Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. It may or may not include words. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

I was watching GAP commercials. They are featuring different up coming musicians. One that I ran across is Kaki King. She can play the guitar and sing. She's been around for awhile, but I have never heard of her. 
"Playing With Pink Noise"

The GAP commercial "Show Your Colors"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Isn't This Clever - FANtastics Review and Giveaway

I was so happy to review and giveaway a Black and White FANtastic Pop-Up Fan by the company Isn't This Clever!

It came in a really cute bag that fits in the front pocket of my purse.

The fan actually looks like this; when it's all folded up. It's really portable.

It pops up like the kid's pop up tent.

I'm going to be an Asian Geisha for Halloween and will be using Black and White FANtastic Pop-Up Fan as part of my costume. I'll be showing pictures of my costume later on.

I have also used it during swimming lessons. It's really hot in the pool area sometimes. I have to wait through 2 lessons. The fan really helps!

One US winner is going to win a FANtastic Pop-Up Fan of their choice! This would be a great stocking stuffer! It's only $5.00!

Isn't This Clever gave me a coupon code for you, my lovely readers to use. It's a coupon: ITC5, ($5.00 off any order!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Isn't This Clever provided to me a free product to help with this review/giveaway.

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Fat Brain Toys Invited the Farm to Come to Them

Isaak got to go to the farm last week with preschool. Then I got an email from Fat Brain Toys; they were having the farm come to them as well. On Friday we decided to stop by my favorite local toy store.

We didn't buy anything, but we looked around and got Christmas ideas. Then we listened to a farmer talk about their livestock. We got a bag of popcorn to.

Such a sweet sheep. 

A black feathered chicken with black skin.

A very cute duck.

A pig. We didn't pet this one. She sure was cute!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A little back story: Mica's been singing songs from the musical Annie a lot lately. It's so funny because he'll be in his room cleaning singing. He sings all high pitched to fit the movie.

On with the story: Tonight Isaak was a cranky boy. He wouldn't try his dinner. When I told him that he had to try his dinner to go swimming at the Y, he threatened to throw something at me. I sent him to his room to cool off. I don't know what got into him. This is not his usual behavior. I do think that just like adults have off days or nights, kids do to. This was Isaak's off night.

Mica on the other hand ate his meal; even though it wasn't his favorite thing. Mica went to jujitsu and did really good. So good that he got a band for his belt. Awards are given for good behavior. Mica got one on being well disciplined.

Mica came home from the Y and wanted a snack. Isaak wanted one to. Isaak sort of lost it again when he heard that Mica could have a snack; when he couldn't. We have a rule in our house, if you want a snack you have to first eat your meal.

Mica went over to his breaking down brother and said, "Isaak there's always tomorrow. After that there's another tomorrow." I'm thinking he got this from the movie Annie.

Sensitive and Not so Sensitive

This week at swimming lessons I told Isaak, "I'm going to take Mica in to wash his hair, while you are in lessons. I'll be back out way before you get done with your lessons." I've done this a handful of times.

When the time came Mica and I went to go wash his hair. I came back out and Isaak's substitute coach said, "I didn't know what was wrong with him. He started freaking out because you left the room."

I said, "Isaak chill out Mommy is still here. You are ok. I would not leave you. You knew where I went, I told you sweetheart."

One of the parents behind me on the bleachers said, "He really freaked out."

I said, "I don't know why. I told him where we were going and that we'd be right back. He's our sensitive one. Mica the older one wasn't sensitive enough. They are completely opposite on that regard."

Mica looked up at the parent I was talking to and said, "Ya I wasn't sensitive. Most of the time I just don't pay attention. I'm in my own world." I chuckled.

Isaak's going through a stranger anxiety type thing right now. Has anyone else gone through something like that with their preschooler? Mica must have skipped this phase. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WW: Mannequin {Linky}

I took Mica shopping with me. I turned around and this is what I saw:

He was hangin' with the mannequins.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

His Finger is Damaged!

I laid Isaak down for a nap.

Isaak said fussing: Come here Mommy! My finger is damaged!

Mica came in Isaak's room saying: I want to see if his finger is 1/2 off.

I said: It's just a paper cut. Go down for a nap.

Isaak said: Can I have a bandage.

I said: Ok as long as you'll go down for a nap?

Isaak said: Ok I will.

I put on a bandage.

Isaak said: Wow that is so cool!

He went down for a long nap. Silence is golden!


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