Friday, August 7, 2015


Isaak still not in love with reading. He's so much the same as Mica, yet so very different. 

I found a few tricks that work for Isaak:
  • Hold a bookmark, or paper under the lines of type. Then he won't forget where he's at. 
  • As much as he wants to read picture books, I have to push him to move on. With picture books he guesses the words based on the pictures. He insisted that chapter books were too hard for him. I had him read an easier chapter book, and he read it better than the most of his picture books.
The book he started reading:


Do you have any tips to get kids to read?

Random Tid Bits

I confess...
  1. My husband hates when I buy spinach in a bag.

    The grocery store that we usually go to has been out of the spinach in a plastic box container. I'd rather buy the one in the container as well. I'm not going to run from grocery store to grocery store to find it.

    I rinse out the container we have, and refill it with bagged spinach. Then I don't have to listen to him bitch complain. Don't feel too bad for him. I've asked him many times over again not to rinse the greens in the hand washing sink side, and he does it anyhow. Grit is in the sink when I go to wash dishes. I don't do stuff like this on a regular occurrence. If he asks I'll come clean. Once the store gets the container one back in, I'll go back to buying it.

  2. I may have put off getting ready for school more than usual this year. Why? Because we don't have a printer that prints 2 sided and staples. Our old copier/printer jams almost every time I use it. I knew this week we were getting a fancy printer, so I waited to print things. #I'mSpoiled

  3. I'm already trying to figure out Christmas card ideas. I need to focus on now!

  4. I noticed that Mica's upcoming teacher is friends with one of my friends on Facebook. I may have gone to her Facebook page to Facebook stalk get to know her. I learned that she's a twin, she's obsessed with lions (imagine how she must have felt about that lion getting killed by that dentist), she's a Lio, she strongly believes in astrological signs.

  5. I've never been into astrological signs just because one source will say I'm a Gemini, while other sources will say I'm a Cancer. My birthday lands on the first day of summer. Travis says I'm more of a Cancer, but that I hold a little bit of both traits. Do you believe in astrological signs?

  6. Travis got on me for reviewing a gigantic thing of Cloves and Turmeric.

    Imagine my reaction when I was cleaning our spices, and found a gigantic bag of sesame seeds that I didn't buy. I think we're both guilty.
    For the record I made Pumpkin Spice and All Spice with some cloves. I shared Turmeric with my sisters and mom.

What's something you're guilty of?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

UNO Camp

Last week we sent Mica off to University of Nebraska - Omaha for camp. It's a day camp, but lasts all day.

I was nervous about it because last year he didn't really get into it. This year we made sure he signed up with his Cousin Evan. I dropped them off, and one of the workers at his elementary school was helping with the camp. Mica was super excited!
After the first day he was chatting up a storm about his camp.

They got $300 Lego robots to build. Then they got computers to program them to move, do circles, draw pictures on their screens and more. I kept teasing Mica saying, "So are they giving you those robots to keep?" ;) 

At camp there is a family night. That's when he showed us his robot car. We got to watch a cheesy video in their planetarium room. Lastly the kids get coupons for their store. Mica picked out an steel Atom science toy. Mica kept calling it an, "A Tom". 

If you have younger kids, did they go to any camps this summer?

The Bully on the Bus Goes Round and Round

Day 3 of Camp:

Isaak went to get on the bus to go home. He noticed his cousin Elijah was towards the back of the bus. That was the only spot left.  He sat down. There was a kid that was licking his fingers and flinging his fingers at them to hit them. 

Isaak said, "Why are you being mean to us? We didn't do anything to you!" 

The Bully said, "You looked at me. That's what you did." 

Isaak said, "We can stop this right now, start over, and be friends."

My nephew Elijah just hit him back.

This happened their whole bus ride home. 

Isaak came home, and told me about it. 

I gave him a few tips to deal with this jerk:
  1. Sit towards the front of the bus, by the bus driver. The punk wouldn't dare to sit up there.
  2. Sit next, in front, or behind Mica and Evan (both their older siblings). 
  3. Yell, "Stop it!" to get other people's attention. 
If I would have thought about it, I should have told Isaak to fill his water bottle up before leaving, and accidentally pour it on this kid if he picks on him again. 

I did tell Isaak that this kid probably got picked on, or was treated bad by his parents. Possibly he was ignored all together. Some people feed off negative attention. Regardless there's no excuse for him to act that way.

Travis is going to try and talk to this the Bully and his parent. We just don't know if their drop off is in the same spot as our kids.

How do you deal with punks like this when you were little?

I was diplomatic like Isaak. I was pretty shy and quiet. Yes people liked to pick on me.

At least this jerk doesn't go to school with my kids! 

*Update: Travis didn't talk to the kid, or his parents. He has a different pick up and drop off. Travis, Isaak, my nephew Elijah, and my sister Terra all talked to the camp leader on the bus. She's going to report the incident to the camp director. Even if nothing happens at least something was said.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun is on of my favorite movies. My husband rolls his eyes at me when I want to watch it. Admittedly it is long.

This last weekend I let Mica watch it with me. I was wondering if he would actually stick it out because of the length of the movie. He did. He always gets really excited about Steven Spielberg movies. The boy has read 2 documentaries on the guy. He knows more about him than I do. He also likes history.

I told Mica that the boy in the movie played one of the many Batman's. Christian Bale is a great actor. I couldn't believe how much weight he forced himself to loose in The Machinist!

We were watching it and Mica said, "Hey Mom I think that's Ben Stiller." I had to look it up to see if he was right. Sure enough he was. A young Ben Stiller. That kid amazes me sometimes! He knows so much about classic movies, music and for some odd reason presidents for his age!

I asked Mica if he liked the movie? He most certainly did. I think it helped that the kid in the movie (Jamie played by Christian Bale) was about his age.

Viewers have you seen Empire of the Sun? What's one of your favorite movies?

Hummel Day Camp

Both boys are at a camp this week called Hummel Day Camp. My husband and I call it, "Boot camp for kids". It's only $95 for a week of all day camp.

Here's some of what they do there:
  • Bus Them
  • Feed Them
  • Archery
  • Hiking 
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Songs
  • Mud Fights
  • Wilderness Skills
Last year Mica got a rash from the mud. Every day they come home they have to take a bath. I wash their clothes each time, and they wear the same things over again every day. Their clothing is bound to be unsalvageable by the end of the week. White socks turn brown. 

Why do I send them to this camp? They have fun, they come home tired, and they learn outdoorsy things. It's like a rite to passage camp for kids in Nebraska.

I went when I was little. I loved it! The only difference from when I was little to now, is that they no longer tell scary stories at camp. 

This is Isaak's first year at camp. 

Day 1 
He got mad that I told him that he needed a bath right away. He wasn't too dirty from camp. He had dirt on his legs and face.

The boys went to bed at 7:45.

Day 2
It rained off and on all that night before, and morning. It was certainly muddy outside. I was scrambling to find rain coats that fit them. Mica's old one fit Isaak. I sent Mica with mine. They just don't make rain coats for bigger kids that I can find. Any suggestions on where to get rain coats for bigger kids?

Aunt Terra has been picking them up. Then I get them after work. My nephews go to the same camp. She wouldn't let my kids in her house because they were so dirty. *Understandable She paid them to pull weeds outside. Isaak now thinks he can make money at home pulling weeds to.

Isaak got even more mad that I told him that he needed a bath right away. Actually he got hosed off before the bath. He said, "But I had a bath last night!" He had a mud fight that day. He was dirty big time. Just look at his what used to be his white socks.

My littlest man in the making had a limited voice that night. I don't know why he lost his voice. Allergies? Too much of that Hummel Park Feeling? That's a song they sing. Maybe he was screaming during the mud fight. 

The boys went to bed at 7:30.

Day 3
I went to wake Mica up and he looked like this:

He looked a bit like a boy mermaid. What would that be called? A merman. He had a little too much of that Hummel Park Feeling. They were slow moving this morning.

Isaak still had crackling voice. I gave him a healthy breakfast, an 8 ounce glass of Emergen-C to drink, and another allergy pill. Travis had them go to the bathroom before they left. At 9 I got a call, "Um is this the Apel household?" I said, "Yes." They said, "This is Hummel Camp. Isaak had a potty accident on the bus ride." Travis had to run across town to bring him new undies and shorts. It's totally my fault. Remember I gave him a lot to drink in the morning for breakfast? Top that off with Isaak being embarrassed. #MomFail

We're not even done with the week.

Advanced Glutamine Powder by Evviva Nutrients Review

We have a huge yard for living in the city. When my husband mows, and does other activities his joints and muscles get sore.

I went hiking this weekend, climbed up a tower, and my legs were so tired later. I got that shaky tingly feeling in them. It's good for me - I know.

To help with muscle and joint aches I got Advanced Glutamine Powder by Evviva Nutrients to review.

I was wondering how it would taste? Would it be chalky tasting? It really didn't have much flavor at all. It was like drinking a normal glass of water.

It was easy to stir. I did find that 1/2 way through my glass I had to stir it again because some of the powder sank to the bottom. That's pretty typical with any powder that I've added in any drink.

What is Glutamine?

It is the most abundant amino acid in the body, and during times of physical stress (including exercise), your body may need more glutamine than it can produce. It is important for rapidly growing cells in the immune system and intestines.

Glutamine exists in both: "L" and "D" form, but ONLY the "L" form is used by the body. This Premium L-Glutamine Powder is the highest grade, pure L-form available. 

Not all Glutamine products are the same, so read the label before buying them. Many aren't 100% pure. They are not potent like the Evviva brand. Other brands contain fillers and artificial ingredients.

How do you drink Glutamine?

You can have it water like I drank it, or any other beverage of your choice. I'm going to try it in smoothies to. You can have 1 to 3 servings a day. 

  • Faster muscle recover after workouts or physical stress
  • Increased lean muscle mass growth
  • Premium multi-organ support including the gut, brain, and immune system
Many customers taking L-Glutamine have reported improvements in digestion, memory, and decreased sugar cravings. My Grandma passed away from dementia, so I want to help support my brain function. 
How long does it last?

There is 250 servings in 1 of their containers. It will last awhile! Very little packaging is wasted. I'm sick of opening something, and having the product only being in 1/2 the bag, or container. Evviva fills the canister up! They seal it well to!

It's $65.99, but on sale for $24.95! If you don't like it they'll send your money back.

The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel'sThe Apel's
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WW: Meramec Cavern {Linky}

Meramec Cavern was my favorite stop on our trip to Missouri. You can camp there, but we camped a ways away at a KOA. 

We stayed in a cabin because it has been so rainy.

We were excited to go cave exploring. It got to 50 degrees in the cave. This was the boy's 2nd cave that they've been in. I made sure I grabbed our headlamps. Travis was laughing at us because he refused to wear one.

Headlamps fit better on boy hair. We're all looking up because otherwise you just see light in the photo.

There is just so many neat formations inside this cave! The cave is 400 million years old. It's slowly formed from limestone. In the past Native Americans used the cavern system for shelter. 

These formations look like grapes. They call the room in the cave, "The Wine Room". The area is known for their grapes and wine. Sadly we were not served wine.

This spot actually looks twice the size. 1/2 of that is water - a reflection. 

Have you been cave exploring?


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