Sunday, August 22, 2021

Random Tid Bits

1. Isaak has been talking about his friend David, since last year. He’s the one that stood up for him with the bullies in gym. We’ve had him over a few times. 

His parents work a few retail jobs, so I told Isaak we can do all the driving. I know what it’s like working retail. Schedules are all over the place! 

The boy couldn’t be a better friend. The song They Might Be Giants songs over the phone. He has empathy for others, is always thankful, and a good, not picky eater. I don’t know why, but picky eaters annoy me. 

I just hope he doesn’t move. They are from California, and move quite often. I would blame them for moving, but please stay for Isaak. 😂 

2. My niece Margaret turned 1. We got together outside + still wore masks. Kind of extreme when all the adults are vaccinated, but with 2 kids in the family that have trisomy 18, one has to be oh so careful. Good news: Those old enough yo get the vaccine, that have trisomy 18 have done well with it. If the open it up to kids under 12, Emerson and Margaret will get theirs. 

3. We keep trying to convince Mica to ask a friend to come over. He’s only friends with some girls, and thinks it will be odd to ask them over. I get it. 

4. Mica’s out driving with Travis. Somehow I’m not the one to teach him. I guess I’m ok with that. Less stress. 

5. We’ve been having bean popping nights. Pop them out of their pods that is. Travis grew a butt load of beans. I hardly use them, but he’ll make soups, refried beans and more. 

I thought Warhol matched the beans to a T. No worries, the beans get washed. 

He also grew green corn. He’ll make tortilla shells out of them. Nom nom! What did you grow? Anything?


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