white.

Daddy said, "Son don't be scared! There are only monsters in Washington DC."

Great! Mice will be afraid to travel there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday Mica Got Upset at School

You want to know why? Because a follow boy in his class is trying to take over his girlfriend. At least that is what Mica said. Funny, but not. Mica was upset. We're back stepping and playing down the whole girlfriend idea. Just like he doesn't understand what having a girlfriend is really like, he doesn't understand the heartbreak that goes with it. Here Daddy and I thought Isaak was going to be our sensitive one when it came to the ladies. We never really encouraged the girlfriend thing, it's just that Mica would tell us he has a girlfriend. I thought it was cute puppy love. I had crushes when I was young, so I thought it was good that Mica was talking to us. Now it's down played.

The teacher told Daddy that a lot of the time kids find themselves being drawn to students that are like themselves. According to the teacher Mica and Kammy are a few of the more mature students in the class. Mica is 6 and had 3 years of preschool prior to going to kindergarten.

All the reasons why we waited a year to send him to kindergarten: He has an August birthday, he's a boy obviously and he wouldn't cut or color before school started last year.

All the reasons why we started preschool so early: He wasn't around any kids besides his cousin, his cousin Evan was 3 months older and was starting preschool, Mica just went with him and Mica was fully potty trained at that age {a requirement}.

So hummm...Sorry Mica you have to wait to date until you are 16 years old. ;)

One Thing Mica Love to Do is Build!

He loves to put puzzles together, build Lego's and transform tranformers!  I saw a new fun product that A Giveaway Addicted Mommy is giving away! It's called Superstructs!

They are giving away one of these cool Superstructs Wacky Machine building sets:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Yesterday Daddy had a birthday! We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

We saw someone sing to another guy in the restaurant. I told Mica, "Tell the waitress it's Daddy's birthday!" He did and she totally blocked him out like she couldn't hear him. He told her again. She asked Daddy, "Is it your birthday?" He timidly said, "Yes."

They came out put a sombrero and sang to him. They said "Travis" more like "Travees." LOL

We went home and he unwrapped his gifts. I got him a Kansas City Art Institute t-shirt when I went down there in the spring for a tour of the Nelson-Atkins Museum with the school I teach at. Kansas City Art Institute is where we went to school. I also got him a magnetic cube and an artist made drum.

Then it was brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WW Mica Moose Lost His First Tooth {Linky}

He lost it on the way down to KC. It's a great thing that mommy remembered to bring his Tooth Fairy box that Aunt Becky bought him! ;) He has another loose tooth. I told him that he can now drink out of a straw without opening his mouth!

Please connect your Wordless or Wordful Wednesday below! I want to see!

Please enter one of my low entry giveaways (listed on my sidebar if you have a moment!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Heart

My Grandpa, the kid's Great Grandpa Kent is having heart surgery tomorrow. He wanted to wait to have surgery until after my cousin's wedding.

Before the wedding cousin Emerson had his first visit with a cardiologist.

A lot of babies that have Trisomy 18 have a hole in their heart. Emerson's heart was totally fine. He does have 2 vessels (superior vena cavas) leading back to the heart instead of 1. They made it sound as if that wasn't a big deal. Some people that have no chromosomal problems could have 2. They are going to talk to the cardiologist again. Aunt Terra (Emerson's Mommy, my sister) is a nurse, so she has lists of questions to ask the doctor written down. Emerson has rolled over a few times and bats at his toys. He still has to wear baby gloves because he has pulled his feeding tube out a few times. I love seeing him play like this though! If only he didn't have breathing issues! If you want to see an impacting video about Trisomy 18, you can watch it here.

I'd love data artists to connect with Emerson! I make my students watch video's on this channel of YouTube. Create or Else has great artistic flicks that are inspiring! You can see what I'm talking about here:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trip to KC

We had a long weekend, meaning a lot to do packed in a few days. This will repeat in a few weeks when we go back to KC for another wedding.

This time my cousin Brent got married. They looked great and happy! They've been together for awhile.
Congrats to them!
Some of her family had trouble traveling because of hurricane Irene. :( We got there, but had trouble because the interstate is closed down with all the flooding. :(. It took 4 hours to get there when it would have taken us 3 hours.

It still was a very nice wedding! :) Everyone looked great! I loved watching my cousin's (groom's brother) kids walking down the aisle!

Those kids (Colton and Kensley) are so cute and know it! ;)

The reception was fun. Our kids were a little stir crazy at first. *Remember they were in the car for four hours. Mica totally looks like he's ready to hit Daddy or Grandma in the face. He really was a spazz at the beginning of the reception! Then calmed down once we had dinner.

Isaak loved giving my cousin Stacy's baby Alex attention! He's really cute! I held him for a bit to!

Great Grandpa Kent was a amused with three things: Baby Alex, playing with glow sticks and watching Daddy and I lip sink back and forth. We pretended the glow sticks were microphones. ;)

Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs (mom and dad) dancing. Not such a great photo. It was dark in there! Not bad on the dancing part for my mom having a fused ankle!

We tried to dance, but got interrupted each time with kiddo's. Oh well!

On our way home we saw:


It will be a long time before the interstate is up and running again! BOO! We have friends in KC and Daddy's family lives in Moberly, MO. The trip to MO is way longer now! Moberly is further yet. That should be an interesting trip with two young kids. Daddy can't stand their sound effects in the car as it is. I also usually go with my students in the spring to KC for a field trip. They say it will be a long time before the interstate is repaired!

Amazing windmills!

I will show more photo's of these later. I have better ones to show for later.

Dark clouds!

It rained a bit closer to home. Mica said the clouds looked like bacon. Maybe he was hungry. I didn't think they looked like bacon; they most certainly looked crazy odd.


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