Friday, October 18, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. A company made a comment on instagram that I'd be a great person to review some of their products. I responded. They sent me a code, and said that I would have to pay for shipping. Not unheard of. I went to pick out my 3 things, only to find out that some of their stuff was out of stock, they had horrible reviews, and their shipping was $15!

    I messaged them saying those things, and that I wasn't interested.

  2. Even though Isaak struggled at the beginning of the school year with homework, he has the best personality when he's not stressed out. He's a goof, he's so willing to try new things (even if he's the odd one out), he's creative, he's personable, and more.

  3. Has anyone else noticed this fashion trend? Lots of chains! I don’t want to feel locked up in my clothes!

  4. I get to hang out with a friend tonight I've had since preschool. Isaak and her son Joey are the same age, and are so similar. They both played basketball, they both played violin, they both are emotional, they both have been made fun of about their hair. Joey has a light streak in the front - kind of like a birthmark. I wish they lived here!

    We're going to Panera, then to the trampoline park in the picture below. It was that, or Spielbound - Board Game Cafe. All other things I get rolled eyes from the boys. Travis wants us out of the house because he has a 10 page paper due at the end of the month.

  5. I took Isaak and a "friend" to a trampoline park a few weeks ago. I'm really hoping they can be friends. He's in most of his classes. The Problem: The kid is friends with the punk that's been making fun of Isaak's hair. I told Isaak, "That punk kid may not have made fun of your friend. Maybe he hangs with him because his other friends hang with him." The kid he hung out with lives only 6 minutes from our house. I snooped to check out the Mom's FB page. She has 6 of the same friends I do. *Fingers Crossed it works!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

WW: Huipils {Linky}

We had fun going to El Museo Latino, to look at their latest collection. It was a bunch of Huipils from San Martín Jilotepeque.

I love their patterns and colors!

 Afterwards we did a craft together. It was a weaving. I had fun!

Do you like fiber art? Have you ever made a weaving, or anything close to it?

Monday, October 14, 2019

House of Conundrum

Disclaimer: I did not get any compensation for this post.

Mica is part of a Health Care Academy at school. He kind of wishes he did Zoo Academy because most of his friends are in it. BUT he wasn't going to sign up for either. It took a little push from me to get him to apply.

I think it's been good. He wanted to be a Pediatrician, for a few years. Why not use these free resources to figure out if he likes this field, or not? 

During the summer he did a week long camp at a hospital, where they learned about different medical professions everyday. In school he has a lot of medical things he does. He just got done getting CPR trained, phobias, and trauma situations. Next semester he'll be working with patients that have MS and Dementia.

I'm hoping it builds his empathy! Mica's very technical. He rattles off facts.

I am happy that he's been talking to a girl on the phone that's had some problems with friends. Shrink Mica talked her through her problems.

On the other hand when we went to get flu shots Isaak was freaking out. He's always gone to the doctor, for a flu shot. When we showed up at Walmart he said, "They are going to butcher me!" Mica started talking to him about his phobia with needles, and the process of a flu shot. It was freaking Isaak out all the more! Finally I leaned into Mica and said, "Shut up please. You're making it worse." So he needs to work on his bedside manner!

Recently his Health Care Academy had a grant to go to House of Conundrum.

It has nothing to do with heath. Just a time, for all the kid's families to hang out.

Mica picked The Final Frontier. I so would have picked the Abe Lincoln room, but it was Mica's night.

With the help of another family we got through it. The guy said at the end we hit a wormhole, which gave us extra time. He knew we were close to solving it! I only helped with one thing. Ha!

It was Isaak's first time being home alone. It didn't go the best. He got scared with night time noises, and literally forgot to eat because he had soccer practice, then a shower, then homework. BUT he's alive and well. I texted him a few times. 

Have you ever done an escape room? Did you get through?


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